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Sears new Maid of Honor Step Stools

Gleaming chrome and bright red enamel

The perfect gift for any home

We offer Sears



a pleasing gift for any housewife. These colorful and

useful stools are dual purpose-both a kitchen stool

and a stepladder. Steps swing out easily, give you a

strong, safe stepladder. Legs and braces are made of

sparkling chrome plated tubular steel- resists rust and

tarnish. Steps and seat are of hardwood carefully fin–

ished in gay red enamel. Corrugated steps SY2x9Y2

inches, best width for safe climbing. Stands about 23M

inches high; seat size 10Y2x13x1 inches.

11 N 07019- Shpg. wt. 17 lbs. Mailable . . ... $8.23






Christmas gifts to save her time

and bring her more convenience

Double action Food Choppers

Chop foods evenly and thoroughly with $J.49

our finest MAID


HONOR hand operated

food choppers. Two revolving blades give double

cutting action. Easy and rapid operation. Sturdy

tinned iron frame;


in. hopper. Precision

ground carbon cutters. One stationary blade,

three revolving blades: coarse, medium, and fine.

11 N 4702-Shipping weight 8 lbs. 8 oz .,


Finest quality Egg Beaters

Made of beautifully polished die cast



metal. Stainless steel blades curved to

fits sides and bottoms of bowls for more efficient

beating. Accurately meshed drive wheel and

gears allow high speed beating. Comfortable hand

grip. Economical because it lasts longer.

11 N

4002- Postpaid(Shpg.

wt.1lb.14oz.)... $3.95

Oilcloth Table Covers

Protect your table and brighten up your 89C

kitchen with these durable, heavily coated

oilcloth table covers. Their smooth, glossy surface is

easy to keep clean with a damp cloth. Have a color•

fol red and black floral 'pattern on white background,

checkerboard center panel and red border. 54x54 in.

square. A practical and colorful gift for any housewife.

11 N 08705-Shipping weight 2 lbs ... . . .. . . .89c

Convenient kitchen Paper Holders

A little "extra" to make any kitchen gayer,


less cluttered. These handy waxed paper

and paper towel holders have a colorful "garden

fruit" design on white enameled metal. Waxed paper

slot on top for tearing paper in desired lengths. Pa–

per towel slot at bottom. 4Yax12x7M in.

11 N 4351-Shipping weight 3 lbs ... . .... . $1.52

Kent Deluxe 7-piece Coffeemaker Sets

· Same .sets formerly nationally

advertised at

$12.50 . ...

Our price only

A lovely sparkling Christmas gift . . . to the friend who receives it, it

will ·be a daily reminder of your thoughtfulness.


has a rich appear–

ance, a quality of design which will be a credit to your good taste. With

this Kent nationally advertised set, apyone can make fragrant flavorful

coffee and serve it more attractively than ever before. Only Kent has

the patented porcelain "flavor meter" filter with specially designed

disks that trap and hold grounds and sediment, producing sparkling

clear coffee. Set consists of heat resisting clear glass coffeemaker, eight

Patented "Flavor Meter" filter

automatically times brew- -

ing; filters perfectly ... made


porcelain ... cleans in a jiffy

(5 oz.) cup capacity, and coffee server of the same

size with plastic insulation; clear glass sugar bowl

and creamer; plastic upper bowl holder, plastic

measure; ivory color plastic 18;!4'x10Y2 inch serving

tray with mirror.


blue, red, green or white

decorations with gold color •tripes.

11N03141-Shpg. wt. 9 lbs.

State color . $6.95