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Give her a 14-piece set of sparkling

Maid of Honor Flamex Glass Ovenware

-a beautiful, useful gift that pleases




Sparkling Flamex-a gift to please! And here



14-piece set that meets practically all in-the-oven cook·

ing requirements. Every dish has 3 purposes-baking,

serving and storing food. And so convenient to use


You see at a glance-without lifting a lid-when your



ready, and you serve it piping hot right from the

oven. Set includes: 2-quart covered casserole; 1-quart

open casserole with side handles; 2 pie plates with side

handles, 91,-2 inches diameter; oblong baking dish,

1l]ix6%x2 inches high; covered loaf pan,


inches high; six custard cups, 4-ounce capacity. Each

piece has beautiful hibiscus design on outside and a

smooth inner surface that is easy to keep clean; rounded

design also aids in ease of cleaning.

11 N 03425-Shpg.


18 lbs ...• 14-piece Set


Maid of Honor Cookware for cooking tasty

meals •.. gifts that every housewife likes

Maid of Honor Cast Aluminum Pressure Cooker

Make an investment for better eating! Enjoy a new Sl6.95

taste thrill from foods cooked with natural flavors,

vitamins and minerals retained. Buy a Maid of Honor Pressure

Cooker ... cook meals in


the time ... cook tough, inexpensive

cuts of meat to tasty tenderness

in minutes instead of hours



the fuel saving, easy, trouble-free way. Use it for canning, too–

the safe way recommended by the U. S. Dept. of Agriculture.

Thick cast aluminum, mirror polished outside, sunray finish in–

side. 13%x10% in. high. Combination pressure gauge-safety

valve; over-pressure plug. 2 cooking pans, colander pan, cooking

rack, canning rack, separator, lifter, instruction and recipe book.

11N04602-16-qt. liquid capacity. Shpg. wt. 19 lbs .



Maid of Honor 3-way Cooker

A practical and acceptable $

3 89

Christmas gift. Gives 3-way

service: use it as a dutch oven for cook–

ing pot roasts, stews, soup, etc.; use it

as a chic)<en fryer; use


as a casserole

for macaroni, scalloped potatoes, etc.

Finest quality cast aluminum. Ab–

sorbs and holds heat. Highly pol–

ished finish, easy to keep clean. Diam–

eter, 107,1


inchc.•, 5 inches high.

Shipping weight 5 pounds.

11 N 1502-4-quart capacity..$3.89


with chrome frames

This sparkling Flamex Ovenware in '$1


gleaming chrome plated frames add ,

to the beauty of your dining table.


Frames have the appearance of hammered silver,



easy to carry dishes from oven to table,

simple to set hot dishes on table without hot pads.


11. N 4362-Covered Casserole.



The Roaster for big holiday size fowl





18 lb. turlcty

in the con· $J.98.

ventional covered way. Or you can use the

With frame. Shpg. wt., 5 lbs. 1 oz. · ... $1.63


11 N 4363-Pie plate.


inch. With

frame. Shipping weight 3 lbs. S oz .... $1.13

top and bottom individually for modern, open·typc

roasting or baking. So convenient in shape you can

use it covered or uncovered, for all your roasting. Made

of heavy, durable, rust-resistant aluminum in a lustrous

satin finish. Handles ·are securely welded to the roaster.

Cover ridge helps Jock steam in. Ribbed top and bot–

tom. Overall size 16%x12%:x7%; inches deep.

11 N 01227-Shipping weight 4 Jbs ......... $3.98

New Maid of Honor Magnesium Grill for modern

cooking ••• heats quickly and evenly

$2 89 A unique gift idea for anyone who ·cooks-the new MAID

OF HONOR feather light magnesium grill. Sandwiches,

hamburgers, pancakes, etc., grill rapidly and evenly over a low flame.

Use. over any type of heating or in any oven for grilling, roasting, or

bakmg. Large double burne1 size-10x17 inches-eight big hambur–

gers at one time. Outer rim


inch above cooking surface holds


grease. Made of durable


inch magnesium, lighter than aluminum.

Easy to cleat). Ideal for camping trips.

11 N


weight 2 lbs. 12 oz ................... $2.89



260CC .