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Whistling Teakettle

Perfect gift for every home- $2


maker! Sleek, streamlined

whistling teakettle of polished heavy

weight aluminum. Shines like a mir–

ror. A gay whistle sounds when water

boils! Free swinging whistle opens

when kettle is tilted for pouring-helps

prevent scalded fingers. Gauge tells

how many cups of water arc in tea–

kettle. Scientilically balanced. Cool

plastic handle. 2-qt. cap.

11 N 1200·-·Shpg. wt. 2 lbs .. $2.39

Gouge tells amo uni

of water in kettle


Whlllle opens

for easy pouring

Coffeemakers and Coffee Servers·




uum Coffeemaker.

Completely unbreakable. Hand·

some bright polished finish. Stream·

lined design. Bottom absorbs heat

quickly . New porous metal filter

won' t b1·eak rust or corrode. Black

plastic handle; burn-resistant black

plastic. lid; lid also serves as stand

for bowl. Eight 5-oz. cup capacity.

11 N

1273- Postpaid.

Shpg. wt.

2 lbs. 6 oz ... . ............ $4.95



$2 15

Glass Percolator.

Watch your coffee to just


the right color and strength in this

modern percolator. 'Made of spar·

kling heat resisting glass; attractive,

easy to clean. Cool-type sure-grip

handle and reinforcing band of black

plastic; both remove for cleaning.

Lock on lid.

State size.

11 N3302-6-cup. Shippipg weight


pounds. . . . . . . .




9-cup. Shpg. wt.


lbs. 5 oz . . 2.67


Flreglas Deluxe Vac·


uu m type Coffee·

maker. An attractive, practical and

very acccpta blc Christmas gift.

Smart platinum stripe trim on spar–

kling heat resistant glass. Attractive

black accents. Black plastic sure–

grip handle, decanter cover, upper

bowl cover and coffee measure. Fire–

glas filter. 8 five-oz. cup capacity.

11N3143- Postpaid. (Shipping




. ... $4.45


Coffee and Tea Serv-

$I 59

er. Pour your freshly

brewed coffee or tea into


this P"yrex brand glass decanter, gay

with red cork stopper and bright

multicolored wrapper on neck.

An attractive addition to every

table. Bowl has non-tip bottom. ·

Long neck for easy pouring.

11 N 3242- 8 five-ounce cup ca–

pacity. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 2 oz .. $1.59

11 N 3243--16 five-ounce cup ca·

pacity. Shpg. wt. 2Jbs. 2oz . .$2.39

Gift priced 7-piece Cookware Set of mirror :finish aluminum



Our Maid of Honor set of medium quality modern aluminum



cooking ware is specially low priced for gift giving. Features needed

pieces in handy sizes ... sure to please the homemaker. Pressed

7 ·pc. Set

from sheets of shining 22-gauge aluminum ...


heavier than ordinary "pure

aluminum" quality. Cool type handles. Sunray finished interiors.

Set includes: Double Boiler. Cover fits both bottom and inset, gives double

cooking utility. Bottom has 2-qt. capacity; inset 1Y:l-qt. capacity. 8-cup Per–

colator. Cover fits deep over coffee basket. Gracefur pouring spout.' Covered

Pot. Dome shaped cover: Side handles. Flat bottom. 6-qt. capacity. 3 Open

Sauce Pans in


popular sizes-1-qt., 2·qt., and 3-qt. double lipped-pour

from both sides. Graduated measuring markin,gs. 'Riveted handles. Teakettle.

La1·ge spout, Bail handle. Wood 'grip. 5-qt. capacity.

11 N 01161-Shipping weight


lbs ......... . ......... 7-piece Set $5.14


Christmas gifl1 the easy mail order way. Use Easy

Terms. See page


Drip Coffeemaker, Whistling Teakettle Set

Two shining, efficient matching pieces to thrill her this $2.69

Christmas, to bring her joy


year 'round. Macie of

durable polished aluminum. Lightweight, easy to handle. Bright and

attractive. Streamlined quick-heating teakettle with whistle makes

a merry sound when water boils. Whistle removes for pouring. Rigid

plastic handle for easy pouring, lifting. 2-qt. capacity. Drip coffee–

maker has cool plastic handle, knob. Cover fits secul'ely on both

top and bottom. 6-cup capacity.

11 N 1160- Shipping weight 4 pounds ........ 2-piece Set