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Attractive Gifts for every hom emaker ... handy, practical ... sure to please her


Stainless Steel Pecan Sheller.


cracks, shells and picks.

Cleans pecan shells without breaking kernels. Sheller and

pick blades at ends. Notched teeth hold nut.

11 N 4571 - Length 671! inches. Shpg. wt. 7 oz .......94c


Heavy Duty Nut Crocker: Just drop nut in, push handle

forward and press down. Cracks any nut from English

walnut to almond. Bright nickel plated steel.


11 N 4340- Sxl 72x3 inches. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 6 oz ... $1.54


New king-size Aluminum Ice Vault. Famous J ohns-Man-

,·ille insulation ensures long hours of solid cubes. Holds

about 2 trays full. Polished ·aluminum, plastic handle.

11 N 4361 -8 inches high, 8 inches


(Shippi ng weight 5 lbs.) .... . ....... . ....... . ... $4.95

Maid of Honor Food Slicer . . an impressive gift $9.50

to shorten her meal preparation time .. light·

en her work. Siices food "to order" . . gives even cuts

from wafer thi.n to % inch thick. High quality chrome

plated steel 6>:i;-inch diameter rotary knife. Sturdy all

metal frame; sanitary baked-on lustrous enamel finish.

Clamps to table. Sliding food platform holds food firmly.

Only 9 inches wide, 13


inches long, 7


inches high,

yet slices food 5 in. high,


in. wide, any length.

1l N 04800- Shipping weight 12 pounds.










3-piece Wooden Soled Set. Makes salads more tempting.

Deep, footed bowl, 11 in. in diam., serving fork and spoon

each 10 in. long. Lacquered. Gay fruit, vegetable trim.

11N4151 - Shippingweight 3lbs.8oz. 3-piece Set.$2.69


8-pc. Food Protector Set of frosted

Goodrich plastic film in rainbow

colors. 7 bowl covers for bowls from



to 1172 in. in diam. Bound

with Yi!·in. elastic. 1 clear drawstring

food bag 9J/;!x11 in.


Individual Wooden Soled Bowls. Natural color hardwood,

clear lacquer finish. 7-inch diameter.

Shpg. wt. each 8 oz.; set of four 1 lb.' 14 oz.

11 N 3731 - Shpg.


3 oz . ... 94c

11 N 4152- Each .



Set of four .... .. ....

~ l.89


So lt end Pepper Shaker en d


Kromex Bun Warmer. A new low price! For heating and

freshening muffins, rolls. Beautiful polished aluminum

with black bakelite handles. Removable basket. About 6%

in. high with cover, 1072 in. in diam. An ideal gift.


11 N 4336- Shipping weight 1 lb. 8 oz ..... . . . .. $1.82

Grease Container Set ofspun alumi·

num. Shakers h


ave plastic tops, arc

about 2x3


in.Jar has fine mesh strain·

er, plastic knob; size 5Yzx4





. llb.4oz.$2 ,57

Give handsome Kitchen Tools

of mirror polished stainless

steel . . . for enduring service

You can be proud to give our wonderful Maid of Honor Kitch–

en Tools. this Christmas. Their efficient designs make them at·

tractive additions to any kitchen. Metal extends through the cen·

ter of their Brazilian rosewood handles for real durability. All

tools are rounded and specially shaped for greatest utility.


Coke end Pie Server. Lifetime Maid of Honor quality ·at an

unbelievably low price. Flexible blade, rosewood handle.



inches long. Boxed.

11 N 3950- Shipping weight 5 ounces ....... . ......... 99c


3-piece Kitchen Tool Set. Consists of Pancake Tl(rner. Flexible



in. long. Besting Spoon. Full polished bowl, heavy

duty construction. 11 in. long. Norrow-blode Spatula. Use for

icing cakes, etc. 12)/;! in. long. 1}4x8-in. blade.

11 N 3969- Shipping weight 1 pound .... 3-picce Set $3.39

[) 5-piece Kitchen Tool Set. Includes Wide Blade Spatula. 10.Yii

in. long. Blade 2% in. wide, 6 in. long. Basting Spoon for stir·

ring, basting. 11 in. long. Pot Fork. 2 sturdy prongs. 11



long. Soup Ladle with deep bowl, pouring lip. 11 % in. long.

Hamburger Turner with flexible blade. 11 inches long.

11 N 3963-(Rack not included.) Shipping weight

1 pound 12 ounces. . . . . . . . . . .

. ..... 5-piece Set $5.89

11 N 3964- Chrome Rack with 5 hooks (shown at left with 5-

piece set). Chrome plated steel on wood. 1%'x12% inches.

Shipping weight 1 pound 3 ounces.

. . . ... . .$1.69



"Juice King" Fruit Juicer. It's stream- $5 95

lined, efficient . .. a long lasting gift


use every day. Just one press of the single-stroke

handle juices oranges, lemons, limes. Eajoy more

healthful fruit juices with little trouble. Heavy die

cast metal frame is finished with sanitary white

baked-on enamel. Strainer cone fits snugly on die

cast deep well cup. About 8Yz inches high.

11 N

4086- Postpaid.

(Shpg. wt. 5 lbs. 4 oz.) .$5.95


Best Quality "Juice King" Fryit Juicer. $6 95

Lucky is the home that 'gets this fine

gift! Handsomely designed open style with gleaming

chromium pressure head. White enamel finish is easv

to clean. Slip container under juicer ... even use tall

glasses ... press the single stroke handle just once.

You get every drop of juice in the one simple oper·

ation already strained through many perforations.

About 9


inches high.

11N408 3


(Shpg. wt. 7 lbs.) . . , .. $6.95