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Kenmore Hand Cleaner-compact,


A wonderful gift!

The quick, handy, easy way to clean uphol-


stered furniture, draperies, stair carpets, mat-


tresses, wearing apparel; and automobile

interiors. It's powerful, compact, perfectly

balanced, easy to use. Weighs only 5;!1 pounds-as light to

handle as some hand-irons. A big value at Sears low price.

Has same Triple-Action motor driven brush feature as in large

Aoor models ... you have (1) beating .. (2) sweeping .. (3)

powerful suction action ... draws dust, dirt, hair, lint or threads

into dust bag.


H.P. motor has bronze bearings: Rubber

guard on nozzle protects furniture. Finger-tip "on-off" switch.

61/2-inch nozzle gets into nooks and corners easily. 20-foot

cord. Uses 165 watts. Approved by Underwriters' Laboratories,

Inc. For any 110-120-volt current. See 10-day trial offer, oppo–

site page.

20 N 0745-Hand Cleaner. Shipping weight 8 lbs. Mailable .. $17.95







The best type of Cleaner you can

buy for cleaning rugs and carpets

Motor-driven triple-action Kenmore with


H.P. motor and

automatic rug adjustment ..


monthly on Easy Terms.

Built with extra power to get all kinds of dirt, dust, grit ...

picks up threads and lint, too! Specially designed aluminum

Compere price

nozzle does triple-action cleaning: (1) Beats-to loosen em-

Compere quolily

bedded dirt and lint. (2) Brushes-to remove dirt and lint. (3) Banishes–

extra powerful suction of


H.P. motor whisks dirt into dust-tight bag.

Many Kenmore convenience features: (1) Automatic rug adjustment cleans

thin, medium, or thick rugs ... even bare floors or linoleum. (2) Automatic

tilting feature lifts forward end of sweeper off rug when you let go of handle.

(3) Handle adjusts to 3 positions. (4) Six wheels make cleaner easy to maneuver.

(5) Bumper guard protects furniture. (6) Headlight lights up dark corners.

(7) 20-ft. non-kink cord. (8) Easy-to-empty dust bag. (9) Full


H.P. air–

cooled motor, never needs oiling. Nozzle has brown crinkle finish . Uses 310

watts. For any 110-120-volt current. Approved by Underwriters' Labora–

tories, Inc. See 10-day trial offer, opposite page.

20 NT 711-Kenmore Cleaner. Shipping weight 20 pounds. Mailable . . . Cash


Kenmore Motor-driven Brush Cleaner with %-H.P. motor

... $5 monthly on Sears Easy Payment plan


268 ..



A good motor-driven brush cleaner that permits you to enjoy the benefits

of Triple-Action Cleaning at low cost. Revolving brush beats and sweeps

the dirt, while strong suction draws dirt into large dust-tight bag. Special

sewed-in valve prevents dirt from falling back into cleaner.



is air-cooled, self-lubricating, and rubber mounted to reduce vibration.

Four wheel construction for easy maneuvering. For cleaner with complete

automatic rug adjustment, see 20NT711 above. Pistol-grip handle. Rub–

ber furniture guard. Dome light for dark corners. Finger-tip "on-off"

switch. 20-foot cord. Aluminum housing has gray hammered effect finish .

Uses 250 watts. For 110-120-volt AC-DC. UL approved. See 10-day

trial offer, opposite page.

20 NT 710-Kenmore Cleaner. Shipping weight 22 lbs_. Mailable ... Cash $39.95


Christmas ...

give the best .


See Sears




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