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OUR FINEST KENMORE ... best for all-around convenience

Cleans rugs, furniture, draperies ... gets into .hard-to-reach places

Complete with 16-piece set of -Attachments ... %-H.P. motor ... Twin

Multi-Blade Fans for stronger suction ... Only


monthly on Easy Terms.

Gives outstanding cleaning performance. Saves you hours of time and

hard extra work. You can clean rugs, furniture, draperies, walls, up–

holstery, mattresses, radiators, venetian blinds quickly, easily, and

thoroughly .. . just by changing tools. You don't have to move heavy

furniture because nozzle is designed to slip right underneath . . . all the

way back to the wall. Round dusting tool does your dusting. And you

can even wax floors, spray paint, and demoth closets with this truly all–

purpose, easy-to-use Keurnore Cleaner.

Deluxe 16-piece set of attachments contains: (1) Air–

filter and purifier: (2) Demother; (3) Paint sprayer;

(4) Floor waxing tool; (5) 10%-in. rug nozzle with

floating brush; (6) 872-in. floor brush; (7) 5)1!-in. up-

Complete with

holstery nozzle; (8) Drapery brush; (9) Round dusting


tool; (10) Fiber radiator tool; (11) Flexible hose;


and (13) Two 20-

in. extension wands; (14) Anti-moth


(15) Deodorizing fluid;

(16) Storage case.

Finished iri hammered-effect brown enamel with tan trim. Foot control "on–

off" switch. Large dust bag. 20-ft. non-kink cord. Uses 550 watts. Instruc–

tions incl. For 110-120-volt AC or


Undenyriters' approved.

20 NT 722- Cleaner with attachments.

Shpg. wt.

30 lbs. Mailable.

Cash .




more power than cleaner




listed below. %-H.P.

air-cooled, ball bearing motor never needs oiling. Twin multi-blade

fans develop terrific suction. Large filter gives maximum filtering effi–

ciency- only clean air leaves the cleaner. Two rear wheels and front (

10-DAY HOME TRIAL OFFER- Order any Kenmore Vacuum Cleaner.

glider let cleaner follow you easily as you clean. Floor nozzle, extra wide

Send cash price, or down payment if ordering on Easy Terms. Try cleaner


3L · )





· lf

· k

in your own home for




not satisfied, return cleaner to us and we

7 8


or aster oor covcragt\ ad.Justs ttSI"

to thtc · medium, or

will refund every cent you have paid, including shipping charges both ways.

thin rugs, or to bare floor.


Kenmore Tank-type Cleaner with 9-piece set of Attachments


H.P. motor ... Priced low, only $5 monthly on Easy Terms

Our economy tank-type Cleaner ... Rug nozzle has floating brush

for better rug cleaning. Self-lubricated 72-H.P. motor. Needs no oil–

ing. Easy to handle. Has two smooth steel skids for moving on rug

or floor. Convenient foot switch. Motor rubber mounted. Sturdy steel

body. ·Gray hammered-effe'ft finish. Easy-to-empty dust bag.

Attachments:--Flexible hose and curved hand grip assembly. Two 20- •

in. extension wands. 8%-in. rug nozzle with swivel joint. 11-in. fiber

blower tool. 6 72-in. drapery nozzle. 572-in. upholstery brush. 8


in. swivel-·type floor brush. Round dusting brush. Air filter and puri–

fier. UL approved. For any 110-120 volt current. 20-foot cord, plug.

20 NT 724-- Cle9ner with attachments.

Shpg. wt.

24 lbs.

Mailable . .