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A gift that heats 'most everything

New lightweight Kenmore Hand Mixer

An all-purpose electric hand mixer for whipping, mixing, beating and stirring.

Does all but the heaviest kinds of mixing. Its actual weight in your hand is

only 1 pound 2 ounces. The case is only 2 inches in diameter ... easy to grip

... not tiring to hold. Convenient "on-off" thumb switch.

Has 8-ft. attached cord so it can be used anywhere in the kitchen ... at stove,

sink or work table. Easy to take along and plug in anywhere you care to mix.

No extra bowls to clean or store ... use it with any size or shape container–

anything from a teacup to largest pan. Convenient as a spoon. Just mix your

food or drinks right in the container in which you cook or serve.

Won't spatter, mixes thoroughly. The whirling beater blades pull the mix down–

ward so that there is almost no splash or splatter. The beater mixes thoroughly

with no need for a spatula or scraper ... saves ingredients usually wasted on

edge of pans. Almost twice as fast as hand mixing.

Easy to clean. Washes clean in a flash. Simply run the beater in water or rinse

under running water ... then spin it dry.


takes only seconds.

Special honger clip with wall bracket and screws gives the mixer its own park–

ing place convenient to your work. Plug it into any 110-120 volt AC or DC

outlet. Uses only 50 watts. Approved by Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. Stain–

less steel shaft and beater. Complete instructions included. Packed in a hand–

some gift-type box. It's a gift she'll use ... it's sure to please.

20 N 8220-Kcnmore Hand Mixer. Shipping weight


lbs. 1 oz . .Each $11.9


New Electric Corn Popper Kenmore 4-quart Roaster and Casserole

Wonderful for roasting, stewing, steaming. Cooks de–

licious meats, vegetables, desserts. Efficient, clean, cool


Gloss wool insulation. 12 in. diam., 8 in. high. Alumi–

num cover. 110-120 volt AC. 500 watts. UL approved.


20 N 6433-Non-automatic Casserole.



" Low" 250 watts, "High" 500. White en-

amel bod)'. Cord listed below. Shp11;.



Ibs. $7.95

Appliance Cord Set. 6 ft. long. For casserole above.

Electric Hair Beauty Aids •.. fine year 'round gifts


Kenmore Electric Hoir Dryer. Convenient "warm-cool" and "on–

off" switches. Gray marbleized enameled metal case. Metal stand

holds dryer. Attached 6-ft. cord. Uses 575 watts. UL approved.

20 N 8304-For 110- 120-volt AC-DC. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 8 oz.$13.50


Kenmore Electric Curling Iron. Bright chrome-plated finish. Ivory

color enameled wood handle. 6-foot attached cord. For 110- 120-

volt AC-DC. Uses 15 watts. Approved by Underwriters' Labs.

20 N 6881 -Shipping weight


pound. . . . .

. ........ $2.49

A gift for the family. Makes corn



more run because

it's specially designed to do the

job. Stirring handle built in cov–

er. Gleaming chrome-plated finish

with dark wood handles. No-mar

fiber feet. Overall size 10 in.

diameter, 9 in. high. For 110-120-

voli AC or DC. Uses 450 watts.

UL approved. Takes standard

cord •et listed below.

20N6856- Shpg. wt. 5 lbs.$3.95

20 N 5811 -UL approved. Shpg. wt. 6 oz.....



Electric Hair Clipper. Magnetic vibrator-type motor. No. 000 (fine)


20 N 6432- Deluxe Automatic Roaster. Cooks

blade. "On-off" switch. Speed adjustment dial. Black plastic case,

like a big roaster. Dial controlled heal from



aluminum cover. For 110-120-volt AC only. Uses 12 watts. Approved

Cord Set. 6-ft. UL approved.

to 550°. Chrome-plated steel body. Corel

by Underwriters' Labs., Inc. Same price, cash or terms.

20 N 5811 - Shpg.


6 oz.


included. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs ........ . ........ $10.95

20 N

7305T- Postpaid.

(Shipping weight 1 lb. 8 oz.) .. ...... $9.75







Enioy Christmas .


give finer gifts. Use Sears Easy Terms .


see details on