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3-speed Kenmore Electric Mixer

Saves hours of arm-wearing work

12-speed Kenmore Electric Mixer

Smoother mixing, with extra features

• Dial control for 3 different mixing speeds; "Low", "Medium", "High"

• New, exclusive governor-controlled motor gives top performance with 12 speeds

• Vertical handle allows more natural wrist position for portable mixing

• New, exclusive thumb-controlled speed regulator on handle always in easy reach

• Bowl revolves on ball-bearing turntable, to draw batter through beater

• New amazingly low starting speed won't create dus.t when powdered mix is stirred

• Does all your mixing, whipping, juicing ... for less than


per hour

• Very compact, overall size 9x12x12Y2 inches high. Hard to tip over. Easy to store

• For 110-120 volt, 50-60 cycle AC or DC. Uses only 75 watts

• Bowl revolves automatically on an adjustable turntable to draw batter through beaters

Give her a


Mixer to make her most monotonous work easier ... to

make meal preparation ajoy.Handsome,gleaming, baked-onwhiteenamel

finish, smooth black plastic handle. Mixing head lifts from stand for use

at the stove. Overall size; 9 x 12 x 14 inches high. Easy to store.

• Positive thumb-screw lock holds mixer head securely to stand. Easy to remove

Comes complete with 1 and 3-quart white glass mixing bowls; juice ex–

tractor; 2 chrome-plated beaters; attached 6-ft. cord; handy recipe–

instruction booklet. Approved by Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc. Buy

on Easy Terms for only $2.50 down. See details on page 256.



08224-3-sP,eed Kenmore Mixer. Shpg. wt. 19 lbs .. .


She'll be really thrilled with a new


12-speed Mixer ...


so much easier to

handle, more convenient to clean, easy-to-store, more compact, sturdier built, has

better speed control and much more power than the mixer at left. More deluxe design.

Costs only about 1c per hour to use. Gleaming white baked-on enamel finish, with

black aluminum handle. Air-cooled motor. Comes complete with 1 and 3-quart white

glass mixing bowls; juicer and strainer; 2 beaters; attached 6-ft. cord; instruction-recipe

booklet. For 110-120 volt 50-60 cycle AC. 125 watts. UL approved.



08221-12-speed Kenmore Mixer. Shpg. wt. 19 lbs...






cubic feet

of warm air

per minute

Exclusive Kenmore

Fan-Forced Heater

• Heats an average room comfortably

• Has 1320-watt heat element and all

other important features ofhigh priced

heaters, but at a big Sears saving

• Safe, won't burn rug if upset. Grilles

protect front and back of fan

Enjoy the added comfort of a fan-forced

room heater ... a welcome gift. Draws

cool air from the floor, circulates warm

air throughout the entire room.

Portable, easy-to-carry. Size


13 in. high. Attached 5-ft. cord. Light

tan enameled steel body with chrome–

plated trim. For 110-120 volt 50-60 cycle

AC. Underwriters approved.

20 N 07203-Shpg. wt. 1







Vitalator, "the

little masseuse"

The perfect gift for home massage

treatments. Men and women use

this new Gilbert Vitalator to

massage scalp and body, to stim–

ulate circulation, soothe tired

nerves. Compact, lightweight.

Rests on back of hand to vibrate

finger-tips. For any 110-120 volt

AC. 50 watts. Metal case, green

enamel finish. About 5 in. long.

5-ft. cord. Postpaid. (Shpg. wt.

2 lbs. 2 oz). Same price cash or

terms. UL approved.

20N 7159T ...........