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Electric Therin-0-Jug for '•instant-coffee"

tea, soup or hot cocoa

A new idea! Quick way to heat 3 cups of

liquid without fuss or extra pan. Use at

home, office, school or for travel. Heats

16 oz. of water, automatically holds it just

below the boiling point ... ready to use.

So convenient, plugs into any 110-120

volt AC outlet ... heats in a jiffy.

Attroctive mirror-flnish ribbed oluminum

outer case has cool black plastic mesh-grip

surface. Aluminum cover, black plastic

base. Detachable 6-ft. cord. Uses 475 watts.

Approved by Underwriters' Laboratories,

Inc. Base 3


in. diameter, 11



high. Shipped




2 lbs.)

Same price cash or terms.

20 N 6875T- Therm-O-Jug.







Kent Coffee-Maker

Former National


List Price




Has famous patented "Flavor-Meter"

porcelain filter rod that helps brew clear,

rich, full-bodied coffee every time. 8-

cup glass bowls decorated with frosted

glass and gold colored rings. Wide

mouth. Complete with 550-watt stove,

chrome-ploted, with black plastic base;

red plastic holder for upper bowl; meas–

uring cup; 5-ft. cord. 110- 120 volt AC–

DC. Approved by Underwriters' Labs.

20N6575-Shpg. wt. 6 lbs. 8




ur mother sings

.. h soft and clear


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nd Christm<1s things.

of Christmas 1oys .a


(' ·

New Kenmore Electric Liquidizer

• Liquefles fruits or vegetables in just a few seconds

• Chops meats, beots eggs, whips cream, blends drinks

• Mixes ingredients for soups, waffles, cakes, desserts

• A


help for children, invalids, folks on diet

Another brand new Kenmore development at a sensational Sears

price. New, modern design. Its sharp stainless steel blades liquidize

particles so .fine that they need not be strained for infant use.

4!12-cup copacity glass jar has convenient handle. Two-opening,

black plastic cover (small opening for adding ingredients). Blades

in bot1om of glass. Overall size 7 in. wide;


in. high.

Powerful 2-speed Motor, fan-cooled, permanently oiled, mounted in

sturdy base. Switch for "High" (17,000 rpm.); "Low" (B,000 rpm.).

For light or heavy work. Uses 250 watts. 110-120 volt AC or DC.

Approved by Underwriters' Labs., Inc. 6-ft. cord. Instructions.

20 N 08242-Shipping weight 16 lbs .................. $18.95

First showing of new 1948 Kenmore Toasters


GOOD. 400-watt Door-type Tooster. Toasts 2 slices at one time.

Toast turns over without handling when doors are lowered.

Chrome-plated; wood handles; 7% inches high. Detachable 5-ft.

cord. For 110-120 volt AC or DC. Approved by Underwriters'.

20 N 6324- Shipping weight 2


12 oz ................ $2.69


BETTER. 660-watt Door-type Toaster. Wide doors hold extra large

bread slices, even English muffins. Toasts 2 slices at a time,

faster than toaster above. Toast turns over when doors are opened.

Handsome chrome-plated steel body; plastic handles; 6-ft. cord.

7x8%x7).-2 in. high. 110-120 volt AC-DC. Underwriters' approved.

20 N 6322-Shipping weight


lbs ..................... $4.49


BEST. 700-watt Oven-type Toaster with Automatic Timer. Toasts

2 slices

on both sides

at one time. Timer control may be set for

any degree of brownness you want. Automatic timer shuts off cur–

rent and

rings bell

to signal when toast is done. Attractive new styling

... bright chrome-plated steel body. Heat-resistant plastic handles.



in. high. Detachable 6-ft. cord. For 110-120 volt

50-60 cycle AC only. Approved by Underwriters' Labs., Inc.

20 N 6323- Shipping weight 5 lbs. 12 oz ...............