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Kenmore Automatic Irons for faster, easier, better ironing

Non-outomatlc Travel Iron. An ideal

gift for travelers. Folds flat for pack–

ing ... tucks easily into purse or lug–

gage. Handy for pressing out "pack–

ing wrinkles". Helps keep your ward·

robe looking fresh and crisp when

you want to look your best. Weighs

only about 2 lbs. Has standard size

cast iron sole-plate. Hinged handle

locks into place. Detachable 6-foot

cord with side-angle plug. Non-auto–

matil.. 400-watt element. Operates

on 110-120-volt AC or DC.

20 N 6231-Shpg. wt. 2lbs. 8oz. $3.20



Handy to carry

in purse or


800-watt Iron. Low priced, sturdily

built. Dial heat control protects fab–

rics from heat damage, makes ironing

easier. Full size cast iron sole-plate

has smooth chrome-plated finish. 800-

watt element is embedded close to

ironing surface to heat iron faster.

Weighs only


lbs., is easy to han–

dle. Detachable 6-ft. cord has side–

angle plug that holds cord out of the

way. Wood handle. For 110-120-

volt AC only. Approved by Under–

writers' Laboratories, Inc.

20 N 6210-Shpg. wt. 5 lbs .



1000-walt Iron. Irons better .. irons

faster .. with less effort. Powerful

1000-watt embedded element and 27

sq. in. aluminum-copper alloy sole–

plate heat faster than iron at left. Im–

proved heat control dial, right at your

finger tips and plainly marked. Light

·weight (only 3 lbs.), reduces wrist,

arm and shoulder strain. Beveled

edge and tapered toe iron hard-to–

reach pyi.ces easily. Wood handle.

Detachable 6-ft. cord. For 110-120-

volt AC only. UL approved.

20N 6218-Shpg. wt.31bs.8oz.


1000-watt deluxe Iron. Latest type of

heat control dial for all fabrics .. even

the new synthetics. New rod-type

element molded right into the large

aiuminum-copper alloy sole-plate

heats up like an electric range, gives

much faster, steadier heat than irons

at left. Weighs only 3 lbs. and is per–

fectly balanced for easy handling.

Cool plastic handle. 7-foot attached

side-angle cord, secure even



drops from board. For 110-120-volt

AC only. UL approved.

20 N 6250-Shpg. wt. 4lbs ....


Introducing our newest and finest •••


1100-watt Electric Iron

Has improved Automatic Dial Heat Control with


PLUS ..... a sensational new "Heat Meter"



separate heat ranges for each type of fabric

that shows exactly, at all times, if iron is

"too cool", "too hot" or "just right,, to use

Give her the ultimate in easy, luxurious ironing. She'll finish her

work quicker, feeling fresher with a new Kenmore "SYNCHRO–

MATIC" Electric Iron on the job. This exclusive new Kenmore

development is a wonderful time-and-labor-saver. It's a clothes–

saver, too .. you simply turn heat control to tl1e type of material

being ironed-then colored disc indicates exactly when iron reach–

es desired temperature. New super-speed 11 00-watt embedded

element heats faster, holds a much steadier heat than ordinary

irons, especially on damp, heavy fabrics. Mirror finished alumi·

num sole plate (277:! sq. in.) has beveled edges and tapered toe for

easier ironing in those hard-to-reach folds, sleeves and around but–

tons. Special dial setting for "synthetics" ... a new low-low heat

established just to safeguard your most delicate new fabrics. New

air-coaled, heat-resistant, brown plastic handle. 7-ft. attached

cord, adjustable for left or right hand work. For 110-120-volt AC

only. Approved by Underwriters' Laboratories, Inc.

20 N 6240-4-lb. lightweight. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. 6 oz .... $10.95

20 N 6241-6-lb. heavyweight. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs. 6 oz. . . 10.9


a welcome, pracdcal gift

for grownups .•. children like them, too



Homart best quality with finger-tip Focusing Control. Brass case has

sparkling brushed and chrome-plated finish over nickel. Sealed·i-n

shatterproof lucite lens. A floodlight and a spotlight ... two flashlights in

one. All controls ri.ght at your thumb tip.


diam. head. Polished

reflector silver-plated over nickel. Bulbs and batteries included. Boxed.

Catalog No.






Shipping weight



20 N


. . . ...

2. . . . . .81A inches. . . . 1 pound 1 ounce . . . . $1.69

20 N


. . . . ...

3 .....


inches.. .. 1 pound 8 ounces. . . . 1.88


Pockei Light, -3 x 1


inches. Very attractive two-tone blue plastic case.

Just slip it into your purse or pocket. Positive locking switch.

'20 N 4495-2-batterysize. Bulb_and batteries included. Shpg. wt. 6 oz.89c


Penlight. Fountain pen size. A real beauty! Specially designed brass

case has two-toned brushed and polished chrome-plated finish. Has

locking switch and pocket clip. Handy to carry in vest pocket or purse.

20 N 4506-2-battery size. Bulb and batteries included. Shpg.wt.4 oz. 79c