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Supreme-our finest Fruit Cake ·

• Highest quality-rich, delicious cake

• Bright and colorful reusable metal tin

•Turn cover over for gaily decorated tray

5-lb. cake

Chock-full of

Glazed cherries

Pineapple bits

Ass't fruit peel

Tangy citron

Selected pecans

Juicy raisins

For a Merry Christmas dinner, serve this wonderful

festive fruit cake. Smooth, rich batter deliciously

flavored with spices, lavishly filled with fruits and

nuts. A real taste thrill for the whole family. Packed

in a gaily decorated tin, it's the ideal Christmas gift

to send all your friends. Reusable metal container

makes a grand cookie and cake box, sewing kit, etc.

And the underside of the cover is beautifully decor–

ated to make a perfect serving tray.

A beautiful tray

•Topped with

Cherries, Pecans


87 N 7819-Shpg. wt. 6 Jbs .. 5-poun? cake $3.89

Simply remove the cover of the Su–

preme Fruit cal<e tin, turn it over, and

Jo and behold you have a beautiful, all–

purpose tray. Inside of the cover is

lithographed, e,iving you a gaily decor–

ated serving accessory at no extra cost.

Barbara Jane Fruit Cake

Year after year, it's America's favorite




good quality cake. Rich, spicy batter

generously filled with selected fruit 5 -lb.


peels, cherries, raisins and nuts. Topped with

fruits and nuts. Packed in ·gay and colorful card–

board box. Truly an outstanding fruit cake va"iue.

87 N 7817-Shpg. wt. 5 Jbs.14 oz. 5-lb. cake $1.89

Orchard Fruit Cake

Complete your holiday dinners with $2


this fine quality cake. Taste-tempting

batter is flavored with spices, laden 5-lb.

cake •

with cherries, raisins, assorteq citrus




and nut meats. Top is· decorated with cherries, ·

fruit.'and pecans. Reusable metal container.

87 N 781 8-Shpg. wt. 6 lbs .... 5-lb. cake $2.89

Rum and Brandy Fruit Cake

_,de from a treasured old recipe. . . $2


-rich smooth batter filled with cherries,

nuts, pineapple, raisins and assorted 3-lb.


fruit peel ... deliciously flavored with rum and

brandy. Packed in gold color aluminum container

that makes a gorgeous sewing box, candy dish.

87 N 7841-Shpg. wt. 4 lbs..... 3-lb. cake $2.98