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tobacco fresh!


Yorkshire Tobacco Pouch. Good-

looking flat pouch made of genuine

top-grain sheepskin. Light tan color.

Moisture retaining rubber lining.

Handy zipper closing. Size 4)1x6%



8 N 6552- Shpg. wt. 4 oz ....... 89c


"Fills Easy" Pouch. It's easy to



pipe from one of these pouches. All

you do is press bottom of pouch to re–

lease tobacco into bowl of pipe. Top–

grain sheepskin in brown Morocco fin–

ish. Equipped with moisture-retaining

lining. Zipper closing. Length 5%

inches, width of top 41



8 N 6580- Shpg. wt. 4oz...... $1.49


Yorkshire Combination Pouch. Here's

the kind of pouch any pipe smoker

will really enjoy using! Made of genu–

ine top-grain leather in medium brown

color. Two zipper pockets give space

for tobacco and pipe. Tobacco com–

partment has molded, seamless rubber

lining. Size 6x3 inches.

8 N 6581 - Shpg. wt. 4oz...... $1.98



Yorkshire Fine Quality Combination

Pouch. Unusually handsome! Qual–

ity top-grain sheepskin. Two zipper

pockets for tobacco and pipe. Tobac–

co compartment has molded, seam–

less rubber lining. 6x3 inches. Black

or tan (no choice of color).

8 N 6585- Shpg. wt. 4 oz .. .$2.98


Yorkshire Magic Seal Pouch. A

beauty! Genuine top-grain cow–

hide. English tan color. Molded,

seamless rubber lining. New B. F.

Goodrich Pressure Sealing Zipper

keeps tobacco fresh. Size 5%x3



8 N 6590 - Shpg. wt. 5 oz .. $2.98


Yorkshire Magic Seal Combination

Pouch. Superb tobacco and pipe

pouch! Genuine top-grain cowhide.

English tan color. Tobacco compart–

ment has molded, seamless rubber

lining. Smaller pocket for pipe. New

B. F. Goodrich Pressure Sealing Zip–

per keeps tobacco fresh. 6x3H in.

8 N 6591 - Shpg. wt. 6 oz .. .$3.98

For Christmas, give a smoker

a cigarette lighter that works!


Pork Windproof Lighter. Feather-

weight aluminum case. Has guard

to protect flame. Length 2Ys in.

8 N 6520- Postpaid (Shipping

weight 4 ounces.)... . . . . . ..... $1.00


Windproof lighter. Shining chrome

finish. Guard makes it easy to light

in wind. Length 2_!4 inches.

8 N 9941 - Shpg. wt. 5 oz . . .. .$1.39


Zippo lighter. Silver-colored stain-

less steel. Size 272x172 inches.

8 N 6523- Postpaid.

(Shipping wei((ht .5 ounces) .... $2.50


Propeller Desk Lighter. Attractive

shining .chrome finish.


6}1! inches. Width of base 3 .inches.

8 N 9973- Shpg.


1lb.13 oz.$3.98


Dunhill Rollolite lighter. Extremely

handsome lighter by a famous mak–

er. Works by a roll of the thumb at side

of case. Rhodium-plated finish. Length

272 inches. Width



8 N 6512- Postpaid.

(Shipping weight 4 ounces) ... $10.00


Ronson Standard lighter.


finish gives smart appearance.

Lights with a slight pressure of the

thumb. Size 2x1


inches. Postpaid

(Shipping weight 6 ounces).

8 N 6508 ......... . .. . . . .. $5.50


Ronson Whirlwind lighter. The light-

er with a disappearing windshield.

Chrome finish. Size 2Ysxl



Repla2cment parts include brush and

igniter. Postpaid (Shpg. wt. 6 oz.).

8 N 6509 ............... .. $7.50


Ronson Mostercose. Appealing

modernistic design. Satiny chrome

finish. Combines the fingertip pre–

cision of the Ronson lighter with

the added luxury of a stunning

cigarette case. Holds about 14 cigar–

ettes (not included). Fits easily into

pocket or purse ... measures only

4!4x272 inches. Extra flint, brush,

and igniter. Postpaid(Shpg.wt.12 oz.)

8 N 6510 ................. $11.95

Smart, practical gifts for the Cigarette Smoker

Lighter and Cigarette-Case

Gift Set


DeNicoteo Cigarette Holder. Reduces the nicotine

a smoker gets from cigarettes. An Alfred Dunhill

product. Made of metal with hard rubber mouth

piece. Length 4 inches. 10 filters included.

8 N 9955-Postpaid.(Shpg. wt. 4 oz.) ....... $2.00

10 Extra Filters for above DeNicoteo Holder

8 N 9952- Postpaid (Shpg. wt. 3 oz.) ......... 35c


Transparent Plastic Cigarette Box. Made of clear,

gleaming plastic with close-fitting lid. Size 3x4%'.

in. Holds 48 cigarettes (not included).

8 N 9956-Shipping weight 7 oz.............. 98C


Flat leather Cigarette Cose. Genuine top-grain

sheepskin on metal frame .. . fabric lining. Brown

color. Embossed picture of bucking broncho on lid.

Elastic bands to hold in cigarettes. Holds 20 regular–

size cigarettes (not included). Size 3)4x4 inches.

8 N 9963-Shipping weight 4 ounces......... $1.98


Flot Metal Cigarette Case. Gleaming gold color.

Holds 16 regular-size or king-size cigarettes (not

included). Hinged metal spring-tension arm to keep

in cigarettes. Size 3}/:lx5%'. inches.

8 N 9968-Shipping weight 9 ounces........ $2.98







your Easy



... for details •ee page


Here's an attractive set for smokers at


a very modest price! Just the thing to


put under the tree on Christmas

morning. Includes a cigarette lighter and a cig–

arette case. Famous Ingersoll lighter in dull

enamel-finish base and polished chrome-finish

top. Handsome folding cigarette case of genuine

top grain leather in assorted colors. Holds 20

cigarettes (Cigarettes not included).

8 N 9970-Shipping weight 8 ounces ...... 98c