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Give him a Casting Reel and Rod for a real

Merry Christmas and a lot of fun next summer

Aluminum Tackle Boxes hold so much and

weigh so little .•• big gift hit with fishermen



C. Higgins level Wind Reel. Brass construction with aU metal parts chrome p)ated.

Bakelite side plates. Oilite bearings. Quadruple multipfying. Cork arbor.


N 3127-Capacity 100 yds. 18-lb. test line. Shpg. wt. 10 oz ............ $2,39



C. Higgins Deluxe level Wind Reel. All brass frame with exposed parts chrome

plated. Bakelite side plates. Adjustable anti-backlash mechanism on left plate



casting easier. Oilite bearings. Quadruple multiplying. Cork arbor.


N 3128-Capacity 100 yds. 18-lb. test line. Shpg. wt. 10 oz . .. ......... $3,89



C. Higgins Non-Backlash level Wind Reel with adjustable drag tension on side

J.C. Higgins Aluminum Tackle Boxes have the same. roomy construction as

ordinary boxes but with about half the weight! Much easier to carry when

packed full of tackle. Equipped with cork trays that swing out automati–

cally when the top is opened. Compartments keep tackle properly sepa–

rated for quick selection. Water tight construction for complete protec·

tion to contents even when box is sitting in bottom of wet boat. Snap lock

with key has nickel plated catches on either side. Curved handle. Hand–

some light gray ripple enamel finish. Choice of 2 popular sizes.

plate ... adjusts in an instant to permit accurate casting of light or heavy lures. Brass

frame with exposed parts heavily chrome plated. Adjustable click. 2 spiral, 2 spur

gears. Aluminum spool. Cork arbor. Quadruple multiplying.

[]) Standard size. 15x6),1x6,l1 in. 5 compartments in tray.


N 3540-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 6 oz ........

Was 14.79

Now $3.9



N 3104-Capacity 100 yds. 18-lb. test line. Shpg. wt. 12 oz .. . ..... . ... $5.75


Deluxe size. 21x7,)1x7 in. high. 2 trays; 8 compartments in upper, 5 in

lower. Lots of space beneath trays for stowing tackle.




wt. 5 lbs.................

Wtls 19.79

Now $8.55


Gep Hex-shape 1-piece Solid Steel Rod. Brnwn grained enamel finish. Cork han-

dle is adjustable to any convenient angle; cast aluminum reel seat, plastic forward

grip. Threaded locking reel band. Celluloid butt hose!. Hardened steel guides. With

carrying case. Fishermen will welcome this Christmas gift.


Woodstock Swivel Base Fisherman's Seat turns on ball bearing swivel ·

base that clamps on boat scat. Cork covered steel scat 14.).'2xl4 in.


N 03069-471!-ft. length. Shipping weight 2 pounds....... , ............ $6.95

Steel back 17%; in. high. Folds flat to stow when not in use.


N 05701 -Shipping weight 13 pounds .. .. . . .. ...... ....... $5.25

Lightweight Fly Reels, Floating Net, Fly-Tie Kits



C. Higgins Automatic Fly Reel. Aluminum

construction with dark green annodized fin–

ish. Finger touch on brake lever reels up all

slack line. Retrieves full tatered, or 80-ft. G line

at one winding. Free stripping. Chrome guide;

open frame and ventilated spool. Capacity 150

feet G line, or full 30 yards of HCH or smaller

double tapered.


N 3157-Shipping weight 14 oz ..... $5.79


J. C. Higgins lightweight Single Action Fly Reel.

Aluminum construction. Silent drag quickly

adjustable from approximately free-spool to 2%;–

lb. pull. Split second take apart for easy clean–

ing. Built-in line guide. Tenitc handle knobs.

Three popular sizes. Shpg. wt. each 8 oz.


N 3140-Capacity 60-yd. size G line . $4.79


N 3141-Capacity 100-yd. size G line. 5.25


N 31 51 -Salmon Reel. Same fine construc–

tion as above reels but with longer casting range

for salmon fishing. Capacity 150-yd. G line$5.79


Deluxe Floating Traut Net. Cotton net 20 inches

deep, 10%x15 72-inch top size. Natural finish

ash frame floats if accidentally dropped over–



N 3595-Shipping weight 1 poupd ... $2.39


Fly and Bug Tying Kit. Contains enough

material for tying approximately 400 lures.

Hackles, feathers, quills, balsa wood, cork, chenille,

floss, nylon thread, cement, and vise. Instruction

book with illustrations of tying techniques and

many ideas for new patterns. An excellent gift

for any fisherman.


N 3401-Shipping weight 12 oz ... . .. $4.75



C. Higgins Deluxe Fly-Tying Kit. Much more

complete and elaborate assortment of fines

select impali tail, hackles, feathers, quills, hair

etc. Nylon thread, hooks, cement, vise, and in–

struction book included. Makes about 400 flies. "'

Make your own supply antl some to sel!.


N 3522-Shipping weight 1 potlrtd ...



C. Higgins Waders and

Rainshirt keep



from head to toe

Hard Toe Waders for

Sl9 95

fishing, hunting, or any

outdoor work. Extra lightweight de–

luxe construction. High waisted dou–

ble thick rubberized tan cotton fabric

tops impregnated and triple rein–

forced at all scams to keep out every

bit of dampncM. Tops vulcanized onto

black rubber lower boots. Bar-cleated

rubber soles and rocker last make

walking in water safer and easier.

Hard toe cap for protection against

rocks, stones, etc. Average inseam

and waist measurements based on

foot size.


street shoe


71!-size, or–

der next full size larger for most com·

fortable fit.

Please slate size wanted

6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12.


N 3564-Shpg. wt. 5 lbs .. $19.95

Rainproof Shirt. Neo- $12


prcne coated cotton fab-

bric, olive drab color, with all scams

cemented and vulcanized for com–

plete protection against rain. Hunt,

fish, or work during a downpour and

remain bone-dry! No stitching in

body to leak. About 50 inches long;

generously full for plenty of freedom

for arms, legs, and shoulders. 1().

inch zipper gusset in front. Draw–

string hood, elastic at wrists. Flap

covered front


9.).'2x671! inches

to keep shells, smokes, or matches

dry. Very lightweight; rolls into com·

pact bundle for easy carrying.



small (36-38-inch chest);· me–

dium (40-42-inch); large (44-46-

inch). Measure fullest part of chest.

Please state siu wanted.

6N3496-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. lOoz. $12.45