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Gay, moderately priced

Tower Wrapping Ensemble

Good-looking, moderately priced assortment with especially designed

matching seals, tags and paper to give your holiday gifts that well–


matched ensemble appearance. Look at this wonderful

value ... and visualize all the lovely packages you can wrap.

Assortment includes:


sheets of gift wrapping paper, size 20x30 in.

Has 8 assorted sheets printed with festive holiday designs (4 sheets

of fine quality li thographed paper, 4 of printed tissue paper); 6 sheets

of red, 3 each of green and blue and 24 sheets of white tissue.

226 feet of ribbons and cords, plus 1 holly spray. Has 150 feet (50

feet each) of red, blue and green tying cord; 18 feet of Yz-inch red

rayon ribbon; 18 feet of '/is-inch silver and cellophane ribbon; 15

feet of % -inch green and silver cellophane ribbon; 25 feet of blue and

silver cellopbane ribbon and 1 decorative holly spray.


145 cords, gummed seals and tags. Includes 60 silver foil stars; 56

seals; 27 gift tags and enclosures; 1 address label; 1 do-not-open.

3 N 5553- ln Christmas box. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 10 oz.


Our finest Wrapping Assortment

Obtain professional-looking "show-case" pack-


ages with this carefully planned matched en-


semble; tags and seals to match wrapping paper.

53 sheets of gift wrapping paper ... including


18 sheets of lithographed paper in the same designs as in 3 N 5552

and 3 N 5553 combined, 3 sheets of metallic silver paper printed

in 3 different designs; 8 sheets of tissue paper printed in designs

and 24 sheets white tissue paper for outer and inner wrapping.

265 feet of riobons and cords, 1 holly sprig and 1 red satin bow.

125 ft. of red, green and blue cord; 25 ft. of Yz-in. red rayon–

plastic ribbon; 25 ft. of }1-in. blue rayon-plastic ribbon; 24 ft.

of '/is-in. green and silver ribbon; 18 ft. of


red and white

rayon; 18 ft. of % -in. red and green crimped ribbon; 12 ft.

of~in. white and silver ribbon; 9 ft. of


red and silver ribbon;

9 ft. of 1-in. red rayon and tinsel ribbon; 1 instruction sheet.

205 assorted cords, togs, seals same as 3 N 5554 plus 4 metallic

gift folders, 2 Merry Christmas seals, 13 medium and large seals.

3 N 5551 -Nicely boxed. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 8 oz.


Large size Wrapping Assortment

gives you "more for your money"

A larger assortment assembled especially for those of you who have a great number of

holiday packages to wrap and who insist on a professional-looking package. Each piece

of lithographed paper has a matching seal and tag to make gifts even more attractive.

57 sheets of gift wrapping paper, 20x30 in. Includes 13 decorated sheets (8 of fine

quality lithographed paper and 5 of printed tissue) printed with gay Christmas designs

such as carefree snow men, graceful bells, poinsettias, ornainents, traditional candles,

old-fashioned pictures and, of course, old Saint Nick himself; 8 sheets of bright red,

3 sheets each of green and blue and 30 sheets of snowy white tissue paper.

243 feet of ribbons and cords, 1 holly spray and a red satin bow. 125 feet of red, green

and blue tying cord; 25 feet of


green a nd silver ribbon; 25 feet of Yz-inch l>lue

printed cellophane; 20 feet of %-inch red and green crimped ribbon; 18 feet of '/is-inch

tinsel and cellophane ribbon; 18 feet of }1-inch red rayon plaotic ribbon; 12 feet of


inch tinsel and cellophane ribbon.

186 cords, gummed seals and togs. 84 small seals, 60 foil stars, 2 do-not-open seals,

2 address labels, 2 to and from seals, 2 large seals, 20 tags, 10 string tags, 4 folders.

3 N 5554-Attractively boxed. Shipping weight 2 lbs. 6 oz.. . ..... .Complete $1.94



3 .