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Corteberts of enduring loveliness for Her


New and different! 14K

yellow gold filled case.


Two sparkling diamonds set

in 14K yellow gold case.


Sports or Professional watch.

14K yellow gold, water

resistant case. Extra fine watch

for nurses or sportswear. Easy–

to-read dial. Tan leather strap.

4 N269EF- l 7 jewels ....


Silvered dial with raised gilt

dot and stick hour markers.

Cord band, safety clasp.

Black Arabic numerals and stick

hour markers on rose color dial.

Cord band, safety clasp.

4 N02281;-17 jewels. ..


4 N02871;-17 jewels .. .. $49.50


Handsome tailored style

in 18K rose gold. Dial is

gold color with black numer·

als. Neat expansion band is

1/ 20 12K yellow gold filled.

4 N282EF-17 jewels ... $69



Two large diamonds (total

1/ 16 ct.) sparkle from white

gold settings. Case is 14K yellow

gold. Domed crystal. Cord

band, safety clasp.


Tan leather cord bracelet

harmonizes with unusually

designed, expertly made 18K

rose gold case. Gold color dial,

numerals and hands.


Snake chain bracelet adds



the smart

case-both case and bracelet

in 14K yellow gold. Rose color

dial, black numerals.



262EF--17 jewels . . .$89


4 N02641;-17 jewels . . ..




Two-strand black cord brace·

let, heavy and extra wide,

lends an ultra smart note. The

case is solid 1SK yellow gold.

Rose color dial, black numbers.

4 N 261 EF- 17 jewels .... $89


4 N260EF--17 jewels . .. .




Ten diamonds (total 1/ 3 ct.)

sparkle brilliantly from a

14K white gold case-a master–

piece of watch design. Si)vered

dial, black numerals.

4 N204EF--17 jewels . . . $19



Corteberts ..• distinctively styled for Him


Extra thin dress

watch. 10K yellow

rolled gold plated case

with stainless metal

back. Beveled edges.

Rose dial, .black nu–

merals, silvered square

hour markers. Tan

leather strap. 7 jewels.

4 N442E . ... . . $19.75


Distinctive watch

with ridged border

on 14K yellow gold

case. Domed crystal.

Silvered dial with black

Roman numerals and

square hour markers.

Tan leather strap. 17


4 N0437E . ... ..



Smart curved bar


ends on a hand-fin–

ished and polished 18K

yellow gold case. Black

dial has inlaid gilt

numerals, gilt hands.

Thick raised concave

crystal. Tan leather

strap. 17 jewels.

4 N424EF . . ....




Two-tone dial-

slate color with

deep black minute

track . Rose-colored

numerals and hands.

Handsome case is 18K

yellow gold. Beveled

crystal. Tan leather

strap. 17 jewels.

4 N421EF . . . .. $100.00


Comfortable ex·

pansion band on a

handsome watch - a

real buy at this price!

Case is 10K yellow

rolled gold plated with

stainless metal back.

Silvered dial, Roman

numerals. 17 jewels.



0443E . . .. . $27.50


Sparkling "wheel

tread" design

around edge of smart

14K yellow gold case.

Black numerals on sil–

vered dial. Matching

band has expansion

center, basket weave

sides. 17 jewels.

4 N 446EF .•.•. .




watch de-

sign . .. 18K yel–

low gold case w,ith

smooth curved effect,

hand-finished, pol–

ished. Silvered dial

has black numerals,

gold color dots. Tan

leather strap. 17 jewels.

4 N425EF ... ...



Ultra smart rec-

tangular case in

18K rose gold with

heavy domed cryslal;

Polished surfaces. Rose

color dial with black

numerals, markers. Fine

quality tan leather

strap. 17 jewels.



410EF ..... $l 2S.00



in styling! Square

beveled case is lOK

yellow gold filled. Gilt

Roman numerals and

stick hour markers.

Matching band has


pansion center, basket

weave sides. 17 jewels.

4 N0444E . . .. .




yellow gold

dress watch with

clean-cut masculine

lines and brilliantly

polished beveled edges.

Slate color dial with

gold color numerals

and hands. Tan leather

strap. 17 jewels.

4 N422EF .. ,. . . $65.00


Extra thin model.

18K yellow gold

case has


the rich–

ness that fine hand–

craftsmanship imparts.

Silvered dial, applied

14K gold numerals.

Beveled crystal. Tan

leather strap. 17 jewels.

4 N 109EF .. . . . .



There's a smartness

about this watch

that puts it way out in

front of ordinary styles.

10K yellow gold filled

rectangular case.





markers. Tan leather

strap. 17 jewels.

4 N0407E . . ....



New in design,

superb in finish.

18K yellow gold case

with new "rounded

corners." Silvered dial,

black numerals and

outline dots. Beveled

crystal. Tan leather

strap. 17 jewels.



423EF .. . . .. $69.50


Square heavy-

weight case in


SK yellow gold with

surfaces that sparkle

with a jewel-like luster.

Rose color dial with

black numerals. Bev–

eled crystal. Tan lea–

ther strap. 17 jewels.

4 N426EF .. .. .$100.00


Cortebert with Certificate of time-keeping

excellence awarded after exhaustive tests by

a Swiss government bureau, one of the most

critical watch-testing laboratories in the world.

The case is a beauty-18K yellow gold of

extra heavy weight, carefully


brilliantly polished. Silvered dial has applied

14K yellow gold numerals; clear, thick beveled

crystal. Finest quality genuine leather strap.

4 N41 lEF--17-jewef movement .. . ... .. .


Watches shown


actual size. Prices include 10% Federal Tax on watches up to

$71.50. 20% on


others. Catalog numbers with letters EF (as 4 N 282EF) shipped

from factory in CI;iicago. Order.and pay postage from our nearest mail order house.