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Say Merry Christmas with a


• • •

The Gift of a Lifetime

to someone very special on your Christmas list

Priced from






Same Price

cash or terms


"Janet" .. delicate engraving all

around the dial is sure to please

the most conservative minded. Case is

shining lOK yellow gold plate with

stainless metal back. Smart white dial

has gilt numerals and hands. Black

cord band with safety clasp. 17-jewel


State wrist si-:e.

4 No52nE .... ..... .. . .. . . .



"Goddess of Time" ... the tiny

cushion style will win her instant

admiration. Case is lOK yellow rolled

gold plate with highly polished light–

reflecting end pieces. Stainless metal

back. Yellow gold color dial with gilt

numerals, hands. Black cord band;

safety clasp. 17-jewcl movement.

State wrist si-:e.

4 N0519TE ... . ...... . .. . ...



"Goddess of Time"-Tiny golden

beauty. Attractively beveled end

pieces sparkle like jewels. 1OK rolled

gold plate case; stainless metal back.

Smart dial; gilt numerals. Yellow gold

case; link band. Rose gold, black cord

band. 17 jewels.

Stale wrist si:;.e.

4 N0520TE-Yellow gold . .. . .


4 N0521TE-Rose gold .... ...




"Her Excellency." with celebrated

21-jewel movement that keeps ac–

curate time day in and day out. Cush–

ion-shape style in 1OK white or yellow

gold filled case. Smartly styled dial

has black hands and numerals. Black

cord band with sturdy safety strap.

Stale wrist si-:e wanted.

4 N0550TE-Yellow gold ... ..


4 N056\TE-White gold . .. . ..




"Her Excellency" a square- cut

beauty with the renowned 21-

jewel movement. Daintily engraved

lOK yellow gold filled case. Harmo–

nizing, easy-to-read dial. Matching

link band with sturdy safety clasp.

This charming watch is bound to win

every woman's and girl's approval.

Please state wrist




"Margo" .. a superbly lovely

watch with two tiny diamonds

shimmering in white gold sides of 1OK

yellow gold filled case. Case done in a

combination of bright and satin finish

is delightfully feminine with dainty

engraving. White dial has black nu–

merals, hands. Matching link band.

17-jewel movement.

Stale wrist si::.e.



0555TE .

. . ....... .. . . ...


4 N0545TE . . ..... .. .. . .. . ..



"Her Excellency" in solid 14K gold,

cushion shape case that will cap·

ture her heart. Square-shape, silver

color dial. Black hands and numerals.

Black cord hand; safety catch. 21-

jcwcl inovement.

Stale wrist size

u•anlt 1.


"Juliana". . . breathtakingly lovely

in white gold with two flashing

diamonds set in end piece•. Cushion–

shape case is lOK white gold filled.

Dainty white dial with black numer–

als, and hands. Smart expansion–

style link band matches case. 17•

jewel movement.

4 N0557TE- Yellow gold .. .. .


4 N0562TE-Rose gold. ... .. .



4 N0556TE- White gold . .... . .


4 N0546TE .. .... . . . . . .... . .


Bulova Watches are nationally

known for beauty and accuracy

" .. . Bulova watch time." How often


check the accuracy of

your timepiece by those words from your radio! Words that are

associated in your mind with accuracy and dependability,

another way of saying Bulova! Presented here arc fourteen of

these famous watches at easy-to-afford prices; you'll join the

proud ranks of wearers of this smart dependable watch when

you choose


watch from this page. Available on Easy Terms

at no extra charge due to standard practice. Easy Terms on page

256. Bulovas are postpaid (shpg. wt. 9 oz.).


gift boxes. Prices



Federal Excise Tax. Watches shown




"Arnold." 15-jewel Bulova

for accurate, dependable

service at an easy-to-afford

price. Slim, modern, engraved

case is lOK yellow rolled gold

plate with practical stainless

steel back. Silver color dial,

raised gilt hands and numer–

als. Stout, tan leather strap.

4 N0500TE .. . . . .....




"Brewster."15-jewel move-

ment in clean-cut, squared

design case that has plenty of

masculine appeal. lOK yellow

rolled gold plate with stainless

steel back. Clear dial, gilt

hands, numerals. Natural color

leather strap.

4 N0522TE . . . .... ...




"Cadet."Richly engraved,

slim lOK yellow rolled

gold plate case with highly

polished, light-reflecting end

pieces. Practical stainless

metal back. Mannish, modern

dial with gilt dots and hands.



bracelet matches case.

4 N0518TE-15 jewels.



"Senator." Fine 17-jewel

Bulova with harmonizing

full expansion bracelet; stain–

less metal back. Choose your

case in yellow or rose l OK

rolled gold plate; stainless

metal back. Matching dial

with gilt hands and numerals.

4 N0510TE-Yellowgold


4 N051 lTE-Rose gold . .



"His Excellency." 21-jewel

a distinguished watch for

men who appreciate the fine

simplicity of the round case.

Select either yellow or rose

1OK gold filled case. Silver

color dial. Padded, genuine

leather wrist strap.

4 N0513TE-Yellowgold


4 N0514TE-Rose gold . .




"His Excellency." Superbly

styled 21-jewel watch in

!OK gold filled case with stout

end pieces. Basket weave metal

bands harmonize with case.



0515TE-Yellow gold


4 N0516TE-Whitc gold . .$71.50

4 Nos1nE-Rose gold .. . 71.50