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Stun ning Plastic Boxes a re especially designed to be used as trays or for handkerchiefs, gloves, j ewelry or cigarettes

F actor Color Harmony Make- up Set

New plastic cosmetic case contains 3% oz.

box of face powder, rouge and metal lipstick.

Coral colored box (5)4-in.) has raised "lov–

ers' knot" of gleaming white.

Stale shade:

Blonde, Brownette, Brunette or Redhead.

She con use ne w set later for cigarettes, hand–

kerchiefs or sewing essentials. Postpaid. (Ship–

ping weight I pound 6 ounces.)


8 N 98 34E..............

3-piece set


P e rfume Flacon

Evening in P aris Fla–

con with tassel. Just


answer for extra

Christmas gifts

fine to tuck in a stock–


1-dram purse

size. Postpaid. (Shpg.




8 N 4804E.. .. ..


2-pc. Gift Se t

Saucilv popular Eve–

ning in Paris fragrance

in perfume 1-dram tas–

seled flacon and 1-oz.

cologne. Brightly col–

ored box ready for

gifts. Postpaid. (Shpg.




8 N 9837E ....


Max Factor Pancake !\'lake-up Set

Glamour in a gorgeous Christmas box contains

1% oz. pancake make-up, 3% oz. face powder,

rouge and metal lipstick. Bright white box (12x

5)4-inch) has delicate coral-color leaf motif.



Blonde, Brownette, Brunette or Redhead.

Useful, plastic conta iner is perfect for cigarettes,

gloves, handkerchiefs or smoking needs. Post–

paid. (Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 12 oz.)

8 N 9835E. . ..............

4-piece set


Max Factor 6- p iece Special Make-up Set

New ... originally designed plastic box with 4-oz. parfum co–

logne, 1%-oz. pancake make-up, 3%-oz. face powder, rouge,

metal lipstick and SY2-oz. skin freshener. Gleaming coral colored

box has raised white floral design. Gorgeous case is 13x8 inches.

Stale shade desired:

Blonde, Brownette, Brunette or Redhead.

Decorative box can be used for dresser or serving tray, gloves,

hankies, jewelry, stockings, underwear or writing needs. Post–

paid. (Shipping weight 4 pounds 6 ounces.)

8 N 9836E .. . . . .................. . .....

6-piece set


:Fragr ant 3-pc. Set

The fragrance of Evening in

Paris is sure to capture her

heart on Christmas morning

... and every other day. Gay

gift box with 1-dram flacon

perfume, 1-oz. cologne and

3)4-oz. talcum.


(Shpg. wt. 1 lb.



Delu xe 5-p c . Set

Evening in P a ris 6-pc . Gift Set

Let the romance of Paris be hers with this

luxurious set. The cherished fragrance of

Evening in Paris in these exciting pieces:

1-dram flacon perfume; . lighter version of

same scent in 1-oz. cologne; 3)4-oz. talc;

medium shade lipstick and rouge in metal

cases; 2% oz. face powder. Gift box .. . ray–

on lining. Postpaid. (Shpg. wt.


lbs. 5 oz.)

8 N 9838E .• . ••••••.


All pieces in Evening in P aris

... the appealingly flirtatious

fragrance. Contains I -dram

flacon perfume, 1-ounce co–

logne, medium shade lipstick

and rouge in metal cases; 3 )4-

oz. talc. Rayon lined gift box.

Postpaid. (Shpg. wt.



8 N 9839E ....... . ..


8 N 9840E.... . . . .. . ....... . . . ... .


Coty 2-pc. Set

Bath luxury gift set con–

taining 8% -oz. bath

salts and 5 )4-ounce bath

powder in Emeraude or

· L'



Stale scent.


(Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 11 oz.)

8 N 9842E .... .


9-pc. Coty "Vigilante" Cosmetic Kit

Smart artificial alligator leather kit (assorted

colors, no choice); imitation leather lining.

Holds medium shades lipstick, rouge, %-oz.

face powder, 1Y2-oz. cream powder base; %-oz.

perfume, 1-oz. cleansing cream, 2-oz. founda–

tion cream; 2-oz. skin freshener and 1-oz. condi–

tioning cream. Postpaid. (Shpg. wt.


lbs. 12 oz.)

Rubinstein Set


Apple Blossom-scent–

ed gift set. Lovely


colored box contains 3%–

oz. cologne and 6-oz. body

powder with huge puff.

Postpaid. (Shipp i n_g

weight 1 lb. 13 oz.)

Yardley 3-pc. Set

Old English Lavender

scented 13Y2-oz. bathsalts,

2%;-oz. Lavender water,

and bar soap. Gift box.

63c Fed. tax included.

Postpaid. (Shipping wt.

3 lbs. 6 oz.)

Yar d ley 2- pc. Set

Fresh, natural scent of Old

English Lavender. Gayly

printed box holds 5)4-oz.

dusting powder with puff

and 2%: oz. Lavender wa–

ter. Postpaid. (Shpg. wt.


lb. 14 oz.)

8 N 9843E . .. .. . .... . .............. . .


8 N 5935E .. , ...


8 N 9844E.... . ..


8 N 9845E ..... . .


Prices inc!ude




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otherwise stated



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