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New ! All Star Bask etb a ll - Portable Pool Table


Played just like real basketball- all plays are on board. " Ball" put



in play by using shooter on right hand side.


ball rolls in a designated

cup, player takes shot from basket shooter in tenter ... gets 2 points if basket is

made. Colorful Masonite presdwood playing board, metal frame, 5-inch metal back–

board with basket ring and net. Board is _1lx.21 inches long. Ten marbles included.


N 192-Shipping weight 3 pounds. Complete sec......

. . $ 1.82


e njoy this portable pool table. Set it up on top of a card


table and have action in a jiffy! All the sport of regular pool in minia-

ture. Table, 19;)4x12%x3U· inches high, has sturdy steel frame and legs, metal

return alley .. . rubber cushions: Non-warping Masonite presdwood surface, covered

with green cotton flocking. Equipment consists of two wood cues, 15 colored glass

balls, 1 cue ball and metal rack. Choose it for a much appreciated gift!


N 425-Shipping weight 3 pounds. Complete set..

. . ... $2.34

"Quiz K ids " Electric Quizzer - 120 q uest.ions,, a nswers

Grand fun .. . simple to operate. Put one metal tipped cord under a ques-



tion, other cord under answer. Signal buzzes if answer is correct. Shock-

proof electric operation. 120 questions and answers on 5 cards, 10x7Yz inches.


N 109-Box 12)4x9)4 in. Battery included. Shipping weight 2 lbs... . ..... .. . $1.79



New! The little Red Hen.


Who is going to help the


Little Red Hen? Simple but fascinating

story book game. For 2, 3 or 4 players.

Folding book-style playing board of

heavy cardboard. Opens to 24x14 in–

ches. Four attractive plastic playing

pieces, spinner and instructions.


N 203-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 6 oz.

. $1.33

140 ..



Flippy-magnetic fishing.



Kids will have a wonderful

time fishing with this set in bathtub or

bowl of water. 7 bright-color plastic fish

float upright in realistic manner . . . have

metal in nose. Two 17%;-inch wooden

rods have hooks with magnets on lines


atiract fish. Box 6Yzx18% in.


N 132-Shipping weight 8 oz..... $ 1.24


Sears Easy Terms, see page


Exploding Battlesh ip - lots of thrills


Swing sub into position- FIRE! Torpedo leaps


from nose of sub, smashes into bullseye target

on Sea Raider- WHAM! Raider explodes! Smoke stacks, gun

mounts and superstructure fly through air. 11 %-inch sub has ejec–

tor spring, triggerJ"elease. 13%:-inch raider has strong snap spring.

Youngster assembles raider, reloads torpedo. Wood construction.


N 5662-Shipping weight 1 pound 12 ounces......... . . . $1.82

Games of action and skill - lots of fun for everyone


Horse Shoe Game for


year 'round fun. Make

a "ringer"

.. .

watch your opponent



catch up with you. Choose up

sides and have an indoor or outdoor

contest. Two pairs of molded, rein–

forced 5%;-inch rubber horseshoes.

Two enameled steel plates 11



square. Removable pegs. Rules.


174-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 10 oz.. $1 .10


Gee Wiz Horse Race.


They're off! Any horse

can win in this exciting race! Six horses

of different colors. Shaft of spinning

fly-wheel drives balls against horses,

advancing them along track. Flag

raises as they cross finish . Lithographed

metal, 15Yz in. long. Starting cord.


N 173-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 6 oz...



Skill Ball. Play inside

or outside--on a table


or on the floor. Roll balls into num–

bered holes in base ... try


get them

in the '100' hole often! Base of strong

steel, finished in red baked-on enamel,

12xl 1


Three colored wooden

balls, each 1% inches in diameter.


N 114-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 4 oz... .. 92c


Plastic Duck Pins. Chil-



dren love to set 'em up

and knock 'em down. Requires very

little space and can be used indoors

and outdoors. Set includes ten two–

ton<; red and white plastic pins 3%

inches high; two 1%-inch wood balls.

Plastic pins are tough- take a lot of

abuse- are easily cleaned.


N 162-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 4 oz.... $1.34



5-Pc. ArcherySet

Just what junior

"Robinhoods" need for devel–

oping their skill in target

shooting. 36-inch lemonwood

bow, strung with stout cord,

cloth-bound hand grip.Three

15-inch arrows with rubber

suction cups. Brightlycolored

paper bullseye target includ–

ed. Hits the mark with kids!

79N0204-Shpg. wt.2 lbs$1.05