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road scraper

Complete set

All-steel Farm Tractor and Implement Set

A swell gift! Just like real farm equipment.

Powerful Diesel-type bulldozer tractor with

rubber treads looks real and sounds real. 10).-2-

in. overall. Hydraulic-type road scraper snaps

into up or down position.


clockspring Q'.lOtor; detachable key. Start and

stop lever. Hook on rear for connecting any of

three realistic implements that really operate.




in. wide, has action cutter bar

Hay rake,

9% in. wide, with automatic dump–

ing action and realistic dump lever. Big



11 ).-2 in. long. Baked-on enamel finish.

Two metal men: one on mower, one on trac–

tor. Big corrugated box resembles farm ma–

chinery service station; 15 in. wide. Doors open

49 N 5786-Shpg. wt. 6 lbs .... . ...... Set $4.89

Powerful, heavy-duty Tractors and Tanks

Have heavy-duty clock spring motors. Plenty of power even for climbing 35°

grades! Pull many times their weight. Move forward with lumbering, tractor-like

speed. Start, stop levers; keys attached. Sure-grip rubber treads for positive traction.


Powerful toy Form Trodor. T(emendous power for a toy of its size! Will actually

pull a toy coasterwagon. All-metal; lithographed


resemble Diesel-type bull–

dozer tractor. Streamlined with shaped radiator front. Road scraper is easily

attached and detached. With driver, brake and hook in rear for attaching loads.

49 N


in. overall, with scraper attached. Shipping weight 2 lbs. 4 oz . . .... $2.79


Tractor, Trailer, Scraper Set. Durable, shiny aluminum construction. Wind it up

and watch it climb over steep grades and roar over obstacles! Detachable

road scraper. Aluminum dump trailer also detaches. Trailer may be used to

carry other toys. Metal driver. Overall length 15 ).-2 in., including trailer and scraper.

49 N 5753- Shipping weight I pound 8 ounces... .. . . . ... .. .. ........ •• . . ... . .. $1.98


Trador and Rood Scraper. All-metal; realistically lithographed. Clockspring

motor; rubber treads. Detachable scraper. Metal man. Hook at rear.

49 N


inches long overall. Shipping weight I lb. 6 oz .... ...... .. ... . .$1.39


Giant spark-shooting Tank. What boy wouldn't be thrilled to receive this tank!


crashes toy walls ... climbs s((;ep grades •.. rumbles like a real tank . . .

even shoots sparks! Dummy cannon in revolving turret. Powerful clockspring

motor. All-steel; lithographed in camouflage colors. Rubber treads. Rear hook.

49 N



long. .Shipping weight 2 lbs. 6..,z...•••• .• ... ..•... .. $3.09