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Plastic headi

sparkling go–

to-sleep eyes

Sponge her off with 50ap

and water; powder her

This Magic Skin Baby is made for cuddling

She feels real-and her plastic head has fine features

She's perfectly adorable! Caring for her is a special pleasure, because her $



soft skin feels almost human to the touch. Just like a real baby, she should

be sponged off and powdered, so she'll stay clean and fresh; she has to be


dressed and undressed; and at bedtime she'll need to be sung to sleep.

(Her lashes are

noticeably thick and long when her sparkling eyes are closed.) Every part of the Magic–

Skin baby-

from tip to toe-shows quality workmanship. Her body, arms and legs have

smooth rubber Magic Skin, and they're stuffed with soft cotton. Her head has molded,

tinted hair and sweet babylike features-a1.d, being plastic, it's practically unbreakable.

(All sizes of the Magic Skin baby have heads which can be tilted and turned.)

Dolly wears knit cotton panties and shirt, and her big layette is pretty as can be. Consists

of daintily trimmed organdy dress a·nd frilly bonnet (assorted styles and colors); cotton

slip, rayon socks and imitation leather shoes. Also included are three sl)ft powder puffs, two_

safety pins (on cotton cloth), six wooden clothes pins and a set of tiny plastic dishes!

49 N 2833-14-in. Doll with layette.

49 N 2834- 16-in. Doll with layellc.

Shipping weight 2 pounds . . ...... .


Shipping weight 2 lbs. 4 oz........


49 N 2835-18-in. Doll with layette.

49 N 2836-20-in. Doll with layette.

Shipping weight 3 pounds .........


Shipping weight 3 lbs. 10 oz .. . ....


De luxe Magic Skin Baby Outfit

With complete layette in smart, sturdy suitcase

Perhaps your little girl has


of owning a doll with


Q9 8

a complete wardrobe ... but to actually get this one, this


Christmas, is beyond her rosiest expectations. Why, she'll

14 -•nch

go into raptures when she opens the suitcase and sees the lovable doll with

all her lovely clothes! The lifelike Magic Skin baby has all the feat1,1res

of the one above. Her layette is made of fine cotton and rayon in pastel

colors or white (no choice); trimmed with lace, embroidery and ribbons.

Includes: fleecy snowsuit and bonnet, sheer dress and bonnet, slip, knitted

shirt and panties, housecoat, jacket, socks, imitation leather shoes, a soft

blanket, 3 powder puffs, 6 wooden clothes pins, wash cloth-and a plastic

doll-size tea set. Suitcase is cardboard over wood frame, canvas-effect

paper covering; snap locks, handle.

49 N 2864-14-inch doll with layette in suitcase.


N 02865-16-inch doll with layette in suitcase.

79 N 02866-18-inch doll with layette in suitcase.






Rubber Baby with go-to-sleep eyes

She drinks from her bottle, then wets her diaper

To a real mother, this infant's behavior might prove trying$


3 3

. . . but to a little girl it's most endearing! Besides being able to

drink and wet, the Honeysuckle baby is pretty to look at and

11 Y2-in.

pleasant to hold. Her flesh-like body, arms and legs are unbreakable, molded

rubber; can be sponged off. Her practically unbreakable plastic head has

molded, tinted hair; and she has sparklinggo-to-sleepeyeswith lashes. She's

made with great care for a long, happy life with your little girl. Comes with

flannel diaper and nursing bottle. For layette, see separate listings below.

49 N 2807-11 !/,-inch doll

49 N 2808-13-inch doll·

Shipping wt. 2 lbs ........


Shipping wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz ...


49 N


15-inch doll.

Shipping weight 3 pounds... . . . .

. ...



loyette for Honeysuckle


Sheer cotton dress and bonnet, cotton slip,

2 flannel diapers, 4 safety pins, 3 powder puffs, rayon socks, imitation

leather shoes, 6 clothes pins, plastic feeding plate and spoon.

49 N 3532-For 11 Y2-inch doll

49 N 3533-For 13-inch doll

Shpg. wt. 10 oz .. .. _........


Shpg. wt. 10 oz..... . .. .




N 3534-For 15-inch doll. Shpg. wt. 10 oz .................. . ...... $1.98