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In all of dolldom, the most sensational news


is the magic-voice, rubber-skin Dolly, "BABY COOS"

Pressure applied to legs or body pro.

duces babylike cries which you can control



nod her head, or press her arms

against her body, she answers with a coo

• She coos if you cuddle her! • She sobs if you paddle her!

• She complains if you pinch her! • And she wakes and sleeps!

Surely you've heard about BABY COOS- why, she has even

cried and cooed on the radio and over television! She looks,


feels and makes sounds like a real, live baby- and, what's more, you can con- _

trol the volume and pitch of her voice. Caress her gently, and she'll coo affec–

tionately. Pinch her, and she'll give a plaintive sob. And


you squeeze her

roughly she'll scream to let you know it hurts!

BABY COOS inspires a world of motherly tenderness and care. Her smooth

Magic Skin rubber body is stuffed with soft foam rubber-she's warm and

' snuggly and almost huma:i to the touch. Like any infant, she has to be bathed,

powdered and dressed. Her turning, tilting head is practically unbreakable

plastic; she has sparkling go-to-sleep eyes.

Comes with rib-knit cotton shirt and pants, sheer organdy dress and bonnet;

cotton slip, rayon socks, imitation leather shoes ..·. and a tiny plastic tea set!

49 N

. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs . $6.83

49N 2876- 20-in.Shpg.wt.4lbs.6oz.$12.75

49 N 2874-16-in. Shpg. wt.2lbs.4oz.8.83

79 N 02877-22-in.


clothes would flt

49 N 2875-18 -in. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 10.75

a 4-month bobyl Shpg.wt.6 lbs.... $15.75

Kewpie Doll


Rose O'Neill


•Expertly molded of

sturdy composition

• Head can be turned and tilted

•Jointed arms and legs-takes

au sorts of amusing poses and

stands without support

This lively little imp has a win–

ning grin and the most flirtatious

(painted) eyes you ever saw!

Everything about her- from the

tip of the perky molded lock on

top of her head, to the toes of her

chubby feet- is calculated to de–

light a


girl. She wears a

darling cotton print sunsuit (as–

sorted colors), rayon socks and

imitation leather shoes.


price is surprisingly low. 12;!4

inches tall. Shpg. wt.1 lb. 12 oz.

49 N 3435 ...... . .. . : .... . .. $1.63

New! "Mama"-"Papa" Doll with soft plastic arms, legs!

She's daddy's girl, too--she's learned to say "Papa," as well as



"Mama." (Cries "Papa" when tilted one way,




tilted the other.) Her Vinylite plastic arms and legs are soft and


rosy, like a real baby's flesh; her fingers are separate and flexible. Cuddly

cotton-stuffed body; turning composition head; sparkling go-to-sleep eyes

with thick lashes. Wears sheer cotton dress and frilly bonnet (assorted col–

ors), cotton slip, rubber panties, rayon socks, imitation leather shoes.

49 N 3157-About 17 inches tall. Shipping weight 2 lbs... . .. . . . . .. .... . .$4.99

49 N 3158-About 19 inches tall. Shipping weight 2 lbs. 2 oz.. . . . . . . . . . . . 6.89

79 N 031 59-About 21 inches tall. Shipping weight 3 pounds . . . . . . . . . . .






63 ..