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De luxe Folding Doll Buggy

h as padded sides, s torm curta in !


Junior-size model of a


de luxe baby carriage!

High-grade Morocco-grain simulated lea–


rich brown, with ivory-color


Body has luxurious!)' padded sides, appli–

que design and decorative stitching. Rigid

fiberboard insert. Automatic spring fold–

ing feature. Five-bow folding hood with

sun shield. Strong steel framework; foot–

brake has rubber pedal. Nickel plated tu–

bular steel handle 32%' inches from floor.

Storm curtain. 8 )1-inch steel spoke wheels,

big %'-inch rubber tires. Body 26x13x10

inches deep; 31 inches long with foot ex–

tension. Mailable.

79N 08274-Shpg. wt. 19 lbs.... .. . $ 13.98

Fine , durable Folding Buggy

a t a ver y con siderate price


Any little "mother" will


give her dolls plcnt)' of

fresh air if Santa delivers this buggy!

Smart-looking simulated leather- maroon

with 2 gray center panels in hood; white

binding and stitching. Rigid fiberboard

inseh. Five-bow folding hood with sun

visor. Substantial steel framework, foot–

brake (with rubber pedal); tubular steel

handle 29)1 inches from floor. Foot exten–

sion increases length to accommodate big–

ger dolls. 77;1-inch steel wheels, %'-inch


tires. Body 26x13x10)1


deep; 31 inches long with foot extension.

79 N 08273-Shpg. wt. 18 lbs.. ..... $1 0.29

Sturdy, comfortable Doll Carriages at modest prices


Handsome fiber Buggy. Body and hood are

woven of fancy oval fiber, enameled caramel-color

and brightly trimmed. Enameled steel undergear.

67;1-inch steel wheels,

)1-inch rubber tires. Body

22x10x9 in. deep. Hand!.. 26 in. Mailable.

79 N 0821 1-Shipping weight 14 lbs.... ... .....



Fiber Buggy, low price. Half-oval fiber; edges

reinforced with steel binding. Enameled ivory–

color; decorated. Steel bottom, steel frame, SYz-inch

steel wheels,


/io-inch rubber tires. Body 19x7%'x7

inches deep; handle 21 %'inches. Mailable.

79 N 08230-Shipping weight 10 pounds.... . . .



Buggy with automatic folding device. Dark blue

artificial leather, 4-bow folding hood, sun visor.

Brake; steel frame. 772-inch steel wheels, %'-inch

rubber tires. Bod)' 227;1x12x10 in.; 28 in. long with

foot extension. Handle 28 in. high . Mailable.

79 N 08272-Shipping weight_14 lbs.... ..... ...



Thrift-priced Folding Buggy. Artificial leather,

medium gra)' in color; white binding. 3-bow fold–

ing hood, sun shield. Enameled steel frame. 5Yz-inch

steel wheels,


/io-inch rubber tires. Body 20x10x7Yz

in. deep. Handle 26 inches. Mailable.

79 N 08271-Shipping weight 8 lbs.

. . .



All-s teel Doll Stroller

New! A durable doll stroller


3 79

smart!)' designed . .. colorful ... priced


so low, it won't make a dent in your Christmas

budget. Your little girl is sure to be high!)' pleased

when she discovers it under the tree. The body is

all-steel, with a glossy red and blue enamel finish

and decal trim. Simulated leather seat has adjust–

able plastic safety belt, and the foot-rest is adjust–

able, too-

so any size dolly can be wheeled around

in it. 574-inch steel wheels, 72-inch rubber tires.

Folding steel handle 24 inches from floor. Seat

measures 9 Yzx9


inches. Mailable.

79 N 08260-Shpg.


7 lbs. ..

. . . $3.79



167 . .