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Firm-grip metal Tree Stands

wide-reach 3-leg support, water well

~~:~kble (!§~7~~~ai~~ws~'


In place

grip tree






Grip-tight Stand. Why wrestle with screws and adjustments


when a convenient Sears stand does it automatically! Just attach

legs-they lock into place easily-

set tree in water well-pull handle tight

and the three jaws grip tree all at one time. Holds from 172 to 3-inch diameter

tree. Tripod leg arrangement distributes weight evenly-tree sits solidly–

doesn't rock. Made of heavy steel with red and green baked-on enamel finish.

Extra large water capacity keeps tree fresher, greener-helps retain its aro–

matic fragrance. 7% in. high overall. Comes in handy storage carton.

49 N 6553-Shipping weight 3 pounds 3 ounces .... .. .... . ... . .

. ... s



Electrically Lighted Stand. Has all the features of the above






a colorful ring of eight 15-volt Mazda electric

lamps around the top rim of base. Bulbs arc arranged to cast a soft light on the

flooi--and to diffuse their color upward through the tree branches. 4-foot lead-in

wire has open outlet near tree-provides a convenient plug-in for tree lights.

Stand is 7% in. high overall. Each leg extends 1172 inches. Packed in sturdy

cardboard carton-useful for season-to-season storage. Complete with eight

assorted-color lamps. For 110-120 volt AC-DC current.

49 N 6549-Shipping weight 4 pounds. Holder with 8 lamps .. . . . . ... ... .. $3.95



are {i\\ed

with wondrous things,



h pleasure brings

no other tree sue

Lovely flame-resistant Artificial Trees

Clean, economical, no needles to shed ... excellent answer to your Christmas tree prob–

lem. Natural-looking, round-shaped branches covered


fluffy, straw–

likc rayon visca ... colored a deep forest green to represent pine needles. Unfold from

trunk to tree shape desired. Fold for storing. Sizes may vary.Ornaments not included.




With solid, col–

ored wooden block


base fastened securcly to tree

Add to your Easy Payment

Order. Choice of two sizes.

79 N 06663-Height about 40

inches. 36 branches. Shipping

weight 2 pounds . ... .

. ... 95c


N 06664-Height about 54

inches. 48 branches. Shipping

weight 4 pounds... .. . ... $1.95


Our best quality. Tree sits securely


in iron-banded white wood tub. More

branches than those at left ... branches

4 2-in. •i••

are set more closely

together, have realistic off–

shoots, giving thicker, more luxuriant foliage. Will

last many years in their original beauty.

79 N


tree about 33 in.

tall. (Tub of

papier mil.che instead of wood.) Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. . . $2.25

79 N 06635-About 42 in. tall. S_hpg. wt. 3 lbs...


79 N 06680-About 54 in. tall. Shpg. wt. 5 lbs. . .


79 N M6681-72 in. Freight, express. Wt. 7 lbs... 9.45

Table tree Ornaments

24 glass ornaments, each

$I 00

1-in. in diam.



for small trees, Christmas packages,

decorations. Assorted solid colors.



you need for Christmas now! Use Sears Easy Payment plan; page


49 N 6659-Shpg. wt. 5 oz. . ... . $1.00

Santa Claus Outfit

Christmas is most



fun when


Claus himself delivers the pres–

ents. Two-piece good quality

duvetyn (soft, napped cotton

fabric) suit with matching red

and white hood. Jolly bearded

mask attached to hood. Black

oilcloth leggings, white trim.


for many seasons' wear.

Shipping weight 4 lbs. 8 oz.

49 N 6531-Large size only

(42-44) .



200 ..



9-piece Christmas Village Set

What could be more charming under


your Christmas


your mantel,


window sill or table than this set! 8 brightly

colored cardboard buildings, about 3


in. high,

roofs sprinkled with glistening mica "snow";

Santa and sleigh plaque. Just insert tree lamps

to light transparent windows of houses and

churches. Comes set up. Fence and tree lamps

not included. See fence described below.

49 N 6658-Shipping wt. I lb. 12 oz. .. .... Set 89c

Decorative white plastic Fence. For tree, doll

house or mantel. 15 interlocking fence sections,

2),1 in. high; 1 gate section. Makes 24-in. square.

49 N 6727-Shipping weight 8 oz..

. . 83c

White Cotton Batting

Flame resistant. For a "snow–

drift" at base of vour tree

and many other


uses. Roll

is 30x44 inches


49 N 6504-Shipping wt. 7 oz... .. . . 34c