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A Kenmore Mixer this Chris tm a s

It's a favorite





means so much in work saving, so much in

time saving and so much in variety of new foocls she can prepare. Like an

extra maid in her kitchen, this


does all her whipping, beating,

mixing and juice extracting. Does the most tiresome chores at a cost of less



per hour. Does the work quicker and more thoroughly than she

could ever do it by hand. Mixer lifts from stand for use at stove.

Three separate speeds for different types of mixing. Comes complete with

I and 3 quart white glass mixing bowls; 2 beaters; juicer with spout; at–

tached 6 ft. cord; instruction-recipe booklet. !Ox12xl4 inches high overall.

For any 110-120volt AC or DC. Uses 75 watts. White enamel finish, black

trim. Approved by Underwriters' Labs., Inc. Cornes individually boxed.

Can be bought on Easy Terms, only $2.50 down.



08224-3-speed Mixer. Shipping weight 18 pounds .............. $21.95

Liquefies fruits and

vegetables, all kinds

Whips batter, cream,

sauces and desserts

Handle on jar makes


easy - to - po u r

Mixes cakes,


chops food ex.tra fine





''Thumb-tip" dial on

handle controls speed

Our Finest 12-speed Kenmore Mixer

• Super-powered to do all her heaviest mixing, whipping, beating.

• Maintains steadily the mixing speed she selects on lightest or heaviest batters

• Mixing head (only 4 lbs.), lifts from stand for convenient use at stove or sink

• Exclusive governor-controlled motor won't stall or heat up at a ny speed

She'll be really thrilled with a new


12-speed Mixer. It's more powerful,

more compact, easier to handle and to clean than the mixer at the left. More de luxe

in design, too, and the special governor assures full smooth power at every speed.

Won't slow down even in heaviest batter. Costs only


per hour to use.

12 speeds assure the right speed for every jab ... That means much greater con–

venience PLUS the maximum efficiency in mixing that's so important in prepara–

tion of tasty foods.

Very campact, o;,erall size only


in. high ... can be kept handy on worlc

counter, always ready to use. Bowl revolves automatically on an adjustable turntable

to draw the batter back and forth through the beater for more thorough mixing.

Gleaming white baked-on enamel flnish with black alurninufu handle. Comes com–

plete with 1 and 3-quart white glass bowls; 2 beaters; juicer and strainer; attached

6-ft. cord; Instructions and a beautiful new full-color recipe book included. For

any 110-120 volt AC or DC. Uses 125 watts. Underwriters' Labs. approved.



0822 1-KENMORE 12-speed Mixer. Individually boxed. Shpg. wt. 20 lbs ...... $28.50

Kenmore 2-speed Liquidizer

Liquefies foods to a super-smooth, creamy texture. Mixes, blends, whips, beats,

chops, grinds . . . prepares delicious soups, sauces, dressings, desserts. Chips

ice in seconds and it's a wonderful drink mixer too.



Kenmore 2-speed Liquidizer ... another exclusive Sears devel–

opment. A splendid gift, and priced far below what you'd

expect to pay for even a single-speed blender. Fruit,

veg~tables, foods of all kinds can be prepared in just a few seconds. Especially

fine for invalids, children, infants and folks on a diet.

More than


new exciting recipes for soups, salad dressings, sandwich spreads,

milk shakes, puddings, rolls, etc., are contained in recipe booklet. White en–

amekd steel body, black and chrome trim. 4 Yz-cup glass jar. Size, 7x12 in.

high. For any 110-120 volt AC-D C. 250 watts. U. L. approved. Boxed.



08242-Kenmore 2-speed Liquidizer. Shipping weight 11 lbs ........ .$18.95

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