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Crisp golden wafHes


Non-automatic Kenmore Waffle Iron. Has heat in-

dicator marked "Cold," "Bake" and "Hot."

Chrome-plated steel body, black plastic handles. Big

87' inch cast aluminum grids. Overflow groove.

Expansion hinge. Cord included. 110- 120 volts, 50


60 cycles, A.C.

34 N 6475-Boxed. 600 watts. Sbpg.


5 lbs • ...




Kenmore Waffle Iron with Automatic Control for


"light," "medium" or "dark.,, Signal light shows

when to pour batter and when waffle is done.

7~inch cast aluminum grids. Chrome-plated steel with

overflow groove; black plastic handles. Expansion

hinge. Cord included. No-mar feet. 110-120 vohs,

50 to 60 cycles, A.C.


34 N 6460-660 watts. Boxed. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs. 4 oz. $9.50

Twin Automatic-Reduced


Bakes two waffles at once. Each iron has separate

Automatic Control for baking each waffie to taste.

Lights tell when


pour batter and when done. Two

5%x5 in. cast aluminum grids. Chrome-plated body;

overflow groove; plastic handles. Expansion hinges.

Detachable cord. 110-120 volt A.C., 50 to 60 cycle.

34 N 6464-800 watts. Boxed. Shpg. wt. 8 lbs. 8 oz. $13.95

Deluxe, party-size Kenmore Cooker-WafHer

The gift every house-wife is waiting for. Twice the size of the ordinary grill-waffler, it TOASTS, BAKES,

GRILLS, FRIES. Designed for parties and for everyday use by all the family all year round. Perfect for

those hurry-up family meals or for entertaining becaus<" it cooks a lot .. . and cooks it quickly!

It's an electric grill with variable heat control for fast or slow cookiQg. Top folds back flat to provide 190

sq. in. grilling surface equal to 3 frying pans. Drip spouts for draining off excess grease.

It's an automatic waffle iron. Bakes 4 big waffies at once. Automatic browning control for "light" to "dark"

waffles. Signal light tells when to pour batter and when waffles are done. Never needs re-greasing.

Has two sets of cast aluminum grids. The cooker grids for.frying, grilling and toasting are permanently

installed. Waffle grids with overflow groove lock easily into place right over the cooker grids.

Polished chrome-plated steel body. Black heat-resistant plastic handles. Expansion hinges for thick sand–

wiches, steaks. Overall size


in. high. Attached cord. Uses 1320 watts. Recipe book included.

34 N 06613-UL Approved. For 110-120-volt 50-60 cycle AC only. Boxed. Shipping weight 15 lbs... . .. .$21.95

Low-priced Sandwich Toaster-Grill



ideal low-priced gift. Has heat indicator in top, marked "Cold,"

"Bake", "Hot". Chrome-plated steel body, cool wood handles. Top

opens back flat to give 86-square inches grill surface. Expansion hinges.

Grease cup. 8%x13x4% inches high. Any 110-120-volt A.C.-D.C. Boxed.

34 N 6600-Uses 600 watts. With detachable cord. Shpg. wt. 8 lbs. 8 oz. .$7.50

Automatic Grill-WafHer-Reduced


A Kenmore beauty! BAKES waffles, TOASTS sandwiches, FRIES

bacon, eggs, GRILLS small steaks. Interchangeable grids-steel for

grilling, extra deep cast aluminum for crisper waffles. Automatic control

for "light" to "dark" waffles. Signal light tells when to pour, when to

serve. Top opens back for 102-square inches grill surface. Chrome-plated

steel body with overflow groove; grease cup. Cool black handles.

9x15x4M inches high. 110-120-volt, 50-60-cycle AC.

34 N 6618-660 watts. With detachable cord, Shpg. wt.


lbs. 8 oz... $13.95


233 ..