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Washers and

Ironers . . . gifts that bring

appiness and comfort


whole year through- and for

years to come. They are gifts

she'll love you for every day of

the year! Decide this Christ–

mas to end washday drudgery

for her forever.

Kenmore Semi-automatic Electric Washer


pump, os


Automatic timer measures the minutes and shuts off machine when

washing is done. No watching, no waiting. Washer stops, bell rings

when time is up. Operates without timed cycle if you wish. Washes 8

to 9 lbs. dry clothes in one load. Holds 25 gal. to top,


gal. to lo'.'d–

line. 6-vane agitator. Porcelain enameled tub. Chrome plated tnm.

Remainder of washer finished in white baked-on enamel. Steel con-





safety wringer. Quiet


motor and pre-

cision-built gear case never need oiling. Built-in cord reel unwinds to the pull, rewinds

automatically. Overall ht. 44Vs in., to tub top


in. Fits


space. UL

approved. For 110-120 volt, 50 or 60 cycle AC.

26NM73245-With built-in pump os shown. Shpg. wt. 184 lbs....

. .........


26NM73145-With gravity drain. (No pump.) Hose with threaded nozzle. Shpg. wt. 184 lbs. 117.95


6-vane agitator


Rugged gear case

New Kemnore Jr. Electric Washer

Now ... a portable washer with the

powerful construction and efficiency of



Washers. Quickly washes

all clothes really clean! Takes


lbs. dry

clothes in one load. Holds 6 gal. to load–

line. 6-vane agitator. "On-off" switch.

White baked-on enamel finish outside.

Washer only





Inside of tub is rustproof anodized aluminum. Steel and

aluminum construction. 1/15-hp. rubber mounted motor

never needs oiling. Precision-cut gears sealed in lifetime

bath of oil. Very quiet ... no vibration. Rubber-tipped,

non-slip base. UL approvi:d. For 110-120 volt, 60 cycle AC

only. Size: 19 in. high. Fits space 15Y.zx15Y.z in. (Wringer

not included; sold separately below.)

26NM73920-Washer with pump. Built-in motor-driven pump

empties tub in


than minute. Shpg. wt.



26NM73950-Kenmore Jr. Wringer. Fits above washers.



constant pressure wringer. Quickly clamps into place.

Stores inside washer. Shpg. wt.








Our Finest Kenmore Electric Ironer

$1 0.00 Monthly

on Easy Terms

Take the hard work out of ironing. Sit down to

iron. With


you get immediate results!

65-703 of your ironing


fiatwork. You'll do all

fiatwork the first time you sit down at your



Then, not-so-fussy pieces (work clothes,

pajamas, etc.)


be easy, too. After a little practice you'll do shirts

and other hard-to-iron pieces in record time. Anything you iron by

hand you can iron on your


in a fraction of the time.

It's so easy. Padded roll is your ironing board; heated shoe is your

iron. A touch of knee or finger control brings shoe in contact with

roll. The heat and pressure irons everything to perfection.

Control knob operates 2 roll speeds. The press control stops roll

while shoe makes contact. Has separate motor and heat switches. Pilot

light shows when heat is on. Shoe has 1450-watt heating element with

2 thermostats for accurate temperature control. Safety mechanism per–

mits release of shoe in case motor is cut off when shoe is against roll.

Finger protector on shoe. Adjustable light. Lap shelf. Folding end

shelf. Enclosed legs. Hinged cover. 3-bar chrome plated clothes rack.

Quiet mechanism has steel cut gears sealed in oil ... 1/10-hp. motor.

Steel construction. Self-adjusting shoe pressure for any material. White

baked-on enamel finish. Chrome plated hardware and trim.

Dimensions: closed, 36 in. high, 34Y.z in. wide, 16Y.z in. deep. Roll 26

in. long. UL approved. For 110-120 volt, 50 or 60 cycle AC.

State cycle.

26NM73630-Finest Kenmore Ironer. Shipping weight 182 lbs... .. ..$147.95

Our Budget Kenmore Electric Ironer

Ironing comfort and convenience at a low budget

price. Learn how quick and easy ironing can be.

This wonderful


Ironer has the same

$10.00 Monthly

on Easy Terms

high quality workmanship, same dimensions, same

motor, same gear case, same safety features, same

rugged steel construction as Finest




does not

have all the deluxe features of Finest



Shoe contains 1200-watt heating element with one thermostat for

heat control. Press control stops roll while shoe makes contact for

pressing. One roll speed operated by control knob. Has separate heat

and motor switches. Pilot light shows when heat is on. Shoe can be

operated by knee or finger-tip control. Self-adjusting shoe pressure for

all materials. Cabinet has all white baked-on enamel finish . Hinged

cover. Folding end shelf. UL approved. For 110-12( volt, 50 or 60

cycle AC.



26NM73620-Budget Kenmore Ironer. Shipping weight


lbs..... $127.95