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for Sears Easy Terms



•• an

Sears Easy Terms

Hey, Santa! A


Electric Drill makes a swell gift!



Ul!..Ff:!!.1• "40"


Electric Drill


"80" lf.-inch Electric Drills

• Equipped with


mous Jacobs "Hand-tite" chuck;



• Equipped with famous Jacobs geared key chuck;



• High quality bronze bearings .. Double-reduction alloy steel gears



entirely new 1948 design . . . inside and out. Streamlined ... compact ...

efficient. A fine-quality, light, utility electric drill for the home craftsman who

wants big-tool design and precision construction at moderate cost. Has power

and torque to drive


bits in steel. Sturdy 110-120 volt 25 to 60 cycle A.C.

or D.C. universal motor has Formex insulated armature and field coils for

maximum protection against motor burnouts. Gears precision-cut ·from alloy

steel. New, functionally-designed, die-cast aluminum alloy frame . . . light and

strong. Comfortable saw-grip handle. Built-in non-locking trigger switch.

No-load speed 1600 R.P.M. 6-foot rubber-eovered cord; unbreakable plug.

Over-all length 12 in. Approved by Underwriters' Laboratories.

• Ball

bearings at points of greatest wear ... Double reduction gears


No wonder these powerful little brutes have become so popular! They're

small, light and easy to handle .. . weigh less than


But, man, they

pack a wallop! We tried to stall one of them using a


bit on steel plate

. .. and it just coulan't be done! Powerful universal motor operates on 110-120

volt 25 to 60 cycle A.C. or D .C. Precision ball bearing on front end of motor;

self-aligning bearing at rear. Needle bearing on spindle; ball thrust bearing.

Machine-cut alloy steel gears. No-load speed 1600 R.P.M. 10-ft. 3-wire rubber

covered cord, and unbreakable plug. Saw grip has trigger switch; pistol grip has

toggle switch. Approved by Underwriters' Laboratories.



N 2575-Shipping weight 3 pounds


'UDCCS .. •.•.••••••••••••. . •...•..





N 2577-Pistol grip.


in. over all. Shipping weight 4 lbs. 4 oz . . .....




N 2578- Saw grip.


in. over all. Shipping weight 4 lbs. 8 oz.... • . . .... $22.50


Rotary Electric Tool


Give him. this whole shop-£ull of tools in one I

May be used on wood, m.etal, glass, plastics, etc.

• It drills

•It sands

• It buffs

•It grinds

•It routs



• It polishes

•It smooths

•It sharpens

•It engraves

• It cleans

•It cuts

• -It


• It


• It


What a perfect gift for any man-<>r boy! A gift he'll enjoy

for years to come. Notice the many uses above! Notice its

completeness. No wonder it's called a whole shop-full of

tools in one! May be used on wood, metal, glass, plastics,

etc. Just insert the accessory you want-

flip the switch-and

let power do the work. Perfect for home and industrial

shops, for hobbies, model-making, etc. Not a toy-but a

superb precision-built tool. The entire tool (not only the

cord and plug) is approved by Underwriters' Lab., Inc.

Notice these quality features: Powerful 18,000 R.P.M.

motor .. . extra heavy field coils .. . armature has built-up

commutator . . . improved fan cooling system ... grease–

packed precision ball bearing in front ... self-aligning rear

bronze bearing . .. on-off switch .. . finger rest over chuck ...

removable pistol grip for convenience . ..

chuck with collet insert insures solid locking

of accessories; capacity




inch ...

ripping guide ... built-in condenser to reduce

radio interference .



insulation tested at

1000 volts.





With 35 accessories, including cutters, saws, drills, brushes,

polishing and buffing wheels, emery wheels, sanding drum,

and silicon carbide discs. Also 2 chuck wrenches, collet chuck,

emery wheel dresser, set of replacement brushes, 5



with unbreakable plug. For 110-120 volt A.C. or D.C. 25-60

cycle. Overall length of rotary tool 7 in. Packed in sturdy,

attractive workshop box.

9 N 2652-Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 4 oz. Complete set. .. . .... . ... $19.50


295 ..