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Special "Big 50" Assortment


Tremendous value !

• Fifty beautiful cards . . . each with a new and different design

• Embossed and cutout designs, ribbon and shiny foi l trims

• 13eautiful lithographs of both traditional and modern Christmas scenes in color

• Each four-fold French style card carries a friendly greeting in a dis;inctive type face

Amazing TOWER value. You'll hardly believe it's possible to ,get so many unusual and lovely

designs at so low a cost. 50 cards made exclusively for Sears, with 50 different designs.

Some of them have bright ribbon trim or shiny foil underlays. Others are embossed or

cutout in novel shapes. Look through the open doorway of a snow-covered home and see

the presents piled high around the Christmas tree. Holly twined Christmas bells ring out

the greeting on another. There's a card with the right picture and suitable greeting for

every one of your friends and relatives. 50 four-fold cards and 50 matching envelopes.

3 N 5664-Sizcs from


to Sx6 inches. Shipping weight I lb. 10 oz..

. ...... Box .. 94c

Glittering raised "silvery snow"

• 25 outstanding cards with assorted dazzling winter scenes

• Shiny raised silver snow effects glamorize each gay design

• Each four-fold card has a colorful picture on the front and another on inside fold

• Each card has a short and merry greeting enclosed. by a distinctive border of silver

There's a touch of winter fairyland iq these cards ... shimmering branches heavy with

snow . .. the air filled with curiously shaped snowflakes. Each card has a new, different

Christmas scene on the front fold, plus a harmonizing design and a friendly greeting in–

side. Printed in distinctive type on excellent quality, heavy white paper. 25 popular four–

fold cards with matching envelopes. Size 5x6 inches.

3 N 5668- Shipping weight I pound. .


25 cards in attractive box .. 94c


means you can be sure of receiving

e fer your money. Each card was chosen

for origimJity and loeauty of design-appropriateness of

greeting ... quality of paper and printing. We think you

will be as proud to send them as we are to present them.

Traditional Emboss ed Folders

• 25 different rich-looking raised designs

• four-fold style with pleasant verse inside

• Tastefully embossed for that fine quality "raised up" loo

Now as the joyous holiday season approaches, take tim

out to send

your friends a reminder of your good will. The verses insi



fold TowER cards are simple, but heart-warming.The embo


in glowing colors have a 3-dimcnsional effect that makes

come alive. Every card is different and every card is lovely ..

tional Christmas topics presented in new ways. 25 unique car

matching envelopes. Size 4%x5% inches.

3 N 5667-Shipping weigh1 14 ounces. .

. ... . .. . .. . .. Box .



Cards with Religious Theme s

• 24 beautiful cards ... every one different

• Pictures printed in soft-toned colors

• Attractive new designs tell the beloved story of the Christ-Child

• Each has a thoughtful verse extending the season's best greetings

Remind your friends of "Peace on earth, good will towards men."

Send them cards that stress the true meaning of Christmas . .. inspiring

verses and pictures tell of Christ's birth in 24 novel and pleasing ways.

There's a Bible verse and friendly greeting inside each one. Four-fold

TowER cards 5x6).4-inches, with matching envelopes.

3 N 5662- Shipping weight 14 oz.....

. . .24 boxed cards . . 47c

Order all your Christmas Cards through the catalog

. ..

and order them early


avoid the rush