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Huge standard wrapping Box

• 49 sheets gift wrapping paper, including 15 with colored novelty designs



• 228 ft. assorted cords and ribbons in colors to harmonize with wrapping paper


• 172 assorted Christmas cards, tags and seals that match the gift paper

• 44 sheets gift paper, 8 with printed designs

• 200 ft. harmonizing Christmas ribbons, cords

• 141 assorted matching cards, tags, seals

Special wrapping assortment for those who have a great many gifts to wrap. There's variety enough

and fine enough quality here to enable you to make a large number of glamorous professional-look–

ing packages. Enclosure cards, tags, and seals have same design as the gift paper. Will wrap

many more packages than assortment at right. Instruction sheet included.

Bright colors and good-looking designs make this generou•

matched assortment a good value. Instructions included.

44 sheets gift wrap: 4 lithographed with gay bell, poinsettia,

dancing girls and Santa designs; 4 water color printed sheets

with Santa, holly, poinsettia and bell designs; 24 white, 6 ....

3 green and 3 blue sheets of tissue paper.

49 sheets of gift wrop: 10 litho-

228 ft. cords, ribbons: 125 ft.

172 Gift cards, togs and

graphed with bright poinsettias,

of red, green, blue tinsel cord;

seals: 72 seals in unique and

Christmas bells, firesides, danc-

25 ft. )4-in. red and silver tinsel

colorful designs; sheet of 60

ing girls, candles, carolers; 5

ribbon; 18 ft. Yz-in. red rayon

metallic silver stars; 12 gift

different sheets of water color

ribbon; 15 ft. each % -in. freen

cards; 22 gift tags, 10 with

designs- Santa, elves, poinset-

and silver tinsel ribbon, % -in.

strings; 2 parcel post labels;

tias, Christmas trees; 24 white,

red and silver tinsel ribbon,


4 novelty gift folders with

6 red, 2 blue and 2 green sheets

in. red taffeta ribbon,




colorful Santa Claus and

200 ft. lyings: 125 ft. red, green, blue tinsel cord; 12 ft.


green rayon ribbon with printed Santa design; 18 ft.



red rayon ribbon; 15 ft. of each ribbon-Vs-in. red and •ilver




-in. blue cotton crimped,



-in. red rayon crimoe i.

of tissue paper.

blue crimped rayon ribbon.

angel designs.

141 cards, tags, seals with designs to match the gift paper.

3 N 5554-

In gift box. Shipping weight 2 pounds 6 ounces ...... ... .......... . ..... Complete set $1 .89

3 N


attractive box. Shpg. wt. I lb. I0 oz ... . .. . .. $I


Economy Wrapping Assortment

• 34 sheets gift wrapping paper, 4 printed in color


• 173 ft. harmonizing Christmas cords and ribbons


• 99 assorted clever gift cards, tags and seals

Fancy wrappings add so much to the fun of Christmas giving ... at

this low price you can't afford to be without them. This economy

assortment includes everything you need ... 34 sheets of wrapping

paper, 4 printed with Santa, poinsettia, candle and old-fashioned

Christmas designs. Also 173 feet of red, green and blue cords

and ribbons and 99 assorted cards, tags and seals.

3 N 5552-Shipping weight 1 pound . ... .. . . . . . .. .Complete only 73c

Tower Games for a Merry Year


Poker Chip Rack-hard-

wood with natural finish and


carrying knob.


leather cover. Holds 2 decks cards,

200 chips (not included). Rack size





3 N 3560-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 4 oz..$2.35


Revolving Poker Racks. Natural

finish hardwood.

Felt padded

base; imitation leather cover. For

chips shown, 2 decks cards (chips

and cards are not included).

3 N 3555-For 200 chips. Diameter


Shpg. wt. 3 lbs .. . .. ..



@]Complete Tower Poker Chip Set.

100 all-plastic, interlocking edge

chips, diameter 1Yz-in., in an all–

plastic case. 4 sections in top and

bottom hold chips during game.



3 N 3575-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 6 oz. $1


100 Plastic Poker Chips. Unbreak–

able; interlocking edges. Slick sur–

face; diameter 1Yz-in.



3 N 3574-Shpg. wt. 1 lb.. ....... 96c


Cribbage Board complete with

pegs and instructions. Natural

finish hardwood. 11 Ysx2%-in.

3 N 3556- For 300 chips. Diameter


Shpg. wt. 4 lbs ........ $6.39



3562-Shpg. wt. 10 oz . . . ....77c




. .