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Boudoir Box

for a charming lady

She'll love this 5-piece set in elegant "Pearltone"


plastic and jeweler's bronze. Includes a 13-inch

beveled hand mirror, hair brush with nylon bris-


pcs. in case

ties set in removable block, comb, atomizer, round

mirror. Tray lifts out of hinged gift box, leaving lined case for

stockings, hankies. Shpg. wt. 5 lbs.

8 N 07127-White......... $9.98 8 N 07128-Rose color. .... $9.98


Our most elaborate Ensemble




A romantic set for someone very special ... in

j eweler's bronze combined with sparkling glass

and rich ruby red plastic. 13-inch beveled hand

mirror; 10%;-inch hair brush has nylon bristles

A magnificent 17-piece set to thrilJ your best girl

set in removable lucite block. One-piece construction in brush a nd

mirror for strength. Metal-backed plastic comb. Nail file, cuticle

pusher, two metal picture frames, metal powder box, trinket box,

and 2 glass cream jars. 12-inch mirror tray, 2 hobnail glass per–

fume bottles and atomizer. Two 16-inch hurricane lamps with

ruby-red chimneys. UL approved, 115-volt AC-DC. 45-inch rub–

ber cords.

8 N 09346K- Shipping weight 23 pounds.. . ....... .. . . .. . ... $29.95

8-piece " Cupid" Set with a musical

powder box. Lustrous gold color metal

with delicate tinted engravings on

back. Metal-back comb. H air brush





has nylon bristles set in removable lucite block.

Beveled hand mirror 12;)i in. Sturdy one–

piece construction in both brush and mirror. Cream

jar, glass mirror tray, file, cuticle pusher, comb.

Powder box with 18-note Swiss movement plays "Let

Me Call You Sweetheart." I n lined, hinged gift case.

8 N 07125- Shipping weight 7 lbs ......... Set $24.95


2-piece Floral Set, injeweler's bronze.

Soft-toned pastel plastic with multi–


color floral design on backs of the 13-


pcs. in ccse

inch beveled hand mirror, 10-inch nylon-bristled

brush and on the lids of the glass powder jar and 2

glass cream jars. Set also includes metal-backed plas–

tic comb, all-metal nail file, cuticle pusher, glass

atomizer, two metal picture frames for 5x7-inch pic–

tures, a large


for her vanity centerpiece.

Hinged gift case is rayon-satin lined.

8 N 07112-Shipping weight 8 lbs.. . . . . .. .... .. $19.95

6-piece Dresser Set in gift box. What a

thrill to receive this beautiful set!


A stunning combination of wrought

6-pc. set

jeweler's bronze and gleaming "J eweltone" plastic in

either ruby or sapphire color. Set includes a 13-inch

beveled hand mirror, hair brush with nylon bristles

set in removable block for easy cleaning, a comb,

powder jar with metal top, perfume bottle with

atomizer top, oval mirror tray.

8 N 07115- Sapphire Blue. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs...... . $14.29

8 N 0711 4- Ruby Red. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs... . .. . . .. 14.29


3-piece Plastic Dresser Set pat-


Budget 6-piece Set. Clear,



Plastic Set. Round


uBrocade" Vanity Set in jew-


Big Value Set in jeweler's

~ terned

after an 18th century


plastic with color-


glass hand mirror is SYS


eler's bronze. Mirror and

bronze with lustrous "Pearl-

design ... a colorful picture in a

ful picture backs. 13}'2-inch hand

inches in diam., 10 in. long. Pro-

brush backs have multicolor bro-

toiie" plastic back in gold and

milk-white frame.



m irror, hair brush



fessional style hair brush has ny-

cade design that blends into any

ivory color. Smartly simple mod-

mirror, hair brush with nylon

bristles, dress comb, 2 powder

Ion bristles, matching comb.

background. 13-inch han<l mir-

ern design. 12%-inc h beveled

bristles, plastic comb. Shipp;ng

boxes, jewelry box, SJ4'x3J4'-inch.

Shpg. wt. ea. 1 lb. 4 oz.


ror, hair brush with nylon bris-

hand mirror, hair brush with ny-

weight each l lb.

\Vt. ea. 2 lbs.

crystal clear or blue.

ties, metal-backed pbst!c comb.

Ion bristles, metal-backed comb,

8 N 9513- In gift box ... $ 1.98

8 N 951 2- Setingiftbox $2.49 8 N 7 103- In gift box .. $2.98 Wt. 1 lb. 8 oz.

powder jar.


wt. 3 lbs.

Save 27c- Buy

2 for ....... $3.75

Sal'e 23c- Buy

2 for... . .$4.75


46c- Buy 2 for ....... $5.50

8 N 7124- I n gtft box...

$3 ,

98 8 N 9505- ln gift box..$4.98

/02 . .






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dresser set


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