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Tax Included


The Gift-happy Frame Classic that's designed

with her in mind. With front arched zip pocket, 2

deep side pockets. In calf-like plastic. Rayon lined.

About 10)/zx6)/z in. Shipping weight 1 lb. 5 oz.

88Nl 174E-Black .$2.59

88Nl 175E- Dk. brown .$2.59


Flirtatious Couple .. rayon velvet keeps company

with whispering acetate and rayon taffeta for the

talk of the season. Plump black velvet drawstring

pouch, holiday-gay with colorful striped taffeta lining

and handles. Black velvet pull-through tie reverses for

a striped accent. Bag is about 10x9)/z in. Tie is 24)/zx

5)/z in. Includes 40c Fed. Excise Tax on bag.

88 N 1164E-Black, striped. Shpg. wt. 12 oz..Set $3.39


Kerrybrooke Myltiple Frame Bag in pebble-

grained leather. Wonderful features: front arched

zipper pocket, 2 deep side pockets. Inside center pock–

et, zipper pocket on rear wall, mirror. Rayon lined.

About_11x7Yz inches. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 1 oz.

88Nl 169E-Black .$8.00

88Nl 170E-Dk. brown .$8.00



Tax Included







Leather Drawstring Darling that takes to her

casual outfits. Bracelet handles. Matching plastic

drawstring. Rayon lined. About 9%'.x8% in.

88 N 1152E-Black

88 N 1153E---Dark brown

88 N 1155E---Navy blue

88 N 1156E---Sun tan

88 N 1154E-Cherry red. Wt. 14 oz.. . .... Each $3.59


Bag and Glove Set. Feminine floral design with

rayon satin inserts on sueded rayon vanity. Center

pocket for a 2-sectioned interior. Rayon lined. About

7x4;!4 in. Matching gloves 9


in. long.

Stale size



7, 7)/z. Includes 60c Fed. Excise Tax on bag.

88 N 1197E---Black. Shpg. wt. I lb. 4 oz..... Set $4.89

88N 1198E-Darkbrown.Shpg.wr.1 lb.4oz.. Set 4.89


Box Bag Sensation in elegant corde, the fabric that

can stand a lot of hard knocks. Spiced with rich

embroidery on flap-over top. Mirror, coin purse. Ray–

on lined. About 8;!4x5,l4 in. Shpg. wt. I lb. 3 oz.

88 N 1161 E·-Black

88 N 1162E-Dark brown

88 N 1l63E- Navy blue


. ...... $9.00


Gleaming Letters, all but "X". Print letters wanted. Size 1


in. Shpg. wt. each 1 oz.

88 N 1012M-Gold-color metal ................... . ..... ... Each 29c; 3 for




Tax Included







Multiple Frame Bag. 3 cheers for a practical

prize. Pockets galore ... front arched zip pocket,

2 deep side pockets. Inside center pocket, zip pocket on

rear wall. In calf-like plastic. Rayon lined. Initials sold

separately. See below. About 11



88 N 1171ME- Black

88 N 1172ME- Dark brown

88 N 1173ME- Navy. Shpg wt. 1lb.11 oz.. Each $3.59

[] The Kerrybrooke Commuter in pebble-grained lea-

ther. Quick-opening zip-top plus front arched

pocll:et, 2 deep side pockets, one extra zipper pocket.

Complete with mirror, metal frame covered coin purse.

Rayon lined. Initials sold separately. See below.

About 1lx7 in. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 6 oz.

Jl8N1025ME-Black.$6.00 88Nl 026ME-Dk. brown.$6.00


The Magic of Elegant Corde for a top handle bag,

gracefully scalloped and punctuated with lovely

embroidery. 2 deep side pockets, zipper-top. Rayon

lined. About 10;!4x6 in. Shipping weight 1 lb.


159E-Black .$6.00

88Nl 160E- Dk. brown