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Happi-Time white Rocking Horse .. molded contour

Just like a horse from a fairy tale, and his gentle rocking motion is pure




bliss to little folks. Comfortable molded saddle. Fully molded "merry-go-

round" horse contour body and head. Smooth de luxe finish. Baked-on

enamel wipes clean with damp cloth. Red hardwood rockers; blue dowel hand grips.

Stationary footrest. Saddle about 12%" in. from ground. About 22V2x8)4x22U inches

high overall to top of head. The most popular steed in Toytown.

79 N 07524L-Easy to complete partial assembly. Shipping weight 7 lbs..




it's a ploytable

Flip it back,

a gentle rocker

2-way Shoo-fly .. a Rocker or Playtable

Turn the roc.ker over .. it's a play table. U-in. plywood sides are high


for extra safety. Roomy enough for small "wigglers" .. 12 in. wide, 28

inches long. Gently

curved bottom to give young folks mild, gentle rides. All edges

are smoothly rounded .. no sharp corners. Seat, tray and footrest are Vs-inch wood.

Wider tray on play table side. Rocker is about 16V2 inches high. Gaily decorated in

red, green, blue, yellow and white. Easy to assemble.

79 N 07517-Shipping weight 6 pounds.

. . . . . . . . . . .

. .. $5.95





and down

ward or


boc kword

«( .




NEW! Trigger, the Roy Rogers Bucking Horse

Western thrills for hard-playing young boys and girls. Trigger bucks, goes forward

or backward. Child can quickly change from one motion to another by moving lever

on wheels ... easy to reach. All hardwood construction. Adjustable leather reins.

Authentic Trigger head. 12-inch axle; 7%"-inch wheels, solid rubber ti.res. Roy Rogers

scene on seat. Length 40 inches. Height 16 inches.

79 N 07507L-Easy to assemble. Shipping weight 11 pounds.

WONDER HORSE .. magic spring action

All the bounce of a real horseback ride

Here's something really different in hobbyhorse construc–

tion .. the WONDER horse. Fastened to his 19-inch base

by strong steel springs, he gives all the bouncing action of


a real ride on horseback. Youngsters love the thrill of mounting this color–

ful horse and "galloping along" with grace and rhythm. Sturdily con–

structed of durable hardwood, finished in bright, flashy enamel {red and

black). Painted saddle and features, rounded seat for comfort. Horse sus–

pended from frame by four springs. No sharp edges. Overall height about

30 inches. Easy to assemble; instructions included. Freight or express.

79 N M7515-Shipping weight 25 pounds .

. .............. $15.45

BIG Plush-covered Swinging Horse

Lucky the youngster who "corrals" this thoroughbred for a



ride on Christmas morning. He's a real western-style bronc

with flowing mane and tail .. and a mischievous glint in his eye. Young



have no trouble taming him, thpugh; and he likes a tough

workout. Carved wood body covered with rich black rayon plush, padded

saddle, red bridle, reins, stirrups. Leather ears, bright glass eyes. Swings

freely on steel rod hangers mounted on sturdy wood frame. )lase of frame

38x17 in. 25 in. to top of saddle, 35 in. to top of head. Freight or express.


N M7509-Easy to set up. Shipping weight 40 pounds..

. . $2-i.89

Bouncy Pony

Spring steel body

Fun to ride , . . .


helps develop

young muscles. Heat-treated

flexible steel body. Shaped

wood seat. May be used in–

doors as well as outdoors ..

will not injure floors. Ad–

justable steel footrests for

various leg lengths. Wood

horse's head at front of seat,

with two doweled wood hand

grips. Enameled in bright

colors. Sturdywooden stands.

1Sxt6-in. base; overall height

about 22 in. Easy to assem–

ble, screws included.


N 07518-Wt. 9 lbs.