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Blockettes .. intriguing, educational

Toy Dial Telephone ... for "personal" calls

Youngsters delight in having a phone of their very own. They'll keep


busy making imaginary calls to all those "far away places." This


handsome model is realistic, has merry tinkling bell and dial that

Each block is crystal-clea r transparent plastic, contains a



bright animal, house or other figure. Grooves in sides for

easy building. Fine way to teach tots to identify different

objects .. encourage them to play happily and constructively by them–

selves. Blocks rattle, too, are lightweight and safe with smooth rounded

corners. Clean with damp cloth. The 1•,1


-in. blocks are just the right

size for small children to grasp. Set contains 16 blocks with assorted

figures, assorted colors. Practical gift for Santa to leave in any young–

ster's Chri•tmas stocking.

clicks. No "operator" or "nickel nuisance" barriers .. just dial number and bell

rings. Lettered, numbered dial has spring-back action. Smooth, gleaming plastic

in two colors. Receiver 7;!{ in. long, base about 4x6 in. Will not chip, washes easily.

Can be inexpensively "installed" in your home ... service starts immediately!

49 N 4852-Shipping weight I pound...... . ......... .... . ...................... 95c

49 N 4849-Shipping weight 1 pound .......... . . . . .•........ .. Set $1 .09

Foam Rubber Loco

New! Take-a-Part

Loco has a monkey at


the controls! Large foam rubber

blocks, monkey head; giant wheels

are detachable, can be moved

about. Pegs, base and smokestack

of bright wood. Pull-cord. Swiv–

el-mounted front wheels. Foam

rubber is soft and safe for even

the youngest of engineers to han–

dle. Base 9;!{ in. long.

49 N 4881-Shpg. wt. I lb. 8 oz. $1 .99

Clever "Bank Balance"

Balance the scales.


It's fun, educational.

Each of the ten numerals includ–

ed can be balanced by its nu–

merical equivalents. All plastic

with metal arms, pans. Ship–



1 pound.

49 N 4878-7}{ in. high .. . . $1 .86

220 ..




Big Lamb

He even talks

$3 68

big .. pull the

cord, his head goes dowi.

and tail goes up. Release

cord and head goes up



loud "baa." Fasci-

. nating chum for any small

child, he loves to go stroll–

ing on his pull-cord base.

Bright plastic. 15 in. high.

Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 12 oz.

49 N 5490........... $3.68

Amusing Tap-a-Toy

Colorbright game holds


tots' attention, teaches

them coordination. Trick is to

bounce wooden balls inside trans–

parent enclosure to make them

match colored keys. Base is about


inches. Shipping weight

10 ounces.

49 N 4872 ... . ................ 89c

Flip-Flop Peg Board

Children can pound to

$I 85

their hearts' content on the

eight bright wooden pegs .. then just

flip the top over and begin again.

An eye-catching toy for pre-school

age children .. natural varnished wood.

Keeps them busy, contented to "stay

put." About 14x6)1x5 in. high.

49 N 4901-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 6 oz ... $1 .85

Take-a-Part Train

Animal Train for tots to take apart



and re-assemble .. for countless hours


of contented play. Depending on the

youngster's mood, it will be a zoo train, a circus

train ... or a regular train for transporting vital

materials. 4-piece take-apart locomotive fastens to

car which carries 4 removable "wild" animals ..

zebra, bear, giraffe and hippopotamus.

Child learns to plan and fit pieces together

properly : . learns to identify different animals.

Hard wood with rounded corners for safety.




49 N 4893-Shipping weight 1 pound... ....... $2 .25

Kit for Young Carpenters

Great for youngsters who like to take


things apart and put them back to-

gether again. Wrench and screwdrivtr fit the

large bright screws and bolts. Energetic little car–

penters will spend many happy hours with this

set .. they can pound pegs through holes in

side with mallet. Box of sturdy, well-finished

hardwood. About 11x6)1 in. overall.

49 N 4809-Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 2

o~ .

__ . _ ..... $2.63