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Rider Fire Truck •. Siren, Flashing Light

•Red searchlight flashes as hand siren is operated .

$7 29


• 31 )1 in. long . . children can actually ride and steer .



Heavy duty fire engine with bicycle-type seat 11 )1 in. from floor. T ail–

gate swings open. Automobile-type chassis of extra-heavy gauge steel ...

reinforced and welded construction . .. red enamel finish. R eal steering

wheel. Rubber tires. Lithographed fire-fighting equipment at sides.

Flashlight battery included.


N 05970-Shipping weight 15 pounds . . .... . ... . . ........... . .... $7.29

Just Like Big Truck s!

Finely detailed

scale models

brought down to

popular prices. Die-cast detachable cab has

authentic "5th wheel" type trailer hitch,

locks automatically when backed into trail–

er. 6-wheel cab-over-engine tractor has

dummy headlights,

lights, metal

bumper. Trailers have heavy gauge steel

chassis of reinforced, welded construction.

Retractable parking gear. Individually

mounted, dual tandem rear wheels. Die–

cast wheels, truck type treaded rubber tires.


De luxe Van Truck. Polished alu-

$9 79

minum body, decorative decals

on sides. Double rear door, single side door open

and close. 24 in. long, 6 in. wide, 9 in. high.


N 051'66-Shpg. wt. 8 lbs............. .




De luxe Tra iler Truck . .. king-



size. Emboss'!d aluminum bed.

Removable hardwood sides have metal trim,

decorative decals. 24 inches long, 6 inches wide,

6 inches high.


N 05965-Shipping weight 7 lbs......... $7.69

New 34-in. Aerial Ladder T r u ck


Working model of actual fire-

$14 98

fighting equipment. Constructed

of heavy steel and aluminum. Two sturdy 2-

section ladders on 360° rotating base elevate

with crank at side. Two auxiliary ladders also

included. Ladders extended reach nearly 4 ft.

above the ground. Front wheels have "knee ac–

tion." Dual rear wheels; rubber tires. Fine en–

gine red enamel finish with bright aluminum

ladders, trim. Mock searchlight.


N 05982-Shipping weight 11 lbs....... $14.98

Sanitation Truck

Sliding overhead ,door

$I 27

-"opens,, and "clos-

es." White enamel finish. Litho–

graphed steel body. 13 in. long.

49 N 5907-Wt. 1lb.10 oz. .$1.27

Auto Transport

Sieck 8-whccl type.


2 09

Two 6-in. plastic cars

on detachable trailer. Heavy

steel; bright colors. 23 in. long.

49 N 5936-Wt. 3 lbs. 4 oz.. $2.09

228 .




Hauler, Van Trailer

J ust like big coast-to-coast

$2 98

freight trucks. Detachable

van is raised and lowered by lever.

Molded of new, tough, colorful plas·

tic. Doors at rear and side of truck

open. Dual wheels on van. 22 in. long

overall. Bright colors.

49 N 5924-Shipping wt. 3 lbs . . . . $2.98

New! Auto Service Truck

With 5-pc.


of miniature repair

$2 69


Chassis of heavy gauge

steel, cab of sturdy, high impact plastic.

Miniature jack that really works. Remov·

able wheels. 2 spare tires and wheels. Two

tool boxes for storing. Wrecker has crank

operated chain. Truck 15 in. long.

49 N 5939-Shipping weight 4 lbs .. . .$2.69

Rear wheels

adjust to


Road-builder Truck

Scoop loader picks


up loads, dumps

Jeep and Trailer

Real electric head-




Hood, wind-

Steam Shovel

Really scoops


$2 21

dumps. Cab re-

into body. Spring lever action

-tailgate opens; body dumps

automatically. Steel body;

enamel finish. 20)1 in. long.

49N5938-Shpg. wt. 6 Jbs.$2 .49

shield raise, lower. Drop tail·

gate trailer. Heavy steel; ena–

mel finish.


in. long.

Flashlight battery included.

49N5935-Shpg. wt. 4 Jps.$2 .98

volvcs on swivel base. 2

cranks raise, lower boom;

scoop shovel. 21 in. with

boom out. Enameled steel.

49 N 5933-Wt. 4 Jbs. . . $2 .21