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of Adult Styles

Set folds


New All-steel Frame 3-piece Folding Bridge Set

• Tough, all-steel frames •.. withstand hard usage and playtime wear

• Enameled white, with table top, chair seats and backs in red



• Fiberboard tabletop has steel cross bracing for added strength

• Folding table legs hold firmly by positive locking device


-pc. set

Looks just like Mother's bridge set . .. built to scale for young tots' tea or play table.

They'll love it for entertaining their little playmates ... or playing by themselves.

Furniture of their own teaches children to enjoy caring for possessions ... develops

orderliness in play. Sturdy steel table has fiberboard top, 24 in. square, 207\l in. high.

Two steel chairs with fiberboard seats, 10%'x11%' inches, 12% inches from floor. Over–

all height 24% inches. Rubber tips on front legs prevent slipping, scratching. Set folds

compactly, edges and corners are rounded for safety. Shipped assembled.


N 09104L-Tablo and two chairs. Shipping weight 20 lbs....

. Set $10.19


N 09103- Matching extra chair. Shipping weight 6 pounds...

. ..... Each 2.70

New Table and Chair Set .• ready to he painted

• Save money by painting it yourself ... in the children's favorite color



• Three-piece set includes sturdy table and two straight chairs

• Solid oak fra.mes. Chair seats and table. top made of Ponderosa pine

J -pc. sot

• Extra matching rocker and straight chairs can be bought separately

It takes so little time to paint this set yourself ... and you'll save money by doing it, too!

Let the children choose the color, and they'll love showing off the set to their little friends.

New patented leg cleats make it ever-so-simple to put together. Sturdy wood construction

makes it ideal for all-around playroom use.

Table 18x24 inches wide, 20 inches from the floor. Two straight chairs, about 23 in. high,

have seats 11x11%' inches, 10% inches from floor. Shipped unassembled.


N 09108- Table and 2 straight chairs. Shipping weight 20 pounds...... .


N 09109- Extra straight choir matches set. Shipping weight 4 pounds. .


N 09111- Extra 23-in. matching rocker. Scat


in. Shpg. wt. 5 lbs......

230 ..




. Set $8.19

. . Each 1.98

. .. Each 3.45

Chrome Plated Tubular Steel Dinette Set

Sleek and beautiful, a set children will truly cherish and care


for. Red and gray complement the sparkle of chrome. Table

has red top, finished in baj<ed enamel. Legs have triple-plated chrome

finish, rubber-tipped to protect floors. 20x25-in. top, 21 in. from floor. Chair

seat is upholstered in durable gray Tolon vinyl plastic; back in red plastic

finish. Triple-plated legs have plastic protective feet. 12-inch square seat,

12 inches from floor. Frames are %-inch tubular steel. All edges smoothed.

Colorful, practical addition to any child's playroom.

79 N 09135L-Tablc and two chairs. Shpg. wt. 30 lbs............. . ... $15.29

Drop-leaf Dinette Set in Maple Finish

It's twice as much fun to play "house" when the furniture

$5 95

looks just like Mother's. Set is constructed of hardwood with

beautiful maple finish. Table has drop leaves on two sides; top measures

19x23% in. with leaves extended; 19xl3% in. when closed. Table top 18 in.

from floor. Chair has seat 10x10 inches, 1072 inches from floor. 21 inches

high overall. Sized just right for small folks' tea parties.

79 N 09102L- Table and 2 chairs. Shpg. wt. 14 lbs........... . ...... . ..$5.95

Teach tots to put their toys away


Wood Chest. Cut!



washable chintz



covermg, padded top.

Steel hinges, lid support. Inside

smooth maple finish. 13x13x25 in.


N 09072L- Shpg. wt. 11 lbs. $5.69


Western Wood




Chest. Masonite

top and bottom. Tan and brown.

Metal covering; brass plated hard–





N 09054L- Wt. 22 lbs.. . .. $10.19