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With this popular-priced playground set, youngsters will want to stay safely in

their own backyard for healthful, muscle-building fun. Children love the Glide–

ride feature .. it enables them to get their en tire bodies into action as they swing

without help (through a push-pull action ). One or two can ride. Glide-Ride level

seat swing has tubular steel uprights, handgrips, footrests. Top bar of 2-in. tubular

steel; 1Yz-in. steel uprights. Plated steel chains with ball bearing hangers. Two

swings with wood seats. Trapeze bar and rings. Green enamel finish; red trim.

Ground space 5Yzxl O:Yi ft. Height to top bar 6 ft. 9 in.


N M7204-Easy to set up. I nstructions included. Shpg. wt. 83 lbs........... $28.95



BasketQall Frame; Twin Ladders, Glide-Ride

Big variety of body-building fun, featuring steel basketball frame on wood

backboard with cotton mesh net. (Ball not included.) Heavy gauge tubular steel

with 2-in. top bar; 1Yz-in. uprights. 1-in. horizontal end braces double as chinning

bars. Plated steel chains; ball bearing hangers bolted to top bar. Glide-Ride has

tubular steel uprights, handrests, footrests. In center of set are 2 steel climbing

ladders (1 on each side meeting at top bar) enabling child to climb up one side,

down the other. 13-in. wide ladders have 1-in. steel uprights. Swing has non-tilt

wood seats. Set takes up ground space of S:Yixl O ft. Height to top bar 6 ft. 9 in.

Enameled green; red trim. Nuts and bolts included.



M7205- lnstructions for set-up included. Shpg. wt..




Indoor-Outdoor Slide

Smooth Masonite Presd-



wood slide bed is 4 ft.

long; 2 ft. 8 in. high at top .. just

right for tots. Wood ladder has 3

rungs; hand rails at top. Strong cross

bracing at bottom.


N 07158L- ShpQ. wt. 17 lbs . .



238 ..



Rocking Tee ter

Strong steel rockers give



fun filled teeter totter ac-

tion. Sturdy


cross bracers with

S:Yix14-in. wood seats and 1-in. wood

dowel grips. Sl!ats 17 in. from floor.

Teeter board 62 in. long. Brightly en–

ameled finish. One or two can play.


N 07146L- Shpg. wt. 19 lbs . ..$5.49

Larger than set at left. R igidly braced construction. One or two can ride Glide–

Ride level seat push-pull swing, which has tubular steel frame, footrests and hand–

rests plus hardwood seats. Two-in. welded top bar with V joints for 1%-inch

uprights. Two swings have non-tilt hardwood seats. Two tubular steel chinnillg

bars. One trapeze bar; one pair of metal


H igh test plated steel chain, ball

bearing hangers. Finished in weather-resistant red and green enamel. Takes up

6 ft.x9 ft. ground space. About 7 ft. high. Easy to assemble; nuts, bolts,

instructions included. O rder soon for many low cost fun-hours.



M7166--Freight or express. Shipping weight



Was 139.95..






De Lu xe Se t


Glide-Ride, Ladder, Hoop

Larger than set at left. Extra strong 2-inch tubular steel top bar and uprights.

Plated steel .chains with ball bearing hangers. Glide-R ide level seat swing holds

one or two; is pumped with hands and feet. Two swings with non-tilt wood seats.

Trapeze bar and rings can be removed or adjusted. Steel basketball frame on

wood backboard has cotton net. Horizontal bracings between uprights at ends

of set double as tubular steel chinning bars. Sturdy all steel climbing ladder in cen–

ter of set. Trapeze bar and rings add extra play value. All chains tested to hold

720 lbs. Set takes ground space about 6 ft. 9 in. by 11 ft. About 7 ft. 2 in. high

to top bar. Enameled green and yellow. Nuts, bolts and instructions included.



M71 49-Freight or express. Shipping weight


pounds . ............... $53.95


Chrome alloy hardened steel



ball pivot for a smooth ride,

Ca sh

Whirls around by push pull



action on handles, legs. One or two can

ride. Has rubber grips, convenient foot–

rests. Shaped seats 17 in. from floor.

· Tough steel frame about 5 ft. wide.


N M7276- Shpg. wt. 37 lbs.


Vinyl Western Tepee

Four air cushion plastic


tubes inflate by mouth to

form 36-in. square base. Each tough,

cushiony tube inflates separately, is

about 3)1 in. thick when inflated.

Plastic cross straps hold the 3-section

38-in. center pole. Flag on top.

49 N 7235- Folds. Wt. 3 lbs.....$4.79