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Plastic tipped


Choose a Real Slate or Composition Blackboard


practically in,destructible Plastic Roller Chart

• Composition

writing surface; desk-type boan;l




• Special plastic 6-frame roller chart


Slate writing surface


hardwood frame



•Plastic 12-frame colored roller chart


•Real Slate writing surface 1172x157f inches


• Tubular steel frame, chromium plated

• Sturdy frame and legs 39x19 in. Folds for storage

Ideal for small hors and girls.


writing sur–

face (both sides).Tekwood • rackfor supplies, Tekwood back.

Screw construction, steel hinge plates on rear legs. Eraser,

2 pieces of chalk included.

•J-ply fiberboard, wood


•All screw construction


in. Folds for storage

Built for long use. Sturdy natural finish hardwood frame.

Steel hinge plates on rear legs for strength. Masonite Presd–

wood back, Supply rack. Writing surface (both sides)



in. 2 pcs. chalk, eraser included.

• Special plastic 12-frame roller chart

Plastic tipped legs, Tekwood (3-ply fiberboard, wood cen–

ter) trim. Write both sides. Supply rack. Two pieces of

chalk; eraser. 42x19 in. overall. \Viii take rugged .wear for

many years. Folds for·compact storage-opens into desk.


N O1927L- Shipping weight 9 pounds.......... $3.15

79N01929L-Shippingweight13 pounds......... $5.43

79 N Ol 933L-Shipping weight 14 pounds......... $9.69

large olpho·

bet letters

Eight remov·

able ariimals



Happi-1'ime De Luxe Blackboard .• Play Clock


•Large composition slate writing surface 18xl4 inches

• Sturdy hardwood frame;


in. high . . all screw construction

• C.Olorful die-cut animals appear


two portholes at top as child turns wood knobs

.. • animals lift out for tracing on board

• Movable hands on clock help teach children to tell correct time

Opens easily


form conventional desk-type board. Roomy 16-inchTekwood •rack

for chalk, erasers, books, etc. Rear legs have metal hinge-plates. Masonite Presd–

wood back. Folds compactly for storage.

*J-plyfiberboard, wood unter.


N 0181 lL- Eraser and chalk include(!. Shipping weight 14 pounds...... $6.03

Wall Blackboards •• 2 sizes

Glarclcss writing surface with alphabet and


numbers stenciled on top. Easy to hang or

fasten to wall. Non-warping Masonite 24x18 in.

Prcsclwood, smoothly coated. Easy to erase. Clean

thoroughly with damp cloth .. won't harm finish. Sturdy

maple finished wood chalk rail. Eraser, 2 pieces chalk

included. Two sizes .. two big values!


79N01944L-Giantsizc, 36x24in.Shpg. wt.Slbs.$1.90


79N019.43-24x18 inches. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs... ... 1.15

New Black and White Wall Board


Black on 1 side for chalkj white on other


for crayons. 18x24-in. writing surface.

Hard tempered Masonitej Hardwood top and chalk rail:

Crayons, chalk and eraser included. Lithographed top.

79 N 01720-Shipping weight 5 pounds...... ..$1.89

New! 3-in-l Easel •. Lights Up


• Light at top for better vision


•Drawing board, blackboard, easel

•Tripod legs adjust height for any age child

11x18-in. composition board. Metal scroll top, 16-in.

wide drawing paper. 5 bottles poster paint, mixing pan,

brush, 3 pieces chalk, 3 crayons, eraser. 6·ft. light cord,

UL approved. For 110-120-volt AC-DC.

79 N 01956- Shipping weight 6 pounds . .. . ....$3.98