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Life- size "Swee t ie Pie" . . 27 in ches t all

New Lifelike Soft



A special purchase makes 'this great value possible .. similar doll


with less costly fur wig sold for $14.98 last year. She's a dimpled

coquette . . a real beauty with wonderful Saran wig to wash, comb,

set. She cries when you lay her down, and her lustrous go-to-sleep glassene eyes

have long lashes. Her turning, tilting head is hard-to-break plastic. Arms and legs

are soft vinyl; body is cotton-stuffed, arms are jointed. Organdy dress, cotton un–

dies. Fine quality shoes and socks, usually found only on costly dolls.


N 031 97- 27 inches tall.. Shipping weight 6 pounds.... . . .................. .$9.98



Ra yve Toy Permanent Wave


Kit. Includes toy shampoo,

curling solution and hair tonic,


soft plastic curlers, bobby pins, plastic

comb and mirror on lid of box.

49 N 3543-Shpg. wt.


oz.. . ... . .89c

Fully jointed


Walks when



Sits by




to comb,

brush, curl

Turn crank ..


dances in rhythm to

music of your own

record player or


Cute, cud dly Curlylocks


has Saran hair to be

washed, brushed,

combed, and curled. She's irresistible

to look at .. to care for! Head is soft,

fieshlike vinyl plastic. Go-to-sleep

glassene eyes have real lashes; open

mouth reveals small tongue. Soft rub–

ber-skin arms and legs; cloth-covered,

cotton-stuffed body. Tilt her, and she

cries. Wears organdy dress with but–

tons and bonnet, cotton slip, panties

with lace, rayon socks, imitation leath–

er shoes. Shpg. wt. '3 lbs.

49 N 3 171-About 20 inches tall... $6.99

This Ba by Doll with


soft vinyl head is a


better-than-ever bar-

gain this year . . she's 15% bigger,

costs 15% less than in 1951. Her

curly Saran wig can be brushed and

curled. Soft vinyl face feels and

pinches like a real baby; she coos

when squeezed. Go-to-sleep eyes,

head turns. Her body is soft washa–

ble rubber skin, arms are jointed.

Wears dainty ninon drese, bon–

net, cotton slip, panties, rayon

socks, shoes. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs.

49 N 3678-1 8


tall ..........


"Honey Walker" . . and a real honey she

is, too! As sloe walks, her lovely head

turns with each step. Sitswithoutsupport.


19-in. size

Her all plastic body is beautifully detailed, and her

eyes close for sleep. Saran wig can be shampooed,

waved and set, like any child's. Smartly costumed in

ripplesheen dress with braid trim; matching panties,

black patent snap shoes, rayon socks.

New! Unique Arthur Murray Dancing

15 98

Doll circles her revolving dance floor

$ •

with graceful half turns, full turns, and whirls ..

both left and right. Lovely detachable doll is un–

breakable plastic with movable eyes. Saran wig

washed and combed. Velveteen frock, slip,

panties, evening shoes, stockings, lace gloves,

evening bag. 12x12x5-in. sturdy decorated plat–

form. Turn crank to operate. Shpg. wt. 10 lbs.

Sister-Brother Duet have soft lifelike rubber

skin bodies, cotton stuffed. Soft molded

fleshlike vinyl head moves; coo-type voice.


Boy Doll

49 N 3324- 15


tall. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs...... . . . . .. $7.59

49 N 3325- 19 in. tall. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs•. ... • . ... .. 9.59


N 03399- Doll is 14


tall.. . .... . . .... .. $15.98

49N3687-16 in. Boy

Doll wears cotton blouse,

gabardine pants, bow tie,

sports jacket, socks, shoes.



2 lbs•. .... $3.94

49N 3688-19 in. Big

Sister Doll wears percale

dress with sheer pinafore,

panties, socks, shoes. Shpg.



lbs . . . .... . . . . $4.94




. .