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Press legs or body-nod her head or

press arms against body and she'll sob

Famous "Baby Coos" .• new low price!

Miss Popularity herself

isgreatly improved, but her price is cut!



Coos is more precious than ever ... because she now has a soft


vinyl plastic head ... as well as warm, cuddly Magic rubber skin


body, stuffed with cotton and foam rubber. Her sparkling go-to-

sleep eyes have long lashes, and she coos when you cuddle her, cries and sobs

when squeezed harder. She loves to be sponged clean, and although she wears only

a sunsuit, she comes with a complete outfit including: pretty organdy dress, match–

ing ribbon-tied bonnet, slip, diaper, booties, 2 safety pins, 3 powder puffs, 6

clothes pins, wash cloth and soap.




inches toll.

Shipping weight I pound 6 ounces... .

Howdy Doody

His c?mic freckled



face 1s known by

all young TV fans. Lower jaw

moves like ventriloquist's dum–

my. Sturdy plastic head. Big

go-to-sleep eyes. Cotton-stuff–

ed body, covered with simulat–

ed clothing sewn on: shirt,

frontier pants, felt boots, ban–

danna, belt. Wt. 2 lbs.

49 N 3595- About 21



252 ..



Wee One Wets, Sleeps

Feed her from her bottle and



she'll wet her diaper. Then tuck

her in bed and she'll close her eyes for a nap.

Though very young, she's already learned to

sit alone. Her plastic head is almost impos–

sible to break. Her body, arms and legs are

soft, molded rubber ... washable and almost

unbreakable. Head turns, jointed arms and

legs take"all sorts of positions. Young tots

will love to bathe and care for this lovable

baby . . . she seems almost human. Shipping

weight 3 pounds.

49 N

3612- 15Y,

inches toll .


This Baby drinks, wets, cries, has Layette

Lifelike and lovable ... this Happi-Time Baby comes with

complete layette and carrying case! She drinks from herbottle,




wets her diaper ... and of course she needs to be bathed, ·

changed and powdered, just like any baby. When you squeeze her tummy, she

cries. Practically unbreakable molded plastic head, with go-to-sleep glassene

eyes and dark lashes. Body of flesh-like molded rubber with jointed arms and

legs. Wears cotton diaper, and her layette includes: dainty organdy dress,

matching bonnet, cotton slip, 2 diapers, 4 safety pins, shoes, socks, 6 clothes


3 powder puffs, bottle and nipple. (Extra bottle and nipple are tied to

baby's arm). All in handy cardboard carrying case, with plastic handle and

metal clasp. Our large quantity purchase makes this low price possible.


30-inch BABY COOS .. Biggest doll value in years

She's always been a big bundle of joy ... but now she's even more



real, and three inches longer, with a soft life-like vinyl plastic head.




priced, too

(last year she was


and only 27

inches tall)


Can be dressed as Boy or Girl. This original undressed "Baby Coos"

wears actual size baby clothes ... size 6 to


months .. so dress her in your own tot's

outgrown clothes .. or order the layette below.

Washable, soft, smooth Magic Skin rubber body, cotton and foam rubber stuffed,

go-to-sleep eyes with lashes ... baby-like coo-type voice.

79 N 03072- Doll only 30 inches toll. Shipping wei!(ht 7 pounds.


layette to fit "Baby Coos" above. Dressed in this outfit

last year, the Zl-in. "Baby

Coos" soldfor $79.98 ...

now "Baby Coos" (above) and the layette are just


Layette includes: cotton trousers, tam, jacket, shirt, socks, leather baby shoes.

49N 3418-loyette only. Shipping weight I pound .. . . . ... . . . . ... . . .........