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Happi-Time Baby with "rooted" hair

"Tiny Tears" cries, wets, blows hubbies

She's the very newest in doll development-the most realistic


ever, with miracle Saran hair rooted directly in her soft vinyl

plastic head. Strands of Saran hair are securely anchored in

Big wet tears well up in her eyes and roll down her cheeks, and she'll need


be pacified, just as any baby does. She cries lustily ... and she also sleeps,

her scalp, so it can actually be washed, combed, waved, curled and brushed

over and over, just like any child's. She carries her own plastic comb,

brush, mirror and curlers right with her, too!

drinks her bottle when she's hungry, wets her diaper, blows bubbles at play-




time with her tiny bubble pipe ... and bathes like a real infant.

Her turning plastic head is hard to break; bright glassene go-to-sleep eyes areaccented by

silky lashes. Body, jointed arms, and legs are soft molded rubber. She wears a knit shirt and

panties, but brings a layette including sheer organdy d=ess, bonnet, cotton slip, diaper,

bootees, soap, wash cloth, sponge, bottle, bubble pipe, Kleenex.

Her large lustrous eyes, fringed with dark lashes, close for sleep when

dolly tires of play. Soft, huggable vinyl plastic head, body, arms. and legs

are washable; feel like a real baby ... she coos when you squeeze her, too.

Head turns, arms are jointed. Finely detailed knuckles, palm lines, etc.

Dressed in dainty outfit of fine ninon and lace, huge hair bow, slip,

knitted panties, new-style vinyl plastic shoes and rayon socks.

De luxe has tousled fur wig to comb, brush

·With Molded Hoir but lorger doll. Lay-

and wash. Added robe in layette. 11



ette and all features described above (no

tall. Cardboard carrying case. Shpg. wt.

robe). In cardboard box. 13!/z inches tall.

3 lbs. 3 oz.

Shipping weight 3 pounds.

49 N 3620--18 inches toll. Shipping weight 3 pounds.................. $7.98

49 N 3032 ..


49 N 3031


Tousle Head .. Jointed

Her hair is a mop of soft fur . . .




forever in need ofa good comb-

ing. AND ... this year she has fully jointed

head, anns and legs, too, to make her more

realistic than ever before. She brings her

own plastic brush, comb, and mirror with

her. She'll cry if you squeeze her. Chubby

rubber skin body is cotton and foam rubber

stuffed. Hard-to-break plastic head. Glas–

sene go-to-sleep eyes have lashes. Wears

knit shirt and pants. About 15 inches tall.

Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 12 oz.

49 N 3623 ..

. . . . . . . . . . . .

. ..$4.95

Famous Bonny Braids


$6 79

TessTruehart, comicstripchar-

acters. Has one tooth and toothbrush. Soft

vinyl plastic head turns. Two tufts wash–

able, brushable Saran hair. Rubber skin

body, foam rubber stuffed; jointed arms.

Rayon dressing sacque, organdy dress, cot–

ton slip, diaper, boots. (Copyright Chicago

Tribune.) Shipping weight 2 pounds.

49 N 3662- 14 inches tall............$6.79

11-inch Bonny Broids (not shown). Com–

plete with blanket, undies, gown.


N 3659- Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 7 oz... $3.79

Four Novelty Dolls .. amusing playmates


Dotty ond Scottie. 12!/z-in. all-plastic doll has sleeping eyes,


Saran wig. Jointed head, arms, legs. Vinyl pique dress, pant-

ies, hooded rain cape, bootees. 6-in. black felt doggie has leash, cape.

49 N 3339- Doll has plastic stand. Shipping weight 1 lb..

Both for $4.94

New lOY2-inch vinyl "chorocler" dolls. Head and arms move. Wt. 1 lb.


49N3416- Girl wears dress, apron.


49N3417- Boy wears


undies, shoes. Basket, flowers. $2.94




Crawling Bonny Broids. Crawls on hands, knees like real baby. Molded

plastic, flesh-colored. Tiny tufts of hair. Key-wind motor.

49 N 3506- 12 inches long, 7


inches high. Shipping weight 1 lb. .

$ 2.9




253 •.