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with Breezeway, Furniture,

Baby Dolls, Cadillac-type Sedan

• 5-room house with rumpus room; garage, sun


deck ... realistic outside finish

• Metal doll house is 38x9Mxl 531 inches high

• 53 pieces plastic furniture scaled to fit house


Make this her happiest, proudest Christmas ever with a

beautiful suburban style Colonial doll house. It's a gift

loaded with play value ... full of fun and excitement. She'll

never tire of re-arranging furniture and playing with her doll

family in this home of her own. Complete furnishings include

television set; piano; chaise lounge; juke box and ping pong

table. Living room sofa is about 3% in. long, other pieces in

proportion. Interior is decorated with brightly lithographed

draperies, rugs, fireplace, book shelves. Walt Disney charac–

ters on nursery wall; sports equipment in rumpus room; tools

i.1 garage. Outside is finished to represent stone and clapboard.

Flower boxes, bright green shutters decorate the windows.

House and rumpus room are connected by breezeway with

"flagstone" floor. Three little doll figures ... boy, girl, and

baby ... are molded of flexible vinyl plastic. Sturdy construc–

tion features ... floor sections are ribbed, walls double turned

for extra strength. Has no rough edges to cut or scratch. A

doll house promises long hours of play throughout the year.

It's a toy that never goes out of date. Shipped fiat; can be set

up in just a few minutes, no tools needed.

· 79 N 01460-Shipping weight 8 pound<......... Complete set $5.29



Electric Light and Bell

Large purchase brings you this value


Automatic bell in lighted tower signals as you raise

elevator with lever in rear.



One child can operate 2 gas pumps that really "fill 'em up"

(with water). Another can run elevator, a third can operate.

plastic auto laundry with hose, nozzle ... wash cars . .. or use

grease rack. Still another can drive car up ramp or play at

pumping tires with dummy air pump. Plastic delivery truck with

racer, 2 dummy flood lamps, attendant. Two cars have fillable

tanks. Curved, transparent display room front. Station and base

made of sturdy metal, realistically lithographed in bright colors.

Measures 23 x 15M x 1031 inches high overall. Battery included.


N 05918-Easy to set up without tools. Wt. 7 lbs...........$4.69


0-piece Extra Car and Attendant Set (not illustrated). Five

vinyl plastic workers; standing figure is 2U in. tall; others in

proportion. Five 372-inch assorted plastic cars.

49 N 5981-Shipping weight 6 ounces................... . ...



2-lane Crossover Speedway. Two different model



autos zip around track, over and under bridge.


sections interlocking plastic track form two-lane figure-8

speedway. 150-inch running length. 4-inch vehicles have long–

running clockspring motors. Divided track permits junior "traffic

engineers" to run cars in opposite directions simultaneously

without danger of collision.

49 N 5772-Easily


up. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8

oz ... ... .... ... ...


49 N 5815-Extra vehicles. Shpg. '·t. 6


Each 89c


Sparkling Sabre Corwith Siren. Preview of the car $I 72

of the future! It's sleek, long and low. Jet propelled

style rear with open top. Sparks shoot from rear as car speeds

along, powered by friction motor. 11 in. long. Made of durable,

bright-colored plastic. Heavy, clear plastic windshield.

49 N 5774-Shpg. wt. 1lb.14

oz.. ..... .. . ...... .......... .



Large Sparkling Supersonic

J~t ~lane.




along floor, powered by fnction motor, spitting

sparks from partially transparent rear of fuselage. \'Veird siren

sound resembles air friction noise caused by high jet speeds.

Transparent section behind pilot shows revolving toy jet

motor. Tough plastic with wing tanks and pointed sabre rubber


49 N


in. long; Shipping weight 1 lb. 4




Tom Corbett Space Ship. Authentic reproduction of



"Polaris," rocket space ship of Tom Corbett, popu-



personality. Made of sturdy steel. All-over lithographed

design shows Tom Corbett at the controls with other space

cadets. Cadet insignias on rocket. Sparks shoot from tail ex–

haust when space ship scoots along floor. Long running keywind

motor. Has front and rear side fins, rudder. Raised dummy

observation domes. Two large side wheels,


small rear wheel.

49 N 5669- 12 inches long. Shipping weight 1 pound..........$1 .72

Low Priced Beginner's Doll House With Furniture


5-room house is 19M in. long, 9 in. wide, 1531 in. high overall



• 36 pieces of bright plastic furniture scaled to fit the doll house


Specially designed for little " beginner" homemakers to keep make-believe


Little girls ..•. and little boys, too, have loads of fun rearranging furniture to suit

their fancy in this charming Colonial. Youthful homemakers prefer cozy, compact rooms

and beautifully styled miniature furniture .. . just the right size. Order one today for the

little girl or boy on your shopping list. Steel house has turned edges for safety. Colorfully

lithographed exterior, interior ... 2 fireplaces, gay curtains, rugs in every room, pictures

. . . just like a real home. Living room has sofa, cocktail table, 2 arm chairs, radio, dining



chairs. Kitchen: refrigerator, sink, stove, table, 4 chairs. Bedroom:'bed, :..anity,

bench, night table. Bathroom: tub, lavatory, toilet, hamper. Nursery: crib, training chair,

play pen and others.

Shipped fiat ... easy to assemble without tools. Instructions included.

49 N 1.459-Shipping weight 5 pounds........... . ..................... ..Complete set $3.39

Set of 3 Doll House Lamps

Add to the play value of her doll 83C

house with electric table lamps that

really light! Plastic base and shades in as–

sorted colors. (Sorry, no choice.) Flashlight

bulbs and batteries included. Just give

shades a slight twist and they light up.

Lamps are 212 in. high; diameter of shades

17\j inches. Decorative color combinations.

49 N 1466-Shpg. wt. 6


Set of 3.. 83t

Charm Craft Jewelry Kit

Many hours of fun! Forty-eight

$1. 82

colored plastic beads, charms,

clasps, plus jewelry chain, pliers, thread

with which to make necklaces, bracelets,

earrings, lapel pins and many other costume

jewelry items. Develops your child's handi–

craft skill . . lets her make her own little

gifts. Attractive 14M x 11 M-inch box.

Complete instructions included.


N 1207- Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 12

oz ......



Wcaving Set •. metal Loom

Keep your little girl happily busy


weaving hot pan holders, coasters,

many other useful items worth more than

the low price of this handy kit. She'll be sur–

prised at how easy it is to weave. Metal

loom adjusts from 4 to 8 inches square or

rectangular. 2 skeins of yarn, loopers, hook

and needle included.

49 N 1250-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 7 oz.......... 98c

NEW! Formula Set

What could be more fun to a little 92C

girl than caring for her doll babies

with this miniature formula set in sturdy

plastic. Plastic equipment includes bottle

rack, measuring spoon, measuring cup and

funnel. .Also: 4 bottles, 4 nipples,



brush, sponge and package of Ve!.

49 N 1234- Shpg. wt. 8

oz..... .........




259 ..