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Two-pc. Set.



plastic, Tuftex®

filled pillow, mattress.

Pillow about 8x6 in.

49N7716- l lx21-in. mat·

tress. Wt. 8 oz. Set $1.09

49N7717- 14x25-in. mat–


Wt. 12oz. Set$1.29

IOI Five-pc. Set.



forter of bright

patchwork design cot–

ton, 18x26 in. Plastic

pillow, 6x9 in. VVhitc

cotton pillow slip,


sheets. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs.

49 N



Set $2.29

Happ•·Time Drop-side Crib

New Musical Crib plays a soothing

lullaby to good little dolls

will make Dolly's naptime pleasant

Dolly will really snuggle down to pleasant dreams in this crib,

and any little mother will love tucking her away when day is

done. Built just like a real baby bed, this crib has mellow maple

finish with decal trim. Sturdy wood frame with tough fiber–

board end panels. Bright play beads. Rounded corners and

edges. Rails doweled into legs for added strength. Wood slat

bottom; side can be raised or lowered. Smooth-rolling casters.

Shipped partly assembled. Easy to assemble.

79N09223-2SJ.ix14J.ix21)1 in. high overall. Shpg. wt. 9 lbs. $4.98

Sweet dreams come quickly


tired little dollies when they're

tucked away in this de luxe crib. A music box with 18-note

genuine Swiss movement, on end of crib, plays a soft melodious

lullaby ... just right to lull Dolly to slumberland. (Even small

"mothers" will succumb to its gentle strains.)

Crib is sturdy steel, finished in lovely blue baked enamel with

gay decals on ends. One side drops down. Rolls smoothly on

ball-bearing swivel casters. Partly assembled, easy to set up.

79 N09225-25)4x15)4x21% in. high. Shpg. wt. IS lbs.... $8.89

Combination Bath and Dressing

Table, for Dolly's bedtime hath

Completely equipped




with washcloth, soap

Dolls, like children, do get dirty ... and it's ever-so–

much fun to bathe them in this leakproof vinyl plastic tub,

fashioned just like the large one Mother bathes the baby

in. Handy tray below bath holds necessary accessories.

Splash-guard has pockets for soap and washcloth. Wash

dolly in the tub, then slide dressing table top over tub.

Safety strap holds doll securely. Easily cleaned tub has

drain hose with clip. Tubular aluminum frame folds

easily . .. will not rust. Legs are rubber tipped. Washcloth

and soap included. 20xl 2x23 in. high. 25 inches to top of

frame. (Doll not included.)

79 N09224L- Shipping weight 3 pounds. . .......... $3.85

Rock Dolly in



Bassinet for wee dollies

Drop-side Crib with Drawer

Comfortable bed for her favorite doll, beau-

$3 IQ

When !vfr. Sandman comes around, it takes

just a bit of rocking and a soft lullabye to


put baby dolls to sleep. And there's never a bump

from the smooth wood rockers. All wood, enameled

in blue. Removable slat bottom. Snug dowel join–

ings. 20x10j4x11


in. high. Shipped partly assem–

bled. Easily assembled; no hardware needed.

49 N 920 I - Shipping weight 2 pounds..

. .. 98c






At nap time and night time, dolly will

$I 87

slumber peacefully in her own little bed.

Colorful play' beads on foot, decal on head. Made of

sturdy wood, enameled in blue; snug-fitting dowel

joinings. Corrugated cardboatd slat bottom. Takes up

to 22-in. doll. Mattress not incl. (order at left above).

Easily assembled; no screwsneeded. 22V2x12V2x15V2in.

79 N09202- Shipping weight 4 lbs.... .... ... . . $1.87

tifully finished in blue enamel. Drawer

makes convenient storage place for doll clothino; or

bedding. Selected wood, rounded corners. Head is

fiberboard with gay decal. Play beads on foot and

head. Bed, drawer have sturdy cardboard bottoms.

Snug dowel joints. Easy to assemble.

79 N

09221 -22~x1272xlSJ.i

in. Shpg. wt. 6 lbs. $3.10




get your


regularly. Christmas •hop early

. . .

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