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NEW! Twenty-piece Pastry Set

Every little girl


love helping Mother bake


holiday goodies on her very own pastry set.

Wonderfully complete set includes rolling pin, 20-pc. set

flour scoop, metal egg beater, wooden pastry board, mix–

ing spoon, metal meat grinder, potato masher, cake knife,

mixing bowl, pie plate, bread pan, canister, 4 baking

pans, 2 cookie cutters, plastic apron and recipe book.


N 912-Shipping weight 1 pound .................. $1.21

Metal Tea Set

NEW! Little Kitchen Helper

Dish washing set like Mother's-


scaled for youngsters. 8-in. steel

dishpan, 12-in. dishrack; plastic 14-pc. set

sinkstrainer; dish!\'op; bottle brush; dish

towel, cloth; sponge; plastic apron; Brillo,

real soap pad; filled Ajax can, box of

Vel; plastic sink pad; polish cloth.


N 1242-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 6 oz........ $1 .82

NEW! Baking Set

Young "homemak-



ers" can really bake

with this set ofready- 27-pc. set

mixed foods, baking utensils,

recipe book. Food mixes in

double-sealed cellophane bags,

about 6x6x1 in. Includes cake

mixes, pie crust



fillings, cookie mixes, frost–

ings, many more. Also cake

pan, pie tin, cookie tin, bread

pan, measuring cup, cookie

cutter, rolling pin; 27 pieces.

49N1240M-Wt. 1 lb. 14 oz. $1 .82


N 1243M-Reflll Set. 12 ready

mixed foods. Wt. 1 lb.



Make your young


hostess ,happy on

Christmas morn- 29-pc. set

ing with this bright little tea

set . . . she'll be proud as

punch to show it off to her

playmates. 29 pieces in all ..

bright, lithographed design

on metal that takes lots of

hard wear. Complete with 6

each of the following: 4 Ys-in.

plates, cups, saucers, butter

plates. Also teapot with cover,

creamer, sugar bowl, matching

serving tray 8 x 10 in.


40-piece Toy Percolator Set

The little percolator really "perks"

... has standard sieve-type coffee

basket and lid with glass inset.

Long·wearing aluminum .. service


for six. Plates and saucers have embossed

Bo-Peep decoration. Set includes percolator,

6 cups, 6 saucers, 6 plates, 6 forks, 6 knives,

6 spoons, round serving tray, 6 paper napkins.

Percolator about 472 in. high, others in

proportion. Service for six.

20-pc. Cooking, Baking Set

Little girls like to help Mother ...

cook and bake for their friends.

Durable aluminum set includes

pie plate, tube cake pan, measur–

20-pc. set

ing cup, 6-cup muffin pan, biscuit pan, skillet

with enameled handle, cookie cutters in 4

animal shapes, cookie sheet, mixing bowl,

double boiler, colander, canister and scoop,

2 measuring spoons. Pie plate 4 inches in diam–

eter; other pieces in proportion.


N 907-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 4oz.97c


N 906-Shipping weight 1 pound ....... $1



N 921-Shipping weight 1 pound ....... $1


Soda Fountain Set

Big 6-in. plastic dispenser


serves liquids through spigot.


sundae dishes and 3 17-pc. set

soda cups with holders, 2 banana split

dishes, 6 spoons, ice cream scoop; all

in durable, colorful plastic. Straws in

plastic holder.


box 20x12 inches.


N 1204-Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 12 oz... $1 .82

"Silverware" and Chest

Designed like Mother's


real silver. Durable plastic

with metalized finish to 16-pc. set

look real. 4 knives, 4 forks, 4 spoons,

salt and pepper shakers, pie server,

butter knife. Cardboard chest. Knife



long, others in proportion.

49 N 824-Shpg. wt. 10 oz........ 89c

Magnetic Paper Doll

Magic Mary is a very special

paper doll. You can dress

her in an instant because


magnetic attraction makes her clothes

cling like magic. Complete with 14

dresses to be cut out. 10-inch cardboard

doll on metal base stands alone.


N 1251-Shipping weight I lb... $1 .06

Plastic "Make-up" Kit

Set has imitation cosmet–

ics: compact



eyebrow pencil, lipstick,


10-pc. kit

memo pad, change purse, comb, ring,

rouge case, key holder, earrings.


N 1325-4Yax3Y2x3% in. Wt. 8 oz.92c



263 .