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Better quality 24-piece Tool Set

Every boy thrills to the fun and excitement ofactually

building and repairing things. This big 24-piece set

has plenty of tools for all sorts of fascinating building



projects ... and it's priced reasonably too. Set in-

cludes rugged, embossed 17x6x6)1-inch steel tool box with full

length piano hinge, lockable hasp, heavy-duty handle (gray ham–

meroid finish), 8-ounce hammer with polished head and claws,

skew-back saw with 14-inch tempered steel blade, metal T-square

with double-rule edge,


Asx5-inch screwdriver, pocket screwdriver,

slamped steel plane with tempered steel blade, 6Yz in. forged slip

joint pliers, 12-in.


rule, 3-piece wrench set, carpenter pencil,


and %-in. tempered steel wood chisels, 12-in. level, coping saw

with 6 blades and illustrated work book. Put your tools to use.

Order Pattern Book 49 N 1518 and Bird House 49 N 1520.

49 N 1502- Tool Set. Shipping weight 7 pounds 8 ounces ...... $5.98

Thrifty 15-piece Boys' Tool Set

This inexpensive set has everything a young "carpen–

ter" needs to gain lots of practical building skill. It's


such fun to play handy man with a set of real tools . . .



give your youngster the thrill of "making things" for

this extremely low price. Set includes embossed 14x5x4-in. steel

tool box with full length piano hinge (grey hammeroid finish); 5-oz.

hammer with polished head and claws; tempered saw with 10-inch

blade; all metal T-square with double-rule edge;


Asx5-inch screw–

driver; pocket screwdriver, forged slip joint pliers; 12-inch wood

rule; 3-piece hardened steel wrench set; carpenter pencil, %-inch

steel wood chisel; work book. Give the boy on your list a gift loaded

with constructive fun. Order a Pattern Book- 49N1518.

49 N 1509-Shipping weight


pounds .... . .. .

. ... $3.06

NEW 12x24-inch Boys' Work Bench


What youngster wouldn't enjoy

building with a real work bench

- just like Dad's! A grand gift for

encouraging young beginning

builders' creative skill. 12x24-in.

work surface made of



wood. Height


in. to top of

bench. Rugged


metal under–

structure. 22x10Yz-in. plywood

shelf provides plenty of storage

space for tools. Sturdy pine wood

vise with Yz-in. oak screw has a

real grip.

Masonite Presdwood

back. Rubber tips on feet prevent

scratching. Easily assembled.


structions included.

79NOl 512- Shpg. wt. 7 lbs.. .$3.79

Easi-bild Pattern Book


SEVENTEEN easy-to-build full-size pal–

terns ... trace on


saw out,


ble, decorate. Make lawn markers, bird–

houses, book ends, etc.

49 N 1518-Shipping weight 9 oz...

Our Best Happi-Time Set

• Fine tools just like Dad's in a size

styled just right for boys

• Ideal for odd jobs, building, etc.

• Wall-type tool box to protect tools




Our finest complete tool set, now has new saw

with 2 blades ... removable 16-inch cross-cut blade

and replaceable 14-inch keyhole blade. Big 20x1Ox

4-inch all-steel box has full length piano hinge.

Attractive gray hammeroid finish. Strong carrying

handle. Box may be carried or hung on the wall.

Set includes all these tools: 8-ounce hammer,

brightly finished with polished head and claws,

all metal T-square "ith double-rule edge, easy-to–

adjust stamped steel plane with tempered steel

blade, new skew-back tempered steel saw with 2

removable blades. 3-ft. steel tape, carpenter pencil,

hand drill with 2'.)4-inch die-cast rim gear,


knuckled chuck and hardened steel jaws, 9 drill bits

in plastic case, forged slip joint pliers, 3-piece

tempered steel wrench set; Yzx12-inch forged crow

bar, one each )1-in.; %-in. and 1-in. tempered

steel wood chisels, 12-inch level with bright red

enamel finish, tempered steel coping saw, six

coping saw blades,


Aex5-inch screwdriver, pocket

type screwdriver, plus work book with full-size

bird-house pattern. Your best buy!

79 N 01510- Shipping weight 14 pounds . . . . $8.99

Easy-to-assemble Bird House



parts cut to exact shape,

size and painted. Hard–



matching colors

includes screws, cables,

angle nuts, bird perch.

Small hole for wrens

can be punched out for

larger birds. Instruc–

tions included.


520- Wt.

2 lbs. $2.73

Crosscut and keyhole sow blades

furnished; easily inteJchongeable


Work Bench

A grand gift suggestion! Just

look at all these more-for-


your-money features. Big 30xl5-inch work

top of solid natural clear-lacquered oak.

Height 26


inches to top of bench. Rigid

all-metal understructure. Overall metal

shelf, steel legs. All-metal drawer 10x12x


in. All edges turned for safety. Attrac–

tive baked-on enamel finish. Sturdy oak

wood vise with Vs-inch oak screw. Handy

tool rack. Shipped partly assembled to

save you money. Easily assembleq. In–

structions are included. Order tools and

work projects from this page also.

79 N 01579 K- Shipping wt. 28 lbs.. ..$12.19

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