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Sturdy Steel P edal Wagon

tur ns errands into healthful play

Here's a practical combination ... sturdy velocipede

plus roomy wagon ... 2 toys in 1. Stamped steel wagon

box measures 18x12x3Yz inches deep inside .. . loads

of room for carrying packages or toys. Rugged veloci–

pede frame ofheavy gauge welded tubular steel. Weld–

ed spoke front wheel qas ball bearings for smooth, easy

pedaling; disc-type rear wheels. Fender on front wheel.

Rubber pedals and handlebar grips. Comfortable red

steel saddle is adjustable. 79N08530L and 79N08531L

have 1-in. front tire, %'.-inch rear; %-inch white

enameled handlebar. 79N08532L has 1-inch tires on

all wheels; %:-inch white enameled handlebar. All

three models have bright, gleaming enameled finish

of fire chief red with white trim. Shipped partly set

up to save you money.

79 N 08530l-12-inch front wheel; 9-inch rear wheel;

16-18-inch leg reach. Shipping wt. 26 lhs....... $13.25


N 08531l-16-inch front wheel; 9-inch rear wheel;

18-20-inch leg reach. Shipping wt. 29 Ibs.. . ..... $14.25

79 N 08532l-20-inch front wheel; 10-inch rear wheel;

20-22-inch leg reach. Shipping wt. 35 lbs.. ... . .



$J ,55

Small Wheel Toys • • one r educed

• Rear assembly 13%'. in. wide; helps prevent tipping

• Strong double bar frame. • Adjustable saddle seat

• 17Yz in. high to top of handlebars • Rubber grips

• Mailable. Shipped partly set up to save you money.


Kiddie Ca r. Five-inch double disc steel wheels.

Solid rubber tires. Enameled red; cream color trim.

79 N 08374- Shipping weight 5 pounds.... .. .. .




Pedal Bike. All features above. Double disc wheels

8Yz-in. front, (%:-in. solid rubber tire) 5-in. rear.

(Yz-in. solid rubber tires.) Enameled red; cream trim.

79 N 08376-Shipping weight 8 pounds.

Was 14.25.



1-tli bearing sleeve


ste«ing head



Frame double

reinforced at

steering head

Tot- size Velocipede .. steel frame

Designed especially for smaller riders with leg reach

from 14 to 18 in. Strong 17{-in. tubular steel frame, 10-

in. front wheels, 7-in. rear wheels. Adjustable steel

handlebars and shaped saddle. Rubber grips, pedals.

%-in. tires. Enameled red, white trim.

Economy-priced Velocipede

13-inch ball bearing front wheel; 8-in. rear wheel.

14 to 16-inch leg reach ... 1


tubular steel frame.

%:-in. solid rubber tires. Tubular steel handlebar,

rubber grips. Adjustable steel saddle. Rubber pedals.

Non-slip rear step plate. Enameled red; white trim.

79 N 08654L- Shipping weight 15 pounds........ $6.15

79 N 08659L- Shipping weight 16 pounds.. ..... . $7.98

Heavy Duty Chain Drive Tractors .. for "let's pretend" farmers


Standard Model. Easy-to-operate chain

drive mechanism pedals like tricycle. Rug–

ged tubular steel frame


enclosed hood ...

justlikereal tractor.Heavy duty


inch semi–

pneumatic tires. Five--inch double di><: steel

front wheel, 10-inch double disc steel rear

wheels. Seat adjusts for various leg lengths of

make believe "farmers."Overal! length oftrac–

tor 37 inches; 19 inches wide, 26 inches high.

Yellow baked-on enamel finish. Easy assembly.

79 N 08936L- Shipping weight 27 lbs.. $20.59




Best Chain Drive Tractor. Bigger: 38Yzx22x


in. high. Extra-strong hydrogen brazed frame of

heavy tubular steel. Tractor-type hood. Gear shift lever.

Turns in its own length. Bicycle roller-type chain totally

enclosed. Adjustable steel spring-type seat. Stamped steel

platform. 8-in. ball bearing front wheels; 10-in. ball bearing

rear wheels. 1%'.-in. semi-pneumatic tractor tread tires.

79 N 08916L-Enamel<d red, white trim. Shpg. wt. 38 lbs.


[[) Trailer Attachment. Fits both tractors above. Heavy

gauge steel box. Two double discrubber-tired wheels.

79 N 08937- Box 35x16x9 in. high. Mailable. Wt. 14 Ibs.. $6.85

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