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One-piece heavy gauge steel

body for rugged playtime use.

Smooth, rolled edges and corners

for safety. Roomy wagon box ac–

commodates toys and playmates.

Roy Rogers Chuck Wagon . . Reduced

.Just right for .Junior "posses" to range up and down




the street. White canvas cover, machine sewed; loose

ties. Can be raised, lowered, rolled; is easily removed.

Has steel hoops, steel clips. Front and rear racks form seat beneath

canvas top. Wood wagon bed of natural oak 36x16x3 inches. Clear

waterproof varnish finish. Panel and racks bright red colored hard–

wood; white trim. Black all-steel undercarriage. 9-inch disc wheels;

1.J.-2-inch semi-pneumatic tires. Measures 43x19Yzx32 in. high overall.

79 N 08060L-Shipping weight 42 pounds

.. $18.59

Wheels roll easily

on frictionless

o il-im preg noted

"Congo" lifetime

wood beariBQs •••

never need oil.

20-inch Steel Wagon

28-inch Steel Wagon

Our lowest priced coaster wagon.

$I 69

All steel 20x10x3-in. body; bright

Similar to wagon 79 N 081





at right, but smaller. Has 1


red baked-on enamel finish. 5-in. double disc

wheels; Yz-in. solid rubber tires;



Plain bearings. Fittings, hardware included. -

79 N 08052-Mailablc. Shpg. wt. 8 lbs.. $1.69

molded rubber tires. Steel body, 28xl3x3%" in.

deep. 7-in. double disc wheels with "Congo" oil

impregnated wood bearings. Enameled red.

79N08112-;-Mailablc. Shpg. wt. 18 lbs. . ....$4.98

All Steel Scooters

• Steel frame, parking stand

• "Congo" lifetime bearings

• Enameled red; partly set up


7-in. double disc wheels; 1


molded tires. 33x30 in. high.

79 N 08810--Shpg. wt. 8 lbs. $2.92


Deluxe Scooter.



tires; foot brake; grips.


wheels. 38x54 in. high overall.

79 N 08825 Shpg.


17 lbs.


Barrow Set

Wheelbarrow. 22-ga. steel

body enameled red.


nished hardwood han–

dles. 5-in. cream colored

wheel; J.1-in. rubber tire.

1-pc. cream-colored steel

legs. Plated hardware.

Steel Shovel.




in. with%'.·

in. varnished hardwood


steel grip.

79N08006- Wheelbarraw,


. 6 lbs.$1.98

Actually seems to "float

along" on thick, 1%-inch

semi-pneumatic tires .••

need no air . .. will not go

flat when punctured.

De Luxe Steel Coaster Wagon

Floats along on big 10-in. double disc steel

wheels, 1%"-in. semi-pneumatic tires. Extra

heavy steel chassis. "Congo" bearings never

need oiling; guaranteed for extra long wear. Body is 34xl5Yzin.

wide. Tubular steel handle grip. Red baked-on enamel body fin–

ish. Plated hub caps. Easily assembled; fittings, hardware incl.

79 N 081 lOL-Body 4)1-in. deep. Shpg. wt. 34 lbs......... $8.59

Holds 2 bushels



Take baby shopping

Happi-Time Stake Truck •. 2 sizes


Giant body is 36x16x1


in. deep with stakes ... holds two

10-gallon milk cans. Has heavy steel chassis, plywood bot–

tom mortised into thick hardwood sides and ends. Removable

stakes '" in metal brackets. 9Yz-inch steel wheels with oil-im–

pregnated wood bearings. 1Yz-inch semi-pneumatic tires. Var–

nish finish, red enamel trim. Easy to set up, fittings included.

79 N 08064L-About 22 in. high. Shpg. wt. 40 lbs..

. .. $16.39


Junior Stake Truck. Body, 28xl4x8Yz in. deep with stakes.

17Yz in. high. 7Y:i-in. wheels with 1-in. solid rubber tires.

79 N 08058K-Easily set up. Shpg.


32 lbs....

. $11.98