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Developed especially for Admiral Byrd's Antarctic

expeditions . .. for p r otection, wear and comfort

Protection. Extra close weave turns away icy winds . . Crovenette treated to re pel water

even ofter cleaning. Moisture actually tightens the fabric for greater repellency.

Wear. Extre me ly high count weave of 2-ply combed cotton yarns for extra long wear.

Comfort. Although tightly woven and sturdy . . it's constructed in such a wa y as to allow

the body to "breathe." Smooth and flexible for on easy action fit.

Good Looks. One of fie handsomest fabrics we 've seen . . Mercerized for lasting luster.

"I ' ve seen Byrd cloth per–

fo rm under al l weather

conditions. There' s nothing

finer for all- weathe r

comfort and p r otection ."

Extra long Surcoat lined

with d uPont "Fiber E '-' fleece



A gift tha t any man would welcome.

Super tough water-repellent Byrd Cloth

lined with soft fleece made of duPont's

" Fiber E" rayon fleece (warmer tha n $ 2 · 50


equal weight all wool mackina w cloth .. . mothproof).

12 inches a t bottom and sleeves lined with 10-oz.

reprocessed wool quilted under premium grade high

count rayon satin. Wa ter-repellent pile collar (1 003

wool face on cotton back tha t's 28% of total fabric).

Zip fly front. Two lower 2-way pockets and zip change

pocket. Knit inner wristlets (50% wool, 50% cotton).

Average length, 34 inches. Shipping wt. 6 lbs. 2 oz.

State evm chest size

36 to 46 inches.

41 N 4889- Deep brown 41 N 4888- Medium tan.. $24.50





Measure with chest expanded.


Measure over

garments usually worn underneath. (3] Pass tape

around largest part of chest well up under arms

and over shoulder blades in back.


Number cf

inches is your size.


between sizes order next larger

size. -


possible. ha ve someone else measure.

Quilted lined Blouse Model

New Byrd Cloth jacket in the popular

$12 95

blouse style he likes so much . . . a nd

it's quilted lined for snug comfort. Concealed

elastic exte nds


way a round bottom . Zipper

fron t. Two lower slash pocke ts with wide welt–

small slash change pocket on right. Shirt-type,

2-button adjustable cuffs. Padded ·shoulders.

\Narmly lined with 8-oz. reprocessed wool quilted

under rayon sa tin. Avera.o;e length, 25 inches.

Shipping weight 3 pounds 3 ounces.

Stale even chest


34 to 46 inches.

41N 4525- Dark green 41 N 4526- T an . .. .$1 2.95

Surcoat wi th war m quilted lining

· Latest surcoat style in robust

$19 50

Byrd cloth. Insulated with

warm 10-oz. 100% reprocessed wool

inner-lining quilted under high count

rayon sa tin. Smooth fitting self collar,

padded shoulders. Zipper front, 3-piece

detachable belt. Two lower, 2-way pock–

ets, chest pocket has snap fastened flap.

Knit inner wristlets (50% wool, 503

cotton). Average length, 32 inches.


even cl1£st size

36 to 46 inches. Shipping

weight 4 pounds 5 ounces.

41 N 4846- M edium tan

41N4847- Dark (forest) green . . . . .$19.50

One· piece

circle shoulder

New circle shoulder Model

Rugged Byrd Cloth with quilted lining.



New circle shoulder allows greater arm

a nd shoulder freedom- 1-piece of fabric covers

entire shoulder area. Zip front with two concealed

slash pockets. Elastic waistband at back. Knit col–

lar and wristlets of 50% wool, 50% cotton. Lined



8-oz. re processed wool quilted under

highest quality rayon satin. Average length, 24 in.

Shipping weight 3 pounds 4 ounces.

Stale even chest


36 to 46 inches.

41 N 4220- Skipoer (dark) blue

41N 4221- Bay (light) green.. .. . ...... ...... .$1 4.35

" " N K