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He can wear this smart iacket every season of the year.

$f9 95

In seconds it's ready for winter's worst. Just zip in the lining

oflong lasting rayon quilted to warm 8-oz. pure wool. Zip out the lining and it's

an easy-draping casual for milder weather. 16-oz. rayon sheen gabardine, treated

. to resist rain and fight off wrinkles even after cleaning. Dressy padded shoulders

with ample room for free action. Smooth working zippers on front and 2 upper

slash pockets. Large lower saddle pockets with flaps. Front sections of three piece


are detachable. Average length, 31 inches.

State even chest si<,e

36 to 46 in.

41 N 4843-Gray, maroon lining

41 N 4844-Teal blue, maroon lining

41N4845-Cheslnut (med.) brown, green lining. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. 8 oz.. .$19.95


Luster Twill Surcoat. Will give warmth and comfort for sea-


sons to come. Heavy 8Y2-oz.


shell tightly woven

of 65


rayon and 35


cotton .. wind resistant .• water-repellent even after

cleanings. Fully insulated with 1003 10-oz. reprocessed wool inner lining quilted

to lustrous rayon lining. Deep warm wool pile colJar (1003 wool face on cotton

back that's 28


of total). Zip front, 2 lower slash pockets. Shirred elastic at waist

sides, buckle belt stitched down in back. Knit inner wristlets (503 wool, 50%

cotton). Average length, 31 in. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. 9 oz.

State even chest size

36 to 46 in.

41N4852-Green 41N4851-Tan

41 N 4855-Navy blue...... $10.70


A luxury gift with


small price tag. Lustrous rayon sheen ga-

bardine is rain-repellent, wrinkle-resistant even after clean–

ing. Innerlined with


1003 reprocessed wool-10-oz.

Reg. Sizes


weight in body, 6-oz. weight in sleeves-quilted under rayon. Padded shoulders,

underarm perspiration guards. Zip front, cigarette pocket.. 2-way saddle pockets

with flaps. Adjustable tab on sleeves and at sides. Average length, 32 in. Ship–

ping weight 3 pounds 5 ounces.

State even chest

36 to 46 inches.

41 N 4833-Chcstnut (dark) tan

41 N 4834-Slate (medium) gray

41 N 4835-Dark green . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

. . . . . . . . . . .

. $11.40

long Sizes. Body about 1


in. longer, sleeves 2 in. Shpg. wt. 3 lbs. 8 oz.

41 N 4837-Cheslnut (dark) tan.

Stal< evenchestsi<,t

38 to 48 in..



Sheen·Gabardine Surcoat. Hard to beat in style and beauty


at this low price. Rayon sheen gabardine fully insulated

with 1003 reprocessed wool-10-oz. weight in body, 8-oz. weight in sleeves

-quilted under rayon. Warm wool pile collar



wool face' on cotton back

that's 283 oftotal fabric). Padded shoulders. 32 in. long. 2 lower 2-way pockets.

Detachable belt buttons over elastic inserts at sides. Knit inner wristlets (503

wool, 503 cotton). Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. 5 oz.

Stal< even chest size

36 to 46 inches.

41 N4874-Slate (med.) gray

41 N4873-Tan

41 N4875-Dark green.$12.50


Nylon Reinforced Gabardine Surcool. All-weather shell of

$f5 50



rayon, 15


nylon .. water-repellent .. wind and wrinkle-

resistant. Big and soft, warm fur collar. Insulated with warm 8-oz. reprocessed

wool quilted under rayon. Free action bi-swing back. Zip front and large vertical

chest pocket, 2-way lower pockets. Padded shoulders. Knit inner wristlets (50


wool, 503 cotton). Elastic waist inserts, belt with tunnel loops. Average length,

32 inches. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. 10 oz.

Stal< eV<n chest size

36 to 46 inches.



41N4878-Blue .......... $15.50


Nylon Reinforced


Surcoat. 20-oz. pure wool interwoven

$7 65

with 103 nylon. Tests show


outwears similar weight woolens.

Processed to resist rain. Zip front, 2 lower 2-way pockets with flaps. Coat-type,

set-in sleeves for roomy fit. Rayon shoulder yoke. Plain cuffs with button trim.

Unlined. Inside seams taped .. no rough edges. Average length, 30 inches. Ship–

ping weight 3 pounds 5 ounces.

Stal< chest si<,t

small (34-36); medium (38-40);

large (42-44) ; extra large (46-48) inches.

41 N2622-Brown and white fancy plaid

41 N2624·-Red and white fancy plaid

41 N2623-Green and white fancy plaid............................... $7.



Campus-style leisure Coat. It's warm .. it's stylish .. it's casual


.. it's practical and it's priced to ease your Christmas budget.

Rich textured outer fabric of warm 24-oz. reprocessed wool melton. Insulated

with heat-holding 6-oz., reprocessed wool quilted under lustrous rayon lining.

Actually 2 layers of wool protection. Contrasting snap fasteners on front and

contrasting piping on sleeves. Knit wristlets of 503 cotton, 253 wool, 25%

rayon. Two lower "handwarmer" pockets. Average length, 30 inches. Shipping

weight 5 pounds 5 ounces.

State even chest size

34 to 46 inches.

41N2821-Navy blue 41N2822-Green 41N2820-Maroon..... $9.70


Quilted Lined Woolen Surcoaf. You get double protection in


this handsome "chill-chaser." Outer shell of heavyweight 24-

oz. reprocessed wool melton keeps out cold and dampness. Insulated with 8-oz.

· reprocessed wool inner lining quilted under rayon the.t holds body heat in. Big

fur collar turns up around neck. Zip front. with all-around removable belt

(safety holders on side loops). Knit inner wrist.lets. Big 2-way lower pockets.


Average length, 32 inches.

State even chest size

36 to 46 inches.

41 N 2854-Med. green 41N21153-Dk. brown. Shpg. wt. 4 lbs. 5 oz ... $14 .90


Nylon Reinforced Mackinaw •• fully quilled lined for double



3 .30


warmth. Outer fabric of finest pure wool blended with 10


Nylon .. has 35 to 503 more wear resistance than equal weight woolens. Fully

lined with lustrous rayon quilted to warm 8-oz. reprocessed wool. Carefully

tailored in rich colors for work, sporti or dress. Interlined colJar and lapels for

shape retention. Big notched collar, full cut sleeves and armholes. Two upper

muff pockets, 2 lower flap pockets. 3-piece removable belt. Smooth fitting one–

piece back. Average length, 32 inches. Shipping weight 5 lbs. 10 oz.

State tvtn

chest size

36 to 48 inches.

41 N 2962-Blueplaid

41 N 2963-Maroon plaid

41 N 2961-Brownplaid ......•........•.•.•.•..•.••.•....•.....•. $13.30

Quilted Lined Gabardine

Not high


price, but you get

plenty of premium extras in



husky. Outer shell is 2x1-ply combed

cotton gabardine (all short coarse fibers re–

moved and woven 2-ply on the wearing

surface) . Treated to shed rain. Fully lined


rayon box quilted to warm reprocessed

8-oz. wool. Big 2-way saddle pockets (2

slash, 2 with flaps). Built-in padded shoul–


adjustable tabs at waist. Zip front.

Average length, 31 in. Shipping weight

3 pounds 4 ounces.

Stott even clusl'

36 to

46 inches.


41 N 4804-Brown

41 N 4805-Medium tan.. .......



Warm Reversible Surcoat

Changes with the weather..

$IQ 95

gives extra warmth .. extra

protection. One side of 20-oz. pure wool

harmonizing overplaids. Reverses to Zclan

treated cotton poplin water-repellent (even

after cleaning). Both sides have zip front

and " handwarmer" slash pockets. Coat

ty pe

scl-in sleeves. Average length, 30

inches. Shipping weight 3 lbs. 5 oz.


even chest si;;,e

36 to 46 inches.

41 N2704- Tan poplin, tan plaids

41 N2705-Navy blue poplin, blue plaid

41 N2706-Green poplin, gr.een plaid.$10.95

Hip-length Reversible



the season's latest

models .. styled in the cam–


pus manner. The service of 2 smart coats in

one. Melton side of warm 24-oz. reprocessed

wool . . reverses to lustrous acetate satin side

in matching color .. . resists rain and wind.

Roomy raglan shoulders. White piping

down sleeves and on pockets. \.Yhite striped

knit cuffs (50 3 wool, 503 cotton). White

snap fasteners on front. Slash pockets.

Average length, 30 inches. Shipping weight

4 pounds 8 ounces.

Please stole even dust si1:.t

34 to 46 inches.



2712-Maroon melton and acetate



2714-Green melton and acetate

41 N 2715-Black, scarlet acetate . . $11.40

Motorcycle Jacket

Tough, lustrous 8V2-oz. satin




of 65 3 rayon and



cotton .. water-repellent .. wind-re–

sistant. Fully lined with rayon quilted to 8-

oz. reprocessed wool. Detachable fur collar

snaps on or off regular collar. Metal snaps

hold down collar, lapels, cigarette pocket

flap and epaulet straps. Zippers on 7-inch

map pocket, glove pockets and gusset cuffs.

Bi-swing action back. Average length, 24

inches. Shipping weight 4 pounds.

State tvtn


34 to 46 inches.

41 N4251-Green 41 N4252-Black .. $14 .50




Always measure to be sure of a correct fit. (1) Measure

with chest expanded.


Pass tape around largest part of chest and over most protrud·


part of shoulder blades, well up under arms. [3] Measure over



worn underneath, such as a sweater.


Number of inches is your size ...





please order mxt larger si;:e.



37 ..