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Voc.uurn all

types of floors

Remove dust

from walls

Dus~dd ~;em




stered pieces

tors, cegisten

the easy way

Clean every room-from :ffoor to ceiJing-the easier KENMORE way


This $10.95 Housecleaning Set included

with our finest KENMORE Tank Cleaners

Here's why we mode it o 4-STAR FEATURE:

No other clea ner-regardless of price-brings

you all the work-saving features of this


You get 14 to 18% greater suction power, a built–

in carrying cart plus full set of de luxe attach–

ments at a price that many ordinary ;14-horse–

power cleaners sell for. Through efficient direct

distribution methods, Sears cuts overhead to a

m1mmum. And because you are your own

demonstrator, you get further savings. We've

checked- we've compared . .. and haven't found

equal value anywhere.

Ya-HP universal air-cooled motor operates on

110-120-volt, 25, 50 or 60-cycle AC or DC. UL




Midfall Bonus Offer Repeated! Special

housecleaning kit includes spray gun,

shampoo attachment, shampoo brush,

sponge ond one gallon of Suds-Maker

shampoo. Hundreds of uses. This work–

saving set regularly sells for $10.95.

KENMORE "no-lift"

Tank type Cleaner

with Bonus Offer




$5.00 Down,



approved. Sealed bearings never need oiling.

R emovable air filter. Dust bag stays closed until

emptied; no danger of spilling dust on rugs. Fin–

ished in rose beige enamel with chrome plate,

polished aluminum trim. Two easy-rolling rub–

ber tired wheels; glides up or down stairs on

chrome plated twin skids. Stores in small space.

Attachments: Two 20-inch wands, flexible 8-ft.

hose, 11 Ys-in. rug nozzle, 5-in. adjustable up–

holstery nozzle, dusting brush, wall brush, crev–

ice tool and moth crystal cartridge. 20-ft. cord

and plug; winding hooks on handle. Guaran–

teed for 1 year against defects. Shpg. wt. 32 lbs.

20 N


down, 15.IXJ monllzly...



KENMORE de luxe Tank Cleaner

with Special Bonus Offer






$5.00 Down,

$5.00 Monthly

Same extra powerful motor, some super-deaning features

of our best tank cleaner at left, but does not have carrying

cart. Polished nose skid in front of


and two ball bearing

composition wheels in rear. Glides easily in any direction,

follows along as you clean.

%-HP motor gets all dust and lint, has tremendous suction

to remove imbedded dirt. R emovable air filter . . . even

extra fine particles of dust are trapped in the cleaner. Tank

is finished in rose beige with burgundy trim. Molded plastic

carrying handle. Convenient tiptoe on--off switch. Oper–

ates on 110-120-volt, 25, 50 or 60-cycle AC or DC. UL

approved. Attachments: Two 20-inch wands, flexible 8-ft.

hose, 11 Ys-in. rug nozzle, 5-in. adjustable upholstery

nozzle, dusting brush, wall brush, crevice tool and moth

crystal cartridge. 20-ft. cord and plug. Guaranteed for 1

year against defects in materials or workmanship. Order

now and get housecleaning set at no extra cost. Shpg. wt.

26 lbs. $5.00



monlhly on terms.

20 N 0730l- KENMORE Cleaner and Attochments.....Cash


Order the


cleaner you prefer

now ... pay later on Sears Easy Terms

Sale price repeated!

Cleaner, attachments

Big Book



Price Was





Down, $5.00 Monthly

Why risk rug damage? Replace your old cleaner

with a new KENMORE now and save. Not a re–

built . . this new cleaner has powerful suction

needed to preserve rugs, drapes and other fur–

nishings. J,1-HP air cooled motor never needs

oiling. UL approved. Toe operated on- off

switch. 2 polished skids for easy glider movement

along floor. Plastic carrying handle. Rug nozzle

has self adjusting floating brush for any rug

thickness. Attachments: Two 20-inch wands,

10%-in. rug nozzle, 8),1-in. wall brush, 5-in.

upholstery nozzle, dusting brush and trevice

tool. 20-ft. cord, 7-ft. hose. For 110- 120-volt,

25, 50 or 60-cycle AC or DC. (Bonus offer not

included.) Order today and save!

20 N 0724L- Shipping weight 22 lbs.... ..$39.95

KENMORE "Hand-Vac"

Weighs only 53fii lbs. Motor driven brush,

powerful suction. 6),1-in. nozzle gets into

corners. 20-ft. cord and plug. Uses 165 watts.

1/ 5-HP motor for 110- 120-volt, 25, 50 or 60-

cycle AC or DC.



20 N 0745- Shipptng weight 8 lbs.... ... $22.75

Order Regvlarly;