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Economy 192-pc. Assortment

• 30 sheets of wrapping paper

• 132 feet assorted ribbon

• 156 cards, tags, and seals

Low-priced assortment for limited quantity of

packages. 30 sheets of 20x30-inch paper includes

20 sheets white tissue, 10 extra-heavy de luxe

sheets of colorful printed designs. 132 feet of






inches wide .. rayon taffeta,

novelty ribbon, and rayon curling ribbon. 156

assorted cards, tags, seals. Instructions show you

how to wrap beautiful gifts. Shpg. wt. 1 lb. 8 oz.

3 N 5561-ln gift box.. . ............ .... ..$1.39

Larger 232- piece Assortment

• 41 sheets paper .. 26 plain, 15 printdesign



• 165 feet of bright, assorted ribbons

• 183-pc. assortment cards, tags, and seals

Big Value Assortment .. a lot of gift wrappings for this

low price. Enough to wrap plenty of gifts.

41 sheets of 20x30-in. paper .. includes 20 sheets white

tissue, 6 of red tissue. 15 heavy deluxe printed design sheets.

165 feet of ribbon ..





-in. wide .. includes ray–

on curling ribbon, rayon satin, tinsel and novelty ribbon.

183-piece assortment of cards, tags, and seals to har–

monize with paper. Gift boxed with wrapping instructions.

3 N 5554-In gift box. Shipping weight 2 lbs........... $1.89

Extra-large 265-pc. Assortment

• 54 sheets of paper.. .. plain

and printed designs

• 214 feet of assorted ribbons

• 200-piece assortment of cards, tags, and

seals .. harmonize with paper

Our biggest, best assortment of gift wrapping ma–

terials. Plenty ofsparkling paper, ribbon and seals

to wrap loads of packages with that neat, profes–

sional look. Delightful to give and to receive.

Wrapping Paper Assortment •• tags and seals

54 sheets of 20x30-inch paper .. includes 20

sheets white tissue, 6 sheets red and 6 sheets

green. Also 24 deluxe extra-heavy printed sheets

with gay designs of hollies, poinsettias, candles,


214 feet of ribbon




inches wide .. in–

cludes rayon curling ribbon, rayon satin, tinsel,

and novelty ribbon.Brilliantred,green, blue, silver.

200-piece assortment of matching cards, tags,

and seals. Instructions included to help you wrap

beautiful packages and make fancy bows.

• 36sheets 20x30-in. paper .. includes 10 printed design sheets

• 156-piece assortment of harmonizing tags and seals

• Simple instructions on easiest, best way to wrap packages

Need extra paper or tags to finish wrapping those last-minute

gifts? Order this special envelope of 36 sheets of 20x30-in. paper.

Includes 20 sheets white tissue, 6 red tissue, and 10 extra-heavy

deluxe sheets of unusual designs printed in bright colors. 156 match–

ing cards, tags, and seals. See below for extra ribbons.

3 N 5563-Shipping weight I pound....... ........ ......... ... . 89c

Order this extra-large assortment and be cer–

tain you'll be able to give all your gifts that extra

touch that your family and friends will appreciate.

3 N 5565-In gift box. Shpg. wt. 2 lbs. 8 oz ...$2


Deluxe Tower Papers and Trimming • extra delight on Christmas morning!


24 Package Decorations. New-

est idea in gift wrapping. Color–


flowers, wreaths, pine cones,

leaves .. put that extra,"different"

finishing touch to your gifts.

3 N 5568- Wt. 8 oz .... . ..Box 98c


Roll of Gift Wrap ping Poper.

100 feet long, 20 inches wide.

Lovely, bright silver and white

design on heavy quality paper.

3 N 5558- Wt. ! lb. 6 oz.. .Roll 89c


Glittering Aluminum Foil Paper.

For those "special" packages

that you want to really sparkle. 16

sheets, each 20x26 inches. Wide

assortment of designs. 6 sheets

bright solid colors in red, green,

gold, and silver. 10 sheets bril–

liant, exciting designs . . candy

canes, pixies, bell and poinsettias,

tinsel. On rolls to prevent creasing.

3 N 5564- Wt. 1lb.8 oz . Roll$1.39


20 Sheets Extra-heavy Deluxe

Poper. Especially for those

gifts you are particular about.

Each sheet 20x30 inches. Two

each of ten gay designs .. holly,

candles, flowers, pine cones, bells,

etc. Duplicate designs allow two

sheets for wrapping larger pack–

ages. One of our loveliest, best

paper assortments. Order now.

3 N 5567- Shpg. wt. I lb .Box 89c


Christmas Ribbon Assortment. 146

feet rayon satin and bright tinsel.

12 hanks from 9 to 15 feet long and




inches wide. Assorted red,

green, blue, and silver colors.

3 N 5560--Shpg. wt. 7 oz.. .. Box 87c


Christmas Curling Ribbon. 5 big

spools totaling 275 feet of



inch crimped cotton ribbon. Curls

into lovely bows. Assorted colors.

3 N 5566- Shpg. wt. 8 oz . .. .Box 79c